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  3. Moved. For CPUs its enough to just post a link to the Intel ark. Please dont submit a result if there is no category for- it destroys our rankings in the long run.
  4. Just exploring options in the new bios and what the board can and can not do. 2x16 DR 36ns flat @ 4200 c14.
  5. I deleted both pi subs. Due to possible RTC bug, AMD submissions at HWBOt for AMD CPUs in combo with Windows 10, must use Benchmate ( benchmate.org) to verify the validity of the score. You will like it as it is easy to do
  6. What is being talked about? It isn't understood at all.
  7. Microsoft Outlook Support: Are you facing technical issues with Outlook and asking frequently asked questions with your experts but they didn’t reply with full efforts? If yes, then why are you not contacting online experts to dial their toll-free number? You may get all solutions for your Outlook questions from our Outlook Customer Service Number. And the important thing is that you can ask them anything regarding Outlook without any payment because we are not charged for advice. If you need any technical support and hire technicians then only you have to charge. From the title, you must be clear that we are here for troubleshooting the Outlook issues, so if you are facing technical issues with your Outlook and want help from us then only dial our Outlook technical support number for help. We are here to help you, so you should never hesitate to contact us. Resource Blog : https://microsofthelp1.tumblr.com/post/629651335248330752/outlook-faqs-and-solutions Thank You.
  8. @hansglans Technically, it's not necessary, but if you want your computer to function properly it is. I ran into significant instability when not using it. I have a theory that it trying to boost and throttle as it normally would while trying to use my manually set voltage, which would crash at the lighter threaded turbo speeds. When using the patch, my settings would work fine. Unfortunately, that patch isn't persistent between boots. I'm not sure about the transferrability of OC profiles, I wasn't able to save the profiles from my non-modded Dark bios anyways.
  9. Yes i do @Sparky's__Adventure. This is my current daily, 4533 mhz i had stable in the past but even with locked rtls/iols it would reboot and become unstable retraining something i couldn't see. Bios is lacking on the ATX for sure.
  10. My RAM setting no work with CMD rate 1t and setting manuale...now i understand why it was sold on amazon wharehouse ... ass fucked that i got ... an almost ridiculous system this z490 ... potential oc equal to 0 ... and they also want the money for these ill-conceived platforms
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  12. What does the "patch for no-ucode" do? I have task scheduler disabled, is the tool really necessary?
  13. Is there a way to apply the saved 12Z profiles to your modded 12Z? Reapplied all my settings and profiles recently way too often
  14. I have try this bios without microcode, no problem but it's impossible to overclock the ram E7C71IMS.zip
  15. Thank you Alby this work and now it is correctly detected as Picasso , appreciate it. There is a bug in the submission page for heaven , when i submit as Picasso cpu 3400G it picks it up as Raven Ridge hence why my sub was saying Raven ridge instead of Picasso , please check this bug out and if possible get someone to fix it , and thank you for the hard work and good vibes going on with team cup. Kind Regards: Angelo
  16. @yaqy123 Do you have all your subtimings manually tuned?
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