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  3. @moi_kot_lybit_moloko, most likely this is because your cards need 3.3V in PCI slot and socket 7 boards don't have it. Check out PCI pinout, check for 3.3V. Addind ATX 3.3V from PSU might help with this.
  4. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    Agree on both. I prefer to make a thorough research before making big changes like this. Anyway, I think Mr. Scott will agree that a vanilla 7800GS has no chances against a super-charged 24 pipe Gainward 7800GS+. And we consider the pipes locked. It's fine for me when a certain beefed up version of a card is better (like the Goes like hell and Golden Sample cards are) - better memory, better cooling, slightly higher clocks. But what we have here is a card with different specs. Think of a 7900GS card sold as 7800GT (and 7800GS vanilla is even weaker than 7800GT). I like Greg's idea but we ne
  5. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    Added: https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/x421iay/
  6. Pasi replied this, I'll contact our programmer if he can adress this. Effectively every PCMark result has two URL's (current 3DMark ones are actually the same way).One is based on the id number of a database table that has an entry for every PCMark 8, PCMark 10 or unified 3DMark client submit - https://www.3dmark.com/pcm10/57209496 So, 57209496 is what we call internally a benchmark run id, it's just incremented by one for every result that comes in, so you can tell from the ID that we've had in total 57.2 million 3DMark (Ice Storm, Cloud Gate, Fire Strike onwards), PCMark 8
  7. Thor941

    Please add HW

    Please add motherboard Asus X421IAY https://valid.x86.fr/janwt7 Thanks !
  8. i had a bad time with too much cold, i ran at 4.6ghz and got 41.5s, full pot 76s. Wasn't even going to post the other score since efficiency was so bad.
  9. Looking for a HOF/OC Lab 2080 Ti, if any one has one they want to off load please lmk! Thanks!
  10. Following advice from this post - https://community.hwbot.org/topic/203354-error-trying-to-submit-results-of-pcmark10/?do=findComment&comment=580144 The link that should be compatible with hwbot is: https://www.3dmark.com/pcm10/43168550
  11. That is effectively the same solution we land on. I upload scores from a separate computer. What would be interesting to know is then how UL/Futuremark will, or not purge links if/when they sort out their system....
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  13. You should try fullpop and see the result, sub 10 should be possible on this boi
  14. I tried dll from blockchain driver, which is very old, and Adrenaline 20.12 without modifications no luck so far.
  15. Looking for Asus Crosshair II, the one with NVIDIA nForce 780a SLI chipset. Shipping would be US. I have pretty much all payment options available, just let me know what works best.
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