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  2. I like TS physics also, but I think you need to run full test to get proper validated score?
  3. Ziken

    2kit DDR4 Galax oc lab 4600c19

    update 2kit available
  4. Today
  5. superpatodonaldo

    [IT-EU] Wanted cheap DDR4

    please close
  6. superpatodonaldo

    Platinum 7640X

    don't mind...chip dead on X299...bios P1.60 + Formula Drive 166, applying voltage -> 00
  7. 10419 mem score! amazing. do you have any shots from ASRock timing configurator?
  8. I'll check what I have at home, I did have the z170 board, and never had the z270 board. Where did you get the board from? cant get the bios from whoever you got the board from? Technically Cookie or maybe Sofos would be the best guys to get this from FYI, And Dino is no longer at Gigabyte.
  9. im sitting here loving that mem score. and at 100 bclk too! is that 64 or 32 bit windows 10???
  10. unityofsaints

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Now that it's been over 48hrs since the background change it's worrying me that some buggy "first half" submissions are still up in the air: There are two REX BCLK subs for France (sub 1, sub 2), both using 775 chips. This is on obvious bug, as every team would be running 6 REXes (or maybe just 6 different chips in the same REX ) if that was allowed. AG-TAS's 10,087 point Night Raid sub at first not counting towards the stage, then straight up getting deleted (?) even though it had a valid screenshot and was subbed in time before the background change. My 406 MHz AM3 BCLK sub not counting because of the CPU socket vs. motherboard socket mixup in in that stage. It's a tough one because the rules actually still state the CPU socket counts but @Leeghoofd made the call earlier in this thread that it should be motherboard socket - can we have clarity once and for all on this matter? The LGA1151v1 / LGA1151v2 split not getting implemented yet has led to various scores (mostly in the BCLK and CB15 stages) not getting counted, e.g. AG-TAS's 484 MHz sub conflicting with Chili-Man's 525 MHz. I'm sure other teams are affected by these bugs too, I'm just using mostly Australia ones as examples as it is easier to keep track of them and it's hard to search for this stuff if you don't know what was benched. There are less than two weeks until xmas so the amount of time left to rebench is limited. I know the mod team is busy so I don't expect a fix soon but some kind of definitive answer on whether (and how) these issues will be fixed would be much appreciated πŸ‘
  11. Damn. 5.3 @ 1.6v. You really did find the worst chip around.
  12. Btw since we're discussing benchmarks, what do you guys think about modern 3DMark CPU/Physics tests? In my notes, Fire Strike physics doesn't show much scaling to DRAM Tweaks, but the Time Spy / Time Spy Extreme Physics scales a lot with memory performance(not just CPU clocks), these tests also showed up quite often of big International OC competitions, the scores also quite consistent and not much run variation like the old 3D11 Physics. IMHO these TS/TSE Physics would be a nice addition to the 2D benchmark we have now. The downsides are Time Spy/Extreme test need an advanced key, some overclockers don't seem like to cash another couple bucks(even though they bought hardwares that costed many times the benchmark).
  13. nope, this is now a flame war, splave vs x265 4K
  14. Yesterday
  15. Never ran it But i have another B2 that should be a bit better than yours, just felt like benching a M0 chip
  16. Let's not get rid of a great benchmark because a subset of Intel CPUs allegedly die running it. Now could we get back on topic and nix some crappy benches?
  17. What happened with the chip I sold you with the P5E3-Prem last year?
  18. AutisticChris

    [US] DICE Pot

    Also interested in any guides/tips on how to build one.
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