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  3. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    It's a common rule, because we prefer to add boards the way they are identified by CPU-Z. Added: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/z390_aorus_master/
  4. Item n.1 on hold, till tomorrow evening please
  5. Why you do this bench bro, it is a CPU Killer Bench. Strong Chip an nice Score
  6. Kan je deze nog een keer draaien, en dan je screenshot bijvoegen die aan de Cup regels voldoet? Zou super zijn!!! (3xCPUz, 2xGPUz met sensor tab en officiele CUPachtergrond zichtbaar) Thanks, PM me anders ff
  7. Insane score. Did this chip survive this session? I don't think Luumi's did after he ran x265.
  8. zeropluszero

    Please add HW

    https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-AORUS-MASTER-rev-10 Is that not enough?
  9. Serials on sticks are 012-1 and 012-2.
  10. Which no is the memory kit?
  11. 1) Core i7-8086k 5.3 1.32V Chip comes with box. It is delidded with liquid metal TIM and resealed. My tests from a few days ago on Z390 Phantom ITX and Maximus X Hero, chip runs 5.3 1.296 & 1.328V respectively. Cooled with AIO Eisbaer 420, ambient 20C. Chip has also been tested on LN2, 6830-ish R15 and 7250-ish 32m (screenshotted for 6800MHz R15 / 7220MHz 32M) Price: 625 Euro shipped EU - Reserved. 2) Core i5-8600k 5.3 1.3V Chip comes with box. It is delidded with liquid metal TIM and resealed. It has damage on die (chipped edge) at lower left corner. My tests from a few days ago on Maximus X Hero 5.0 1.168V / 5.2 1.248V / 5.3 1.296V. Cooled with AIO Eisbaer 420, ambient 20C. Chip has also been tested on LN2 (also tested for 6.9 R15 passing safely but no screenies.) Price: 425 Euro shipped EU. 3) Galax HOF Extreme Limited Edidtion 2x8GB 4133C19 Kit comes complete with packaging, iirc this is last year's limited Edition. Layout is A1. I haven't had time for OC results, so they come without. However I checked for XMP which works great obviously. Price: 300 Euro shipped EU. Item location: Germany. Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. Private sale, no returns, no warranty.
  12. Awesome, well done ! You should look into beating the x265 4k record now ;)
  13. Splave

    FS: 9900K 6820mhz R15

    SOLD thanks
  14. GeorgeStorm

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I have no power with the competitions (as far as I'm aware) other than being able to remove incorrect subs, but please fire subs my way to sort out if you do see them (via PM or whatever) Edit: I have found the page, I think I can see how to fix some of those problems but don't want to muck it up so I'll leave it to Leeg Also Unity there was no link on that Night Raid sub which was the issue apparently.
  15. Purtroppo per arrivare al livello dei primi 3 mi manca ancora tanto. Stasera testo le ultime 3 CPU sperando ce ne sia una meglio di questa.
  16. I replaced some of the ACPI tables with tables from M9A, after adding ACPI support for up to 16 threads using the methods described at the win-raid forum. IIRC only DSDT and SSDT were replaced.
  17. FireKillerGR

    [FS] Galax RTX 2080 Ti Retail 2.6+ GHz

    Hello, for sale Phil's card which can do 2630+ MHz core (should still have 10-20 mhz extra) heavy 3D. Comes with brand new waterblock and the tool that can be connected to the card to check and control voltages. Price 1800€ shipped
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