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  2. Leeghoofd

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    started to moderate, some pointers: - Use competiton background - 3 CPU-Z tabs required for competitions: CPU, mem and mobo tab - One of the 3 monitoring tools must be running in the background and visible in the screenshot
  3. ensure the monitoring tool is visible in the screenshot
  4. ensure the freq is displayed in the monitoring tool
  5. make sure one of the three monitoring tools is visible
  6. ensure OHM or such is visible in the screenshot
  7. ensure OHM or one of the other tools is visible in the screenshot to detemrine the max ran freq
  8. Pls use competition background for participation in the Challengers
  9. "Fine by me but if X58 is allowed then X79 should be also imo." I'm in for that. ;)
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  11. Noxinite

    Samsung DDR3 G-die

    Resurrected my Z97 OCF to try quad dimm g-die. Seems okay, but so far clocks are lower than dual dimm. Also, I can't run 43/44/4/3, 43/44/3/4, or 43/44/3/3. They all train, but don't reach initial. Need that 2 dimm board magic touch. No wazza on this run:
  12. Nice work, will have to revisit this
  13. mickulty

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    They're all the same clocks, except for the 210 which I think is actually a bit slower. Shouldn't be any benefit to the other models other than maybe a little easier to get hold of for some people in some situations, especially if someone wants a job lot to bin.
  14. Awesome chip and score! Clocks as with LHe :-)
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