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  3. I'll also stick to two bios versions for CMD. We'd probably need to hook into the bios code way earlier to make it work. As we just need to swap BPL that's the easiest option. And besides that i can only think of a single case when you'd need 2T anyways: max fsb and max mhz runs. For everything else 1T is better. For Tref we must use a big switch... You can't map a Tref value like 4708 (cmos register will contain 1Ah) properly to 6412h through math. So it's simpler to just store the value inside the option rom and use a huge switch. For Trc, Trfc, DS and SR it'll work with math. I mapped Auto to 00h and 1 to 01h. For DS and SR 15 to 0Fh and for Trc and Trfc 31 to 1Fh. I haven't messed with the IDE values yet and will possibly do this when i got Trc, Trfc and Tref working.
  4. I want to add the Tref as well, since it is hard to control it within windows in an easy way - no tool can do that at the moment and you have to tinker with wpcredit/rweverything. Auto Precharge can be changed from Memset and NF2 Tweaker, others are also defaulting to the best setting, so Tref in bios is more useful. The ASM code will have to rely on predefined values, since I don't know how to do math operations But still should work. That would be a long "switch". Will abandon the Command Rate option, since I can't make it work, which means I will still need to support 2 bios versions. Making a 2T version is as simple as replacing the BPL module with one from a stock DFI bios, which is 2T by default. I had a quick look at those "view only" options for IDE, but they look different than a regular label. I guess it is because they are connected to the master item and their value is also changed based on the selection and detected value. Which also leads me to the idea to find if it is possible to add other memory settings in the same set which is controlled by Memory Timings [Manual] option item.
  5. I honestly like stage 8. It's certainly fairly asymmetrical but I don't think that makes the other platforms irrelevant, especially as I'd expect most competitive countries to have a good PCIe score. If anything I wish it was unrestricted for PCIe to make it easier to get that score, but ah well. You also have to remember if it was 100% legacy, people who don't like legacy stuff would be upset. This way it's two scores on modern hardware (PCIe and IGP), one on oldish hardware (hybrid), one on properly legacy hardware (AGP), and then whatever weird stuff the PCI score is. Everyone gets to play and the cries of "why legacy in country cup" are quieter.
  6. Yes, I replied to your PM Edit # sold and paid
  7. Mythical tech, thanks! Here is photo https://hwbot.org/submission/3386172_12_3dmark_vantage___performance_geforce_gtx_260_216sp_21260_marks
  8. hi 4 are stil available?
  9. Sadly it is due to the forum upgrade that the links are again not working, programmers are tasked great result, nice to see them good old Rampages in action
  10. Had to be in the right zone. Between 1.6 and 1.65v on this bios. Older bios I could push 1.8v with cold NB no issues, but the new one with cold is troublesome with higher voltages.
  11. Forum has issues @ozzie, it's on the front page if you look there
  12. Thank you. Tried cold yesterday but no success - I was using the same profile that allowed me to post @675 at positive temparatures on cpu+nb but couldn't even get into windows with 660MHz once I've turned on my SS. Sam is right saying that REX+Wolfdales are not reliable with non-LN2 cooling at high FSB - or there is something we can discover with BarEdit to stabilize it.
  13. Well done, nice custom WC. @ozzieI think result is not listed as usual as it gains no points (Eisbaer798 had better score with REX in the past) so we can see it only in new competition entries.
  14. is it just me ? used to be able to see the result with the bot link in result submissions or do we have to chase around now for the submitters name and team to find it to view ??
  15. Congratulations on another hardware gold. Do you have pictures of the cascades?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Nice man, your canyon score looks great....awesome scaling, just waiting for refill and will join in
  18. Probly you still have to bin 4800C18 sticks to find it... and cpu with capable imc. Here with sa/io 1.45/1.3 46001T will be easy on imc and voltages
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