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  2. Gawl86


    Up, need another one
  3. LN2 at -50 to -60c on sandy for a 45 minute run 😂 I could see it helping mem tho, so theoretically could be useful for timings. Did you use hypers? I had no luck with them on sandy myself. I couldn't set as tight of tertiary timings as on PSC so my score ended up taking a hit despite tighter primaries.
  4. Ziken


    price drop
  5. Today
  6. Now we are talking! John should bring the LN for the next session... ;)
  7. hi . for the competition only monogpu are alowed . sorry for you but you need to rebench .
  8. Leeghoofd

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR3 stage thread:

    All stages besides the SLI in DDR4 are single card and single core only cards....
  9. Nice work, LN2 on this would be insanity hah.
  10. GeorgeStorm

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR3 stage thread:

    Just single card I believe.
  11. SS, LN2 is too costly, single benchmark are runs of 40-45 mins, not happening for this old geezer prebin on air for max bootable bclock, check IMC too, I had good bclockers with 1866 max mem speed, so no good :p Carl will trash all the scores again... he can reach a real 0.62 for sure with his CPU
  12. LIMITATIONS Only use processors using socket LGA1155. Only use videocard from the GeForce 600 series family. mono and bi gpu or only mono gpu ?
  13. superpatodonaldo

    [FS] cpus, mobos, vgas...

    some prices drop
  14. Nice score , but plz read the rules for the verification screenshot...
  15. wOOt , wOOt... Mike in da house again , great to see you back.
  16. ozzie


    you have pm bolc
  17. Please add this processor to the database so i can edit this result using the correct one. Photos included
  18. I guess prifinity does the same thing but is lighter on resources and does not require .net.
  19. Verrry nice Alby, I gotta get binning these chips LN2 or SS btw?
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