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  2. suzuki

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Can you clarify this for single core stage : One submission allowed per CPU socket This means that if we have a L3014 sub ,a P4 640 is not counted anymore ?
  3. GeorgeStorm

    Adding World Records - Loosing Points!

    Do you have any before/after photos so you can see which scores exactly lost points?
  4. Recalculating the lower score normally removes the points but doesn't remove it from the rankings annoyingly
  5. GeorgeStorm

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Only one submission per user per stage, so your better submission is counting.
  6. Today
  7. stummerwinter

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Question: my Dothan-submission for referance clock (score) does not appear in the ranking: competition ranking It is recorded as belong to ranking, see top of the screen shot:
  8. After I'm done with the i5 7600k Ln2, I have a early Christmas gift to mod and bench
  9. Forgot to add something, i mean OCGuide on Maximus VIII Thread, because there is no USB 3 driver for XP.
  10. @techjesse try ROG Maximus VIII guide but use Z270 AHCI driver on Maximus IX Thread should work, without read Maximus VIII Guide probably you wont get it why not working
  11. Hey Guys, Normally I don't ask, "I work with it" but I'm having problems with slipstreaming XP for my IX Apex Does anybody have a XP ISO I could download?
  12. superpatodonaldo

    [FS] cpus, mobos, vgas...

    7740X dead last week, need RMA now I have a 7640X, quick test on air 4,8/4,2 v core 1,15v cb r15
  13. As websmile said, if you set boot mode to turbo and leave eist and turbo enabled it will work. But you have to set cores 5 and 6 in OS using Turbo V core 1.01.15 On screenie below I set 50x multi in bios but it boots at 43x until I change cores 5-6 under cpu ratio tab to 50x/50x
  14. Nice Chip! Vcore? VID = 1,30v? Batch?
  15. This is a 2080ti, please fix this
  16. Very nice work! Hours and hours on the cascade but it all paid off in the end :)
  17. Oh dear.... If you insist on a metaphor for some reason, this is akin to having a power-lifting competition and limiting the weight people can use because they might tear a muscle. Thanks for trying to dumb it down to my level though.
  18. a tip, if youre gunna get them made have the tangs rounded off nicely like the middle ones are shown to be, quite often a rounded edge will fit where a square edge like show will hit something, it just gives that little bit more fitting room, looks nicer too 🙂
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