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  3. I'm still game. Got it! Thank you, Leeghoofd, for clarifying.
  4. No score was deleted (unless it had missing CPU-Z or other standard verification issues). The ones with the wrong background were only removed from the compo. As stated in my post, there was an error for Div V with the PRO OC background linked. Thus all scores for this DIV (V only) will be accepted even if the submission had the wrong background (our bad) So locate your score and just click participate in the challengers. Clear now ?
  5. And how could I know that those were the wrong background? I don't make decisions related to the choice of the divisions background. I participate in only V Division. I made the results specifically for this competition. Used the background that you put in the links to all the V Division stages. What might be the violation of the competition rules from my side, if the background used by me are placed in the official competition rules to this day (20 days from the start of the competition)? The results I was preparing for the 2nd round of V Division, I did in early May. Now I cannot repeat them. Because, again, I use air cooling. The ambient temperature has increased by more than 20°C for 20 days from the start of the competition. The summer begins in 6 days in Ukraine - it's off-season for air-overclocking.
  6. I can validate that same CPU at 1030 on air.
  7. If I repeat my result at the spi 1m with SS, we end this discussion? I'll give you a video from the mounting of the cpu at the shutdown. OK? If you need more proof: welcome to Italy in my lab))))))
  8. Seems Div V was not changed by Frederik, mea culpa, trying to reinforce the reported subs for Ryzen 3 and 5
  9. Frederik unlocked the challengers too soon ( 1st of May ) while most stages didn't even have proper limitations, nor background. Friday 4th of May was the official date for the start of the Challengers. And all challengers divisions should have been with the proper background. Due to numerous complaints I checked all mail traffic if there was any hickup with a division with the wrong background linked. And there was none, however it seems that all the backgorund links in DIV V are still the wrong ones... Major fuckup so those that have done submissions for DIV V only just resubmit... mea culpa
  10. If you see the competition result Mr.Scott made 998mhz on air. I only did Vcore mod on the motherboard, but for me for 120mhz fsb motherboards with VIA chipset not needed any modifications. Furthermore my board did not have timing CL2 into bios.
  11. Please watch all my videos and photos posted, and you will get all the answers. Before this competition: - WR of frequency of the Pentium MMX was 360mhz now 375mhz of the Mendocino was 853mhz now 940mhz. I am simply well prepared for this competition. PS: I can also redo my scores but I steal time to dedicate to round in progress.
  12. Ram impressionanti!! Ottimo lavoro come sempre Roberto!!
  13. All I can say is that its really really hard to reach that 1200Mhz. Even if it would be an Orion, it still would be a remarkable result. You need decent cache, a decent core and a motherboard that can reach those frequencies. AFAIK those boards had really big probs to reach 1Ghz stable, so it would be nice if GRIFF could share his experience if he needed to make any mods. Unfortunately no program, as far as I know, can tell us if its an Pluto or not. Its really bad situation again for us. I really would like to reproduce those results but Im not sure I find the time.
  14. I am no expert on this arch by any means, nor am I participating in this comp so if ya'll would like me to butt out I will. However it looks like you're saying that a new stepping is a different core. This is silly. If there was an k10 1st gen limited comp (an arch I know a bit more about) you'd be laughed out if you tried to complain that a phenom 9650 was destroying your 9600, "Not only does it clock higher it seems to have 30% more ipc". Yet less than that is being done here and taken seriously.
  15. I think guys have nothing to do. By the rules on screenshot in the utility CPU-Z - Pluto in all cases . My Google translate is tired of translating your polemic LOL .
  16. yes, nice score, but back to Ryzens guys :P
  17. Will post setup pic when I re-run. Have more headroom for GPU. Guess if it's Better I delid It?
  18. bigblock990

    [FS] Kingpin Cooling Dragon F1 Extreme Dark LN2 pot, and KPC probes

    Sold. Can be closed and moved. Thanks!
  19. yosarianilives

    [WTB][US] Cpu pot and dewar

    Found cpu pot, just need a dewar now
  20. Strunkenbold

    please add motherboard

    http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/x11sae_f/ http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/ms_b9061/ http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/h370_aorus_gaming_3_wifi/ http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/tb250_btc_pro/
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