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  2. I would also want to buy if you do decide to split as PM
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  4. I'm guessing this is said 3600+ gdie validation? https://hwbot.org/submission/3832580_noxinite_memory_frequency_ddr3_sdram_1841.2_mhz I've finally gotten around to pick up a haswell system so I'll test my sticks pretty soon edit: brainfart, 4gb won't be sr gdie
  5. @poparamiro If you decide to sell separate cards, take in consideration my message
  6. Why am I tentative lol. I'm coming definitely. 😛
  7. All items sold were shipped yesterday, tracking provided Closed, thanks for the space hwbot
  8. Nice Run and Pictures :) Did you have to mod the HD-7850 to get it to run that fast???
  9. On this run the trfc is high but after im almost pass 32m at 48 !
  10. On this run the trfc is high but after im almost pass 32m at 48 !
  11. Powerchip, this score is only at 2.220v, need to be cold :)
  12. Sir, have you considered the fact that shipping of 131 cards will probably exceed the value of cards themselves ? This is the most remarkable collection I have ever come across here at the BOT. Maybe @Leeghoofd ( Albrecht ) has a valid point there. I strongly doubt that there can be a second so passionate enthusiast collector to absorb 131 cards as a single purchase. Anyway, my admiration is due here, respect and congratulations for such a remarkable collection ( and effort ).
  13. It is a good ideea, thanks Up Price drop at 12 euro per card == 1572 euro plus shipping
  14. my é cents: I would go for a sale per at least 10 cards mate or such
  15. I didn't realise there were no points for the lower ranks. Easy as man.
  16. You need to submit a score in all stages to be eligible for the lucky draw... Not score points guys Unless I'm overlooking something, Davestarrr finished 26th in stage 1, 23rd in stage 2, for Geek he placed 21st and in the final stage he had a score settling in at spot 27. So what's the problem ??
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