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  2. Got another one to be added when you get the time mate, A10-7850k (Spectre 512 shaders) + R7 250. It does show up as 3 GPUs but there's only 2 connected.
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  4. No mandatory screen, please read the rules here. https://hwbot.org/news/9664_application_58_rules/
  5. and the mandatory screen with benchmark cpu- -tabs mem and cpu and gpu-z ? please upload screen or delete this benchmark, sorry bro
  6. If you want to meet up in order to comiserate together on how you once again came third in Country Cup that's fine by me 😉 I just wouldn't plan it this far in advance, it's a bit limiting.
  7. Thank you friends. I will first try to improve on x7 multi superpi result and then will probably put nb on SS. Does anybody know if using pci video or single channel/single sided sticks make any difference with fsb?
  8. ah - I get it, no restrictions, but the team needs one (and only one) of each, AGP, PCIE, PCI, hybrid and integrated socket... one for each "buss" type. yes?
  9. In stock in Newegg (US) site, and I don't think there will be that big of a difference between the two kits. As for your goals, your going to need a fairly strong IMC on your cpu, to achieve 4600 1T stable. Voltages will be dependent on your cpu and will require some patience to properly test and get everything dialed in.
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  11. And everywhere else for that matter. Speaking only for myself, I know I sure learned a heckuva lot from observing havli at work over the years.
  12. Well, I consider myself retired from overclocking... so I don't really care what is considered server and what isn't. 😄 But as long as you run C2Q or Core i7 in these boards, it should be desktop enough. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5K_WS/ https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P6T_WS_Professional/overview/
  13. Hi @Zx-c64, before answering, I would like to congratulate you on the excellent work you have done with your Voodoo5 5500 and the Asrock motherboard. In fact I saw that all the tests were performed at a resolution of 800x600. Not having found indications for the resolution or hardware limits, I entered the results at 640x480. Anyway, soon I'll try to satisfy you, I'll insert my new Record at 800x600. See you soon, very soon ...;) Best regards.
  14. But isn't pci-x only for server. So you'd only get it on server grade boards which would fall under "No server HW allowed" Just to play devils advocate
  15. Yea I have a couple pics of the setup. Sorry been really busy lately, just seen the replie. Getting ready to setup for ln2, decided to just get a dewar so I dont have to deal with the liquid for the dice.
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