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  3. I've done all my LN2 scores for my CPU with Benchmate (which I can't go back and try them again vanilla as both the mobo and CPU are dead from a popped mosfet). Under the submissions there's Benchmate scores and non-Benchmate scores. Am I required to submit all my scores under the Benchmate submissions or can I just go ahead any submit them under the regular non-benchmate scores as well? Reason being I've been able to get #1 spots in both categories. And under Benchmate only scores there's only like 1 or 2 other submissions but non-Benchmate scores have like 30 submissions. So r
  4. Killer run amigo Lummi , that score is huuuuge. Congratulations bro well done !
  5. Asus released 2603 Beta Version -Add Resizable BAR support for Nvidia RTX 30 series cards to potentially deliver more performance to gamers in select titles. Hopefully Dsanke can port it soon!
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  7. Ouch.. With current prices, that GPU alone is like $8k us/eu. RTX-3090 KP Edition = production of 001 per month. Great Run :-)
  8. Just freshly arrived on my doorstep, brand new retail Z590 OC Formula. Thanks daddy @NickShih for the board and @Splave for including his 2nd reject Seepeeuuuu. Looking forward to play with these and compare the latest Formula with the competition.
  9. Yesterday, Dsanke posted a new version of 2503. http://www.smxdiy.com/thread-712-1-1.html https://pan.baidu.com/s/1VKrcLdh4wfLJujbpY6Sm5w Code: xs7q Does anyone can download it?
  10. Holy crap, when I saw these scores on the forum I thought it was E6400 as the clock was so high for even chilled ambient. XD
  11. Language barrier making this tough. I only mentioned D drive in case you did not have one You have D drive so ignore that part I included Wahaha! only because the Super Pi 32m OS that were originally made by Barbonenet (wanted.tib) are using this in the .bat file. That .bat or batch file controls almost everything like opening Super Pi, setting realtime, affinity, closing explorer and running Waza. If you look at the pictures I linked above you only need the Wahaha! file and not the folder in system32 The left side of this picture You got this man. You almost had it perfect
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