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    Yes, sorry things are going slowly. A very limited number of samples have gone out for development testing. Also got the first pictures from the factory where I've ordered an initial batch. Unfortunately they messed some things up and will delay this another week or so while they produce a new PCB. Here it is in action: https://youtu.be/Fbw1CZp-GNE?t=381 Quick specs: - 3x I2C headers working at 3.3-5.0V - 1x UART header, TX 3.3V RX 3.3-5.0V - 1x SPI header 0.8-3.6V with on-board controllable LDO for feeding power - VMOD header which is essentially the same as ROG Hotwire (sense and modify the feedback circuit of a voltage controller) - Built-in USB bootloader for firmware upgrades (essentially unbrickable) - Micro-USB cable for connecting to the PC Bundled: - 3-pin 2.54mm to 3-pin 2.54mm 40cm cable (I2C/UART) - 2x 3-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (I2C/UART) - 2x 2-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (VMOD) - 1x 1-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (Ground) - SPI cable for Asus motherboards - SPI cable for MSI motherboards - SPI cable for Asrock motherboards (SOIC8 test clip can be bought separately for Gigabyte boards, they don't have headers for flashing) Additional info: - I2C1 supports I2C listening/sniffing to figure out what's being sent on the bus it's connected to, which is very useful for figuring out how to talk to undocumented ICs - I2C3 supports SSD1306 128x64px I2C OLED displays as seen in Roman's video for displaying various information (optional add-on) - The SPI header is targeted for external BIOS flashing. Can be very useful for flashing mod-BIOSes or recovery. Can also be used to update the EC firmware on some boards.
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    First test from the factory test video.mp4
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    XTU always had a 32 and 64 bit inner benchmark executable that was correctly chosen by the bitness of the OS. So that has nothing to do with the improved performance. The reason for increased scores is that this new version now uses Prime95 29.4 while the old uses the slower 27.7. Regarding benchmark security and timer reliability Intel opened up another can of whoop ass by using QueryPerformanceCounter() for timing. As I have not seen any counter measures that take care of timer skewing, changing your bclock in Win 8/10 should change the score. The old version had a "fix" for that behaviour by calculating the TSC frequency on a regular basis, so it successfully adapted to bclock changes as well. Also, NOT A SINGLE ONE of my flaws was addressed with the new version: https://www.overclockers.at/articles/intels-xtu-analyzed
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    Better idea, how about just no xtu?
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    Sorry, only all package goes at once. They are the result of many years of searching and binning, the cost was huge, in money and effort ...
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    Here is all you need to run Coffee Lake ( Refresh ) cpu's on Gigabyte Z170X-SOC-Force-LN2 Just follow the Direction_HWBot.txt file after extracting Mod_Pack.zip Mod_Pack.zip
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    I have 2 of this, need to post a FS soon. This topic just made a 60 € boost in price :)).
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    K might change it to positive temps than iso stock cooler... also gonna lower the processor clocks to 4500ish speeds so the CPU has lesser impact on the outcome
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    wow...stock coolers WTF I pull off the stock cooler and chuck it in the trash first thing for all legacy cards. I think you need to open up the cooling method and stick with software based GPU temp limit of +15c or something in that range.
