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  3. I have a screen shot of 8Ghz with this chip, but unfortunately it wouldn't validate and now the chip is DEAD.
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  5. Hi guys, Up for sale my Geforce GTX 1080 TI with Heatkiller block (https://shop.watercool.de/epages/WatercooleK.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WatercooleK/Products/15592). Additionally, it comes with black back plate as well as RGB strip and blue LED strip in case you want to get your PC ready for christmas Card comes with FE cooler (unused) in original box, I also kept the water block box. I used the card for daily gaming, stable 2075/1525 but mostly I ran it stock. 3dmarks run at 2100/1560 ish with stock volts on water-cooling. Price: 500 Euro shipped EU. Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Item location: Germany.
  6. Looking for this old motherboard for an old project. EU preferred for shipping reasons but anyone can offer if someone has this.
  7. Congratulations. Now hopefully all the brainpower and hard work pays off
  8. yes, link for xp x32 spi edition for z390 whit usb asmedia, restore tib image with Acronis. Good bench at all
  9. So... I just finished setting everything inside my option rom up. BUT i think that the SuperBypass register is wrong. Tictac mentioned it at B0D0F4 register 91h. He also mentioned AutoPrecharge and DataScavengedRate at B0D0F4 which both actually are at B0D0F1. Oops... I located the latter two, but can't find SuperBypass... Next up is checking if AutoPrecharge, DataScavRate, Slew and DriveStrength work. EDIT: Everything works. Nice.
  10. 1 - restore the image on the z170 / z270 and run xp on this system 2 - follow the first page guide on replacing files in the system32 and system32/driver folder and register the driver sata via the reg file 3- mount the disk on z390 and you will have a xp from bench
  11. Thinking about this matter it has since occurred to me today certain aspect of doing these hard mod on the boards themselves. Which is as follows: * If you glue down, or use UV curing mask on the little wire, then this makes a more durable trace. That is going to be much more resilient to incidental hits / blows. This is a better sort of job than is displayed in the photo. * If you want to break off the 2 isolate pins in LGA socket: well that is not normally recommended. Because there is a high chance of the broken off pin going 'ping' and flying off somewhere into the holes in the LGA socket. Never being retrievable again and potentially causing a short circuit. Very risky. * However if you can place a high strength magnet nearby. Then in therory the broken pin will always fly in the air and be catched by the magnet. For example I have some of these very cheap / very small / very high strength neodnyum magnets. Which are ideal for such purposes. That last suggestion is best tested on a broken board / broken LGA socket first of all. To ensure that these LGA pins are indeed magnetic (which I am guessing they should be). Anyhow you know it's all personal preference. People always take care around the pci-e slots where the jumper pins is. And some people just don't mind just letting the short pin burn off the tip (if that happens, let it happen). Which just doesn't seem to hurt anything. So those extra efforts for perfectionists, for others it is not to be concerned for, and not enough matter to be bothered about. But what I would say about burnt pin is: How can you be sure it does not leave metal debris fall into the LGA socket? Because once that happens, it's just going to rattle around down there and cannot be found / shook out again... I guess this is the main reason why I bother to talk about this matters. If you want to play it safe, it depends on the amount of precautions or levels of risks you wish to take. Also I might add that: dsanke does a whole lot of different boards. It might be that his is a more general recommendation. Due to not being able to keep track of which specific boards get this burnt pin. It's just easier to recommend that always. Or it could be that this overcurrent situation only occurs with specific CPUs, or under specific overclocking condition. I really don't know. It's not supposed to happen in the first place according to the intel specs. Ultimately its your property, it's really to the personal choice of the owner. Which levels of trade offs / paranoia. Overally fairly safe here I think. At least with this board it would seem, according to other people's comments here. But did anybody think to check the socket afterwards for burnt pin? IDK. This is really the all limit of my knowledge on the matter. I don't risk such things.
  12. Don't get me wrong , I'm very busy with a lot of things ( family , work and others) Until I can find some time, I prefer to do some benches ( usually after midnight 🥴).
  13. Yep, there certainly are tradeoffs, I prefer to mod the mobo since I'm switching cpu's and mainboards a lot as in multiple times daily during binning or Comps using hardware I have ( 1 8700k + Coffee modded Z170 SOC Force LN2, MOCF and Apex IX + XI and a few Kaby K sku's ). Now that XP seems to work without performance penalty on Apex XI, I'll probably stick with 8700k in Apex XI and kaby's on Z170/270 but when ram binning is needed that may change. JustXOCthings FYI: No burnt pins yet here but I have not taken 8700k past SS temps but it's almost always on Phase when used
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