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  2. wtf video looks like mudwrestling action without any mud...
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  5. Bump , looking for a TUSL2-C also
  6. I finally got my hands on a A7N8X-E Deluxe, chipset week is 47/2004. I can't get it stable at 208Mhz, regardless of modbios or ram used. However i noticed that even at default Vdd the chipset gets hot (i guess 45-50°c). Have you had such a bad clocking board before? And if so, might the high leakage of nb and sb hold me back right now? Also what's your experience when using a cold (subzero) board, does the nf2 scale well with temperature? Or in other words: might excessive cooling help reaching higher fsb?
  7. The GeForce 210 was released in 2009. It is pretty normal for software to improve backwards compatibility to legacy hardware over time. And as I said above, it is already fixed and will be available with the next version.
  8. Hi, I solved the pb by taking an AMD cg (5450) Obviously the problem comes from the driver too old for a bench mate but normal for a gtx 210 ! My deduction comes from reading the other members who have had problems Edit: Maybe specify it on the software download page. Reading the other requests I did not see clearly written that the use of old and aging drivers are causing problems. This is just rich member software lol
  9. global top 20 requires a validation link ShaggySVK, you still got it ?
  10. https://hwbot.org/news/886_application_14_rules/, version 1.55 of Wprime only miss
  11. Cool! Can you run AIDA Cache & Memory Benchmark on 6600Mhz?
  12. A verification screenshot is required sir, plz check out the rules: https://hwbot.org/news/13722_application_198_rules/
  13. I don't have an EVGA 2066 mobo but I remember that xp works with the R6A and with X299OCF only with bios 1.20 Z390 xp does not work?
  14. a link to check out the submission would be helpful. (found one superposition one with 1x GPU selected) Anyway you have to rebench all as you only include one CPUZ tab for CPU and not a 2nd one for memory. Plz check out the rules at the frontpage. afterwards you get a list of all the 3D benchmark, including the rules part
  15. I submitted this as a 2x GPU score and its showing up as a 1X GPU score. I don't know why.
  16. In one of my submissions, I selected 2x for the GPU section. However, when I submitted them, the submissions only show 1 GPU. It looks like its happened at least one time so far.
  17. I am using an XP image that works on the Asmedia 1061 SATA ports on the Z390 so that part i think is done. I have both Kabylake-x and Skylake X CPU. I have tried bios 1.21, 1.07, X03. no solution so far. Will give up on that for now but if anyone eventually find a solution please share 🙂
  18. Hi I am requesting it be adapted as i have had several subs reported by users for the same. thus it is probably good to clarify. I guess you can say its an allowed "tweak"?
  19. Great Score. What is it you have poured on the Aqua MB.I am still looking for a good solution for my dry ice benching.
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