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  2. So apparently there isn't a vega pro duo but there is a fiji and polaris. The vega dual gpu card is the v340 which doesn't have proper drivers for an OS, it has drivers for esxi and basically is only made for VMs. Lots of other gcn based dual gpu cards from AMD that you haven't mentioned though
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  4. Benchmate and W10 seem to be legal thus far, as almost all of us are using Benchmate when doing AM4/X399/TRX40 subs and nothing has been taken down
  5. I could giver a shot if you want, would have to look over Stage 14 to make sure I have the rest of the necessary equipment.
  6. I still have the guns too, and treat oc as hobby, thats why im not too active. Only doing what i can and what i love to. As far as i know we can't stop doing oc, if i stop i will come back no matter what. Im ocing before even joining forum on internet.
  7. I see your point and I agree however theres one small factor missing. hwbot is technically a business. This site costs money as does any other ocing site. The less traffic it has the less sponsors want to pay for advertisements and or just pull out completely and advertise elsewhere. Just look at the state XS is in. It's on life support. It's not the only site https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/xbitlabs-shut-down.2497900/ your getting a glimpse at the future so I say do something preemptively
  8. ahh damn I forgot about 295x2. that vega must be rare.
  9. There are many benches that are OK on windows 10 - same OS rules as with socket 1150/2011-3 and earlier Intel. For AM4 300 and 400 series boards you can easily get 7 working, follow https://www.asrock.com/microsite/Win7Install/ Hopefully someone else can answer the question about benchmate with 10 better than I can as I've avoided 10 so far.
  10. 25% interested in OC and 10% of those interested in competitive OC are both very ambitious IMO. You also have a third percentage for people who can do competitive OC - the vast majority of these gamers are kids, they might only have use of a small bedroom with no space for a separate bench system, even if they wanted one and could afford the hardware. To be honest though, competitive OC is a hobby not a business for 99.9%. Why invest time and effort into trying to grow it like it's a business? We shouldn't be worrying about how to market the hobby, we should be doing the hobby. I'm sure an army of motivated volunteers could grow hwbot to 2x where it is currently, but what would the benefit of that be? Would it be more fun for anyone? Would these new people build it up, or drain it? I think the best thing is what guys including buildzoid, keeph8n and mythical tech do where they share what they've done and the fun they've had with it on various platforms, but leave it to the people watching to decide if they want to do the same. If someone gets into it because they want to that's much better than getting into it because they were told to by someone trying to grow what doesn't need to grow.
  11. 6990, 7990, 295x2, radeon pro vega ii duo - seems every generation until now has some sorts of dual-gpu cards.
  12. Like I said theres far more brokeazz gamers then guys with 9900K/2080TI so we target them. Step 1 would be designing a system with a reliable known to OC good @ ambients mobo and cpu that don't break the bank and vga that has good oc potential don't break the bank. Basically a super budget highly ocable system. I know they exist. It would need to be something that your sure you could get repeatable results out of. its most likely a lot of hardware many have lying around doing nothing now. step 2 would be tuning it and sharing the settings but no profiles as you don't want to make it so damn easy that they just chew and screw. You want them to at least have to learn how to navigate around a bios and have some hands on. step 3 proving its more than playable in games step 4 pimp/market the F out of it, use the hardware sites and every tool in the industries arsenal to get the word out, forums etc etc
  13. Sure sounds good. Our Warp9 team will take the first keen talented 10x overclockers. Mr Scott's approval of course. When do we start?
  14. There is always that possibility but imagine 25%(15k) of that 60K take an interest and even if only 10% (1500) of that 25% become even more interested and stick around well that sounds pretty damn good considering numbers are what 2200 ish currently? Sorry for all the math and hypothetical crap but ive worked with marketing guys so long...…...bear with me.
  15. Yes, but nacho don't accept paypal
  16. That's a tough one man. Gamer shows interest, you give him his good OC settings & he or she is gone. A one stop shop for a quick fix.
  17. Anyone need a 5970 for stage 14? I can't even remember but is that the last dual gpu card AMD ever made or were there hotter monstrosities? I don't need it back alive and def don't want it back if it dies so no holds barred.
  18. Mua Ban Ghe Hoc Sinh Hoa Phat Chinh Hang O Dau

    Mua bàn ghế học sinh Hòa phát đâu? đó là thắc mắc của nhiều khách hàng hiện nay khi đang có nhu cầu mua bàn ghế học sinh Hòa Phát, nhưng lại không biết nên chọn địa chỉ mua hàng nào.

    Hiện nay có rất nhiều đơn vị cung cấp, phân phối, đại lý nội thất Hòa Phát tại các tỉnh thành trên cả nước, vì vậy để lựa chọn một bộ bàn ghế Hòa Phát chính hãng, đảm bảo chất lượng là điều không quá khó.



  19. Hello Folks, I have not been here in a while. .. Are ryzen cpus banned from being benched in w10? is benchmate now ok ? if only w7 is allowed for the "regular" benchs, do you guys have a tutorial for installing w7 on a board with 1 ps2 and usb3s only? or an os swap may go? (from a 1150 install, it goes on the desktop,...) Thanks Best
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