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    I'm not really officially retired, just lost access to LN2, and need to get a few things sorted so I can get back to grinding some stuff again. I used to be a lazy student, now I work overtime almost every day, and keep getting involved in different projects that eat up most of my spare time.
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    Hey HWBot, In light of a few results and discussions again lately, I just wanted to float an idea that’s been going around in circles for years. Also, keeping in mind the changes we have just experienced with the new revision, the simplicity of the points system now seems much better, so I can see a possible point to introduce What i I would like to propose is to reduce the Leagues down to 3. I know....I know..... we keep saying it but one day I hope there can be a simple resolution. My proposal : Extreme League - for everyone using LN2, LHe, DICE and Cascade cooling. Enthusiast - everything from Single Stage, chiller, ice bucket, water, AIO, and air. (Possibly have monitoring to prove temps) Novice or Rookie - 3-6 month period. Same cooling as enthusiast Heres my thought process : Those currently in Elite or sponsored could have a flag to their name. No reason for them not to be the same as everyone else IMO. They all use the same cooling, we all know the hardware they have access too, and to be honest, the majority of guys in there are all there by choice anyway, not because they work direct for the manufacturers. I chose from Cascade and colder due to their nature. It’s harder to access a cascade than a traditional Phase Change, and sometimes takes more skill to control, much like LN2. DICE is there because hey, if you need a pot, it should be extreme. Enthusiast needs to be openend up. Think back to the days of when Single Stages first appeared in retail. For many, this was the first big push into more extreme cooling in the hobby but accessible to the masses (with a big enough wallet). IMO, this is where most “enthusiasts” will call their limit, to remove the worry of killing hardware, or sourcing DICE/LN2 suppliers. So why not make it the limit to the league. Compounding the positives to this, it it will remove the “not possible on water” rubbish that always flows, and the bullshit will end. Want to crack open a window in a cold climate, good on you, you can do this without guilt (I’m sure most do now anyway without the guilt) There’s been so many in enthusiast hide their real cooling over the years, or even remove their subs in order to avoid being caught out and moved leagues. If there isn’t the goal of staying top of the league and bullshitting to stay their, then the whole enthusiast league can only improve. Opening it up to chillers, Ice Buckets and Single Stage coolers will give them the ability to stop handicapping themselves and actually strive to improve and embrace the higher cooling methods. After all, of people don’t have a reason to improve, or try something new, why would they bother. I can call out some of the culprits I believe are in the community for this, but they know why they stay. Novice can have their own league, just to help them feel special and just have a go. Please, let’s discuss this constructively. I understand most people have had a gut full of discussing and having no resolution, but as a community that wants this to improve, I feel we need to. I’ve run out of time typing this now (I’m on lunch), but would like to add to this a bit with an idea for competition (unless a mod would rather discuss in pm prior). Thanks for the space guys.
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x76hsO6FgNrBR8DZKEN-r8QhY5a3UF25/view?usp=sharing Here is a win7 acronis distribution I share for firekiller.gr, it should have usb support, I tested it to work on lower blue usb ports for apex
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    THAT is what happens when a gentleman ( first hand experience ) becomes TOO sincere. 1000++ Euros processors are sold on questionable proof ( some times ). People like to SEE and LISTEN to what seems great and not trust sincere facts. Bump for a brother, a gentleman, one of the most straight guys I have met either in real life or the web. GLWS Bala
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    I have recently (over the past year) been binning boards and CPUs (as well as having others check their CPUs/boards) for maximum BCLK. With Setfsb, most decent Boards are comparable/not gonna be a limiting factor below 300 MHz BCLK, but bootable I ran into some issues on some of my otherwise best boards. Note that >118 PCIe only becomes necessery after ~261 MHz BCLK, so this will be irrelevant for most people. x58a-oc: max bootable 136, max in Setfsb ~138 (2 boards tested, comