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  3. Nice one! Keep pushing it. With the card cold, you can take gold for sure. Nice work, nice improvements!
  4. Please change my HWBOT username become Ryuzen . Thank you in advance
  5. gigz, have you been buying up again 🤣
  6. Yesterday
  7. Would the person who scooped the DDR3/DDR4 collection like to make themselves known? even if only in PMs
  8. Dang, too late to scoop the ddr3 / z77 OCF !
  9. I will check the runtime stuff. Thanks for the help.
  10. That z77 oc formula should dissapear fast.
  11. A Geekbench3 verification link is required (https://browser.geekbench.com/)
  12. I also have "Yellow" Z77 and Z87 boards if anyone interested ($50.00 each)
  13. What tests have you run on your E-Die? Any 4k 12-18-18 or only used for max freq?
  14. Thanks. Just wanted to upload the gpu Z screenshot. thanks for adding
  15. Talking to 3 other gentlemen in regards to DDR
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