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  2. This bench is single threaded, not sure why it's listed as giving score for multiple core count https://hwbot.org/benchmark/system_stability_tester_32m_pi/
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  4. The one who can develop hwbot does not have the time or interest to do so. So hwbot is stuck. It's not just a missing 3d benchmark. The whole list of benchmarks is so outdated it is getting rediculus. I think 75% of all benchmarks are really all about single or dual threaded cpu performance. How relevant is that today? And then there is that thing that the most interesting platform in 20 years is not even possible to bench in a legit way by mainstream users...
  5. You're talking about alphatimings, right? Stock on my Asus is 2-3-5-3-2-2-4 (read from top to bottom in NF2 Tweaker, right column) and i usually try to use something like: 1-3-3-3-2-2-3. What does MSI ship the v4.35 with? Well, if stability suffers and bandwidth+latencies aren't getting better, we're probably better off with BPL 3.19.
  6. Doh, thought most of the nForce2 boards use the SilliconImage. Well, my idea still stands. By updating the SilliconImage rom it became much faster and definitely faster that tne IDE->SATA adaptors I use sometimes as well. But if you couldn't manage it, then buy some of these cheap adaptors (very fragile, so get some spares). AFAIK many of these controllers have problems with large drives, which sometimes is solved by updating the firmware in the bios.
  7. Chaintech and Soltek boards use Promise PDC20376 controller, some versions of those boards doesn't have SATA controller at all.
  8. Update the sillicon image Sil3112 to 4.4.02 (last available version). I've used it successfully many times on AN7 and always use USB flash drive as an install media. Some boards can't boot from USB though and need some sort of a boot manager mod (I've recently replaced LAN option rom with plop manager on NF7-S). You can update the bios by simply replacing existing RAID rom with the updated version using cbrom. PS: Alternatively, you can give me your bios files and I will quickly mod them. That for the Soltek board, for the promise controller maybe search for a newer version as well. 4402.bin
  9. I've recently been using the cheap chinese IDE-Sata converters on NF2. However these sometime refuse to work with certain drives. Some of my ide sata drives worked flawlessly, some didn't run at all. I bought these: https://www.ebay.de/itm/IDE-to-SATA-ATA-100-133-Serial-HDD-CD-DVD-Converter-Adapter-Power-SATA-Cable/302694636100 If you intend to install XP on NF2 with sata controller your best option is usually to integrate the sata driver into your XP boot stick via nlite, as you've already pointed out. At least on my NF7 and A7N8X this worked for years. But yeah, it's quite annoying to install like this. Are you absolutely sure that the system itself is 100% stable? NF2 hates some memory sticks like UTT and will corrupt your os, even during setting it up.
  10. @Tzk Thanks for the collection! I've tried the 4.90 as well, but it didn't boot, as expected. The 4.35 dropped my max FSB a little. The main difference I noticed are the tighter default timings compared to usual nforce2 bpl. Latencies are good, but nothing extraordinary. And I had problems booting with locked Sempron at 9x multiplier. This might make it incompatible with certain DDR sticks. Main and subtimings are very close to as tight as you can get with BH-5 on this platform.
  11. Recently I've bought a few nForce 2 boards for 462 socket (Chaintech 7NJS and three Soltek 75FRN2 boards, some with SATA ports, some with IDE only). I wanted to install Win XP on 7NJS today and I failed hard doing this... I cannot get it working on SATA SSD... after few attemps I found out, that I have to create a RAID array with only 1 drive (FastTrak 376 controller, weirdest thing ever). Ok, now installer sees the drive (with controller drivers added using nLite), but after maybe 2-3 hours copying files during Win XP install, the whole installation is corrupted... I'm using an USB stick with XP. Is there any confirmed and easy way to install XP on nForce 2 board, preferably on SSD? Maybe sort of IDE->SATA adapter. Looks like IDE is the way to go if you don't want to prepare million of CDs with XP installs. USB install doesn't seem to be working good too, I'm not sure if Soltek's board use it, on Chaintech it works.There are also IDE SSD drives on the market, but I'm not going to spend another ~50 euro on such drive only for testing purposes. Thanks, Bartek
  12. Hey guys I just wanted to ask why Port Royal is not listet in the 3dmark benchmark list? I am just wondering because its a frequent benchmark with really much attention from Pro overcklockers like @Luumi who broke the 13 record or @Splave who held the WR with his Titan for a long time. Also Kingping and Steponz gave the benchmark quite the attention with their livestreams. I thought it would be nive if Port Royal would be addet to the list of benchmarks.
  13. I might have something for you in next week. Those things are getting really hard to get...
  14. Broken APEX49


    I want to run maxxmem2 Can't find Submit Window even after downloading Please tell me how to register to HWBOT
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