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    Thought it was time to start collecting information in one place about this new miracle IC that the OGS guys used to smash the memory frequency WR. There are a bunch of different IC codes for "8Gbit Revision E" and while the characteristics should be broadly similar there's definitely some variance - not sure how much of that is down to binning for kits and how much is down to differences between different Micron models (JEDEC bin, temperature bin, maybe package?). These are found from micron's ic code lookup tool, and model numbers are interpreted with the help of micron's 8Gbit DDR4 datasheet. The known standard (1Gx8 layout) Rev.E IC codes, excluding Z9 series ES chips, are: D9VPP - '075' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code D9WFL - 062E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code D9WFP - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'IT' extended temperature code D9XSP - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'AAT' extended temperature code D9XSJ - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'AIT' extended temperature code D9XSK - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'AUT' extended temperature code C9BHS - '075E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code (=D9VPP?) C9BJC - '062E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code (=D9WFL?) C9BJZ - '62M' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code (these ones are on the WR sticks) It should be stressed that these aren't all necessarily available, they just show up searching for part numbers. There's also C9BHR - '083E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code. Micron's site lists these as Rev.H, but it's possible this is an error - usually IC codes with the first 4 characters the same would be variations of the same IC (eg D9GTS/D9GTR/D9GTN). 062E is 3200C22 jedec bin, 075E is 2666C18 jedec bin, 075 is 2666C19, and 083E is 2400C16. The 62M jedec bin code doesn't seem to be documented. Temperature wise IT/AIT, AAT, and AUT are rated from -40C to 95C, 105C and 125C respectively. ICs without temperature codes are rated for 0C-95C, this doesn't necessarily really mean anything though. Micron 8Gbit Rev.E has been reported, to my knowledge, in: 8GB Ballistix Sport LT 3000 15-16-16 (multiple users in the r/overclocking community have these) 16GB Ballistix Sport AT 3200 16-18-18 dual rank (recently reviewed by techpowerup) 8GB Ballistix Elite 3600 16-18-18 (WR sticks) Overclocking characteristics are: Apparently no CB/CBB Scales with voltage Very temperature sensitive At least the low bins seem to need high tRCD A couple of different r/overclocking users have reported 3600 14-20-16 1.45V on AMD using the 3000 15-16-16 sticks. This is really interesting because it suggests a reasonable amount of variation if the lower-end sticks need tRCD 20 for 3600 whereas higher-end sticks can do 3600+ at tRCD 18. My personal theory (and I realise it's a bold one): the 62M JEDEC bin code on C9BJZ might be like elpida's MNH and MGH codes seen on 1Gbit Rev.A DDR3 indicating the unofficial 'HYPER' bin - that is, the result of some kind of sorting done at Micron/Crucial for OC above and beyond any official JEDEC bin, separating ICs of the same design that exhibit similar characteristics but with a big difference in the typical numbers. I'm currently busy testing some 3000C15 Sport sticks that I picked up today, but I'll try and keep this post up to date as more information comes to light 🙂
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    Yes - no cb/cbb and they scale with voltage big time! No need to heat them up to pass post/get into windows either.
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    But wouldn't limiting cpu clocks so much mean whoever has or finds the best 1080ti will win Div II, III, IV and V. All you need to do is go to Best Buy and pick up whatever core cpu you're missing and return for full refund. I thought the point of Divisions based on core count was to make it more inclusive and maybe attract some new blood. Don't know how many guys out there chose to build 2 and 4 core rigs with $600 gpu's. Should be like we used to do 2 core w/ GTX xx50 ti or xx60 / RX 570 4 core w/ GTX xx70 or xx70 ti / RX 590 6 core w/ GTX xx80 / Vega 56 or Vega 64 8 core w/ GTX xx80 ti / Vega 64 or Radeon VII
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    Getting things ready for the start of this....
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    Kudos to G.Skill for keeping these competitions alive with an even increased cash prize pool!
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    Was my first time setting a comp from scratch so that led to some mistakes. I didn't bother stating a monitoring tool because I didn't think I needed to as people should just be able to follow the rules, but if people want/need more structure then that's what'll happen. There's no real cost to running hwinfo as far as I'm aware, so may as well make it needed for all submissions, Leeg has just updated the OP. As Leeg said, I'm sorry for being slow on this, and I've also no issues extending it, @superpatodonaldo mentioned the fact the rules currently don't allow for disabled cores so I've changed that now.
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    Ok so go GPU score and just disable points maybe that might stop any issues with the standard hwbot ranking. Also disabling cores is fine, seems like it would increase participation so all good Have edited the OP. People happy now?
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    Received my cards EXTREMELY well packed also threw in a bonus card for me, HIGHLY recommend this seller.
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    Mine degraded Using apex X now with same chip thats missing pad. Runs full pot with way lower dmi and pll.
