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  2. The highest percent overclock that I'm aware of is this one: wytiwx's 4657.99 mhz with Intel Mobile Celeron 1.2Ghz
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  4. is this the highest precent overclock ever on hwbot? oh and @moi_kot_lybit_moloko's avatar is very accurate for this OC lol
  5. I just set PLL Term & Standby low, like 1.05v. Is enough. Save & exit, turn off the system, set LN2 jumper to Enable. But I suggest you don't use safeboot / clear CMOS when LN2 jumper is enabled, on air. In my case it's locks up the system, didn't pass the POST / stuck & restart. BCoz high standby voltage applied by LN2 Mode I think. If you want to set manually low DMI, core PLL & PLL Bandwidth it's okay too. @endpunkt Maybe you can try G.Skill 4800c20 or the 5066 bins ones.
  6. You need VC++ 2005 SP1 redistributable package in order to run the patch. It didn't help with hiccups in car test when the mech is shooting. I've tested many drivers and have no solution yet.
  7. Cache voltage and cpu voltage are the same. Some cpu can do 50/48 on ambient and some can do just 50/46. There's cpu that need to raise voltage to much for more then cache 46 on air/water but like Allen said, with some cold it's very easy.
  8. Bhai can you help me as amr same cpu but 4.09 atkay thake we beshi jay na.
  9. can you share your OC settings and voltage please ,as I have the same CPU but I can't OC it more than 4.09,thanks.
  10. time to fill up that ranking board !!!!
  11. Yeah but Russia is a poor/developing country by AMD's definition /s Same reason you'll see the 3300X in stock in countries like India.
  12. Changed to MXM-B 3.0 https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/quadro_fx_go700/ is that the same card ? https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/quadro_fx_go1000/
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