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  2. I've had two of these for a couple months. Also skeptical about the seller's claims about them working if they're just dropped into one of those dell servers - he told me the same thing. I'm pretty sure they required some unreleased firmware, like you mentioned. If we could get hold of that firmware image, perhaps we could figure it out - even better if we had a complete running system. I have the same thing as you with the RIVE - 39 multiplier, 42 turbo boost single core. I can get it pulling 275W TDP and it start hitting 92C even with good water cooling - suspect my CPU water block can't dissipate that much heat. IDK. Windows reports 46x all cores. I'll try booting into Linux soon and see what I get there. at 3.6Ghz @ 1v vcore, I get normal Ivy Bridge temps and performance. Running it right now at 'sane' values until we figure out how to get it working to its full potential. The firmware is likely setting some MSRs to enable the full clock speed? I don't fully know what it would be setting or what's holding it back. I'm reaching out to some firmware engineers I know since I only know about older AMD processors (K8 / Fam10h). *Edit* also the seller was incorrect. The processor has a stepping of M1 which is Ivy Bridge-EP-10 (if that's what he meant by 'STEP'). It's a 10 core die, 25MB L3 chip with 4 cores disabled.
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  4. If we do that we should do 1030, I got one modded Galax ready to go
  5. Yep GPU clock not detected for me either with RX 480, HD 5970, HD 7990, R9 Fury, to name a few I've ried recently. I did get a couple of 3DMark03/05/06 scores to work with RX Vega 56 and Benchmate though.
  6. I changed the team , can some moderator , force recalculated my scores ? Thanks !
  7. New posted scores not awarding me points ? Help with this , i have been out of the loop for quite a long time. Thank you in advanced. No points awarded here : https://hwbot.org/submission/4336161_ and here https://hwbot.org/submission/4335850_ *** forget it , after pressing the recalculate points button i got the points. Everything its ok now
  8. Can we still submit? Can't seem to find it in the list....thanks!
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  10. cause its a special airbinned cpu that would do 10ghz on ln2 but died after a while 😫
  11. We use GPU score only benchmarks in competitions, though never award points for these. It is an interesting thought though, but if we want to implement your proposal it it has to be done from the launch of a new benchmark. A new benchmark that will be as or more GPU limited than Timespy. We can not do this with older benchmarks as even in the 3D tests that score is heavily influenced by the CPU/memory architecture of the subplatform.
  12. missing CPUZ and GPUZ tabs, plz check the rules at https://hwbot.org/news/11440_application_138_rules/
  13. 22 core cpu wouldn't pull any cpus from the stock of 18c and below. It uses a different die so it'd pull from dies currently only used on lga 3467 as it would have to come out of the 28 core die. As far as the shortage, the best way to get cpus is inside deals. HFT is buying up all of the lga 2066 cpus they can because the alternative to them is to run a bunch of servers with 9900ks, HFT needs the fastest cores they can get and will pay whatever it takes to get them.
  14. But seriously? What happens and when will it end? But there are still rumors about an allegedly 22-core processor on 2066 socket.
  15. Have a few subs I'd like deleted plz, no hurry https://hwbot.org/submission/4280096_yosarianilives_performancetest_mobile_core_i7_6770hq_22831_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4264605_yosarianilives_performancetest_mobile_core_i3_2100_20538_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4264585_yosarianilives_performancetest_mobile_celeron_g470_15332_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4278458_yosarianilives_vellamo_multicore_core_i9_9900k_19472_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4279494_yosarianilives_vellamo_multicore_ryzen_5_2600_12077_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4263080_yosarianilives_vellamo_multicore_xeon_e3_1286_v3_11774_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4280097_yosarianilives_vellamo_multicore_core_i7_6770hq_7153_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4264606_yosarianilives_vellamo_multicore_core_i3_2100_5395_points https://hwbot.org/submission/4264586_yosarianilives_vellamo_multicore_celeron_g470_2646_points
  16. DRAM voltage 1.435v, vccio 1.237v, vcsa 1.325v. At higher voltages on dram, vccio, vcsa than now, i'm stuck on a bF post.
  17. Yeah I tried that too now, but then benchmate doesn't let me save, because it detects that my gpu is running 0mhz core and memory, which of course is not true. It's running on full stock, so I don't know. Maybe it's because the win10 install is pretty old?
  18. "PS: Btw, if you need to only set multiplier within windows, then I can give you instructions how to use the debug app for this or even strip it and expose just the multiplier thing, shouldn't take too much time." This would be great. I can just boot whatever vcore directly then from bios as long as it doesnt try to apply 1.55 then in the program thanks
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