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    K will add to the the rules to show min GPU temps to be displayed
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    As usually, people always talk about half of the topic and do not go into details that things changed - 4133c12 now works 1t on new BIOS-versions with tight settings because there is a new option (trace centering), and if you work with bclk you can go higher. Boot at 4200 divider and higher dividers only works 2T with some workaround settings. On top, you need a decent imc especially for bclk oc or good rma connections. Searching for a 4266 12-11 1t a2 kit is useless because chances you get there are extremely low when you have to work up from 4133. If BIOS-Versions improve more, then it could make sense because imho very good kits which do 4266 12-11 gb3 2T now will also succeed 1T at better conditions
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    Would have been nice for some of the French guys to comment on his threads warning people! It'll be looked into.
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    At the very least remove points and make this benchmark truly pointless.
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    Both 2000C7 and GTX2 were sold within an hour of posting ... looks like I'm not the only one looking for Hypers Based on my personal records of 18 sticks of 2000C7, plus 15 sticks of GTX2, it seems that the latter are generally worse on tRCD limits, yet generally better on voltage. Of course, there are exclusions in both directions. For example, the 2000C7 I just sold needed much less volts than the other sixtreen 2000C7 sticks that I had, yet also had worse tRCD limits. But, let's be honest, in the benching ranges of Hypers (1050 6-7-5 and thereabouts) tRCD limits don't play a role and +/- 0.05V on the voltage isn't too critical. That's why I kind of stopped binning for lowest voltage (fact: the lowest memtest voltage Hyper stick that I ever had was sold in this thread, two out of three lowest memtest voltage Hyper sticks that I ever had were sold in this thread, 4 out of 6 lowest memtest voltage Hyper sticks that I ever had were sold in this thread) and focused on trouble-free experience with as many platforms as possible.
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    K I'll talk to Frederik to maybe integrate a seperate 64bit XTU in the ranking...another developer cockup....
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    advising user and grabbing some pôpcorn and a red bull to start a marathon of deleting subs
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    nothing new, comps always need some stuff ironed out. appreciate the work you guys are doing thanks
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    @richba5tard has sorted it, so you should be able to enter 3DM11 Entry GPU score, and Sky Diver GPU score, then both heaven and 06 as normal. Apologies for the bumpy ride, but hopefully it'll smooth out from now on
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    I think we can ditch the CPU temps for this, we just need CPU MHz verification and GPU-Z with extra sensor tab displayed to highllight the GPU temps
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    Apologies all PM me if there are issues, it's too easy to miss/ignore a tag 🙈
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    Hello, Up for sale are 3 8700K's i found from a few dozen pieces i binned lately. Binning was done on water and for those 3 pieces i delidded them and replaced stock grease with liquid metal Conductonaut. Room temperature was 24-25 degrees with a good water cooling, obviously not as strong as a hailea chiller some guys use but my results are always comparable to other wc solutions or AIO. Motherboard used was Asus Maximus XI gene with llc6. I would also like to add that the voltage i mention is the one that i set in bios or turbovcore, the one that cpu-z shows is lower, for example 5500@1.34V set in bios resulted in a load cpu0-z voltage of 1.296... 1., Nr.1 Best one i found and also best one i had ever on water. Does cinebenchR15 5400@ 1.28, 5500@ 1.34, 5600/5300 cache @ 1.44V. , 5400 cache also worked but did not screened it Beside the amazing core this cpu has a killer imc, it can train and boot 5000 in Dual-Channel! and also train and boot 5200 divider in single channel. 2. Nr.2 Vietnam batch, really solid and it actually also did 5600 three quarters of run at 1.49 however temps went over 80 and it crashed. Does cinebench R15 @ 5400@1.31, 5500/5300@ 1.38V Strong imc as well, can train and boot 5100 divider on water single channel. 3.Nr3 Solid cpu as well, pretty close to nr 2 but 5600 would not go, might be because one core is hotter than the others and i have to reapply conductonaut better, who knows. Does cinebench r15@ 5400@ 1.33, 5500@1.40v Strong imc that will train and boot 5100 divider on water single channel. Prices are : 1. 700E 2. 500e 3. 450E Prices include shipping in Europe and i can shipp till 23 may, later i will be in Taipei for 2 weeks so if you decide in this period your cpu will be shipped on 7th of June. Payment via paypal or bank transfer ( would actually prefer Revolut). Cpu's will be properly packed and shipped unlike the french method shown on some thread here :))
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    For sale al my top and WR's video cards, highly binned (memory and gpu). Ask average 15 euro by vga, that makes it 1965 euro for 131 pieces, pus shipping world wide. Very good condition, a lot have mods/vaseline isolation. Check excel list for info. (bottom of the page) For more info you can ask or go to my result on Hwbot, there are also pictures and results for all vga included here. I use only tehnical vaseline for isolation, can be remove if necessary. Selling only entire vga's. vga.xlsx
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    Lighten up, remember you are enjoying a free service... it has been reported to the programmer, there's not much more I can't do... sit out and wait…. and if you have been here long enough it can take a looooooong time
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    ** WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE AT BUYER'S EXPENSE ** This is unobtanium super rare DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard Rev. A Also selling 2 rare Athlon's CPU (including a famous IQYHA0351)... Seling all as a COMBO. I quitted the OC game 12+ years ago, used to be #11 competing privately against sponsored OCiers. It has been sitting in my attic ever since and I forgot about it. It's heavily modded (all volt mods plus 2 bios add on) to run these memories and CPU at its peak, see video at 2-2-2-9 at 268Mhz! Included all seen in pictures: AMD Athlon AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW Kingston KHX3200K2/512 KIT DFI LANPARTY NF2 REV.A ATHLON AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW ATHLON AXMG22600FQQ4C – IQYHA0351MPMW System Test DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard + CPU + RAM 268 fsb ////// Link>>> https://youtu.be/0-KoU9HTZRw This is a collector's item. 387 GBP + Shipping
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    These are some results from last week's tests (no fan on mems + aio on cpu).
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    ah - also no maxmem is needed. At least on tight timings and high voltage it wasn't needed.
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    Well I did 350 bclk on Pentium 4400 - but that might be a bit different when you use 4133 divider with c12 and 49/50rtls plus not all apex xi for example like this a lot
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    Looking very carefully at the pictures, I have to say something that attracted my attention. For Heaven's sake people, please do not think that I am taking sides here. Just trying to be as objective as possible. The packing is as good as it can get. No one that wants to be objective can doubt it. I have received a couple of processors from other sellers, with a lot worse packing and they arrived alive and well. As Mr.Scott said, there is no way that the cpu might have been damaged during transportation. These pictures, so honestly taken by the buyer and explained, can't substantiate any claim from the transportation company. Cpu was damaged either prior to shipping or after receipt.
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    Thank you, fixed this one and some more.
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    I have a ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX APEX motherboard and would like to know what is needed for to get a 8700k CPU to run on it.Any help with my is endeavor greatly appreciated..
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    The bios modder Dsanke has also made an 0901 now. Here it is: 4:22 PM] dsanke: Author: @dsanke Motherboard: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX APEX Based on:ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X APEX 1901 ME: Microcodes: The same as original M10A BIOS. Note: Flash via SPI Programmer. Support All LGA1151 CPU except Xeon and Skylake ES. AURA/SLI Fixed. $ md5sum *1901* 9ff2714a4b6ab8aedb5c877ff0eef8c3 ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1901.rar d72335f098f3654945e9502664090057 ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1901.rom ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1901.rar
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    Yeah since disabling cores is allowed it's a free for all on CPU as far as I'm concerned, just run the bench at 4c and <5003mhz.
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    Apex X bios 1801 ported to Apex IX with i7-8700k 4133+ is no problem
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    Tests were done on Apex X and Apex XI with several cpus, 8600K, 8086K, on all voltages I refer to vdimm in BIOS of these boards. The boards are quite precise on setting voltages which I could check from start with reference kits I used. All results were obtained with cpu on air or H105 aio and a 120mm 1200 rpm fan for memory cooling if I used higher volts
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