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#todayinxochistory: 28 June 2015. Controversy surrounding the division competition. Although a world record at time of posting and good enough to win the stage, this maxxmem read submission was posted with the comment text: "is it time for this benchmark to be pulled or these settings to be disallowed once and for all?". XOCers have always looked to get a leg up on their competition (in legal amd illegal ways) and this is a great representative example as the submitter @drweez took the commendable step to out himself immediately in order to help clean up the scene. This benchmark no longer earns @hwbot global points and doesn't feature on competitions anymore. How approproate that the "rigpic" shows a torn down system inside an unattended benching room! #coolstorybro #maxxmem #salty #overclocking #benching #hwbot #longposttakethispotato

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