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  2. Isn't "0d" what you get when you enter BIOS? Like, when POST is complete but the board doesn't go to boot right away but is either in BIOS or throwing an error like no CPU fan speed detected or something like that? If you're not getting a POST, I would suggest looking at the GPU maybe, because the board itself seems to (nearly) complete the POST. This is purely out of memory though.
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  4. Good to hear your MoBo and CPU is still good Mine was doing great till I ran Ln2 and I got this.....who ever heard of post code 0d? The 7600k may be dead, but my APEX Z270 may not.....:(
  5. I also have a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HydroGen it came stock with it's cooler. You should allow water cooling...most of the CPU's will be.
  6. No Verification link to see SystemInfo, SystemInfo must be enabled and the latest version must be used.
  7. Verification link only required for Global Top 20, looks like he's 21 lol Only need SysInfo enabled and on new version to be valid, which I believe it is.
  8. If using Monitoring Software: restricting temps and frequency is the best way to go. Cooling is still restricted but not via hardware.
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  10. LOL yes and it rocks nice :D when Im done with this w3520 then I will bench your old 920 who still have a wr left I think :) nice chip
  11. How is it that all my good hardware end up in your greedy hands ?
  12. K I'll try to get things sorted out, where's Geoooooooooooooooorge
  13. With us needing to use HWiNFO64 or HWMonitor and the like already I think a +15/20c minimum for GPU temp is best. I understand the rationale behind Stock coolers only but with there being (sometimes large) variations in the capabilities of GPU air coolers it could be just as unbalanced as allowing H2O mixed in anyway. Capping CPU freq is fine by me and also ties in with still needing monitoring software. Can't speak for Div VII but for Div VI it'd make sense to have the top end GPU used to be the same time period as the top end platform (990FX = HD 7970) Looking forward to Round 2 😄
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