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  2. Nice score bro good job. I think, you need to get some rest 😁
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  4. TaPaKaH

    100+ sticks of Micron D9GMH

    How about 100 Euros for all that's left remaining? That is, items #1, 5, 12, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 31 for a total of 31GB of D9GMH (2x512 + 30x1024).
  5. Yesterday
  6. bananasplit_00

    Why no Cinnebench on win 10 with I7 4790K?

    Thanks for the info! I figured that it would be a system clock thing as Ryzen had that sleep bug which screwed with scores so i figured this did something similar guess il have to go to windows 7 if i want to know what my real CB score is then as my 1032 would be skewed by the 102MHz BCLK
  7. Bump. To clarify, there are 2x 2GB and 6x 1GB sticks available.
  8. Gawl86


  9. Noxinite

    Why no Cinnebench on win 10 with I7 4790K?

    Exactly what you said. The Windows RTC timer is manipulated by the bclock changing and causes timing + scoring issues. It works for all systems on Win7. Or for newer Intel (and AMD ? not sure here) it's fixed on Win8 + Win 10.
  10. Im really just wondering about why its blocked. I didnt realise this and subbmitted my score to the Contry Cup only to have it removed because i was stupid and didnt realise you werent allowed. Does bus clock screw with system time or something like that to give higher scores or what is the deal? not debating weather or not it should have been removed or not, as i was breaking the rules here. thanks for any replies, would love to learn some more about this :)
  11. Antinomy

    Please add this motherboards to database =)

    Added: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/z390_taichi_ultimate/ http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/rog_maximus_xi_extreme/
  12. well shit uploaded the pic from when i had only the 1050TI in there :(
  13. superV

    [EU] FS asus apex x z370

    Hi. Only selling,found the z97m oc formula Selling it for 320 euros shipped. The mobo is new never used,the only problem is the box is a bit messed up. Pics soon, sry im on mobile. Payment via paypal or bank.
  14. AutisticChris

    ASUS Maximus VIII Impact, 7640X Boxed

    @@rne What processor was the impact used with?
  15. missing FM link, plz resubnmit and add
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