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  3. Via Chipset support only 3 options -33mhz +0mhz and +33mhz. You need to see chipset possibilities, not pll.
  4. I hadn't seen one without so good to know πŸ™‚ Thanks, BZ.
  5. If you make that distinction between "overclocking" and "benchmarking" then I see your point. I guess I never really thought of them as being different.
  6. I too have this happen every time I check hwbot for stuff now.
  7. i donΒ΄t waste ln2 for these chips ...no worth , i do my best on cascade ,many of them scalling very well near -118 how my cascade perform!
  8. @Tagg Yes you must rebench your Q8200 and Q8400. :-) atm i have ln2 on hand :P
  9. Nanok its your old gt2000c7 I use :) my gtx2 is on my waterloop at the moment
  10. Yesterday
  11. thx :) I dont know what happens, but I only did this 1 run and get this score, then I did not succes with higher clock, maybe I was tired :D but first time I was that lucky :D
  12. What Temperature should a i7-4770K run at? 100c seems high when I am not even overclocking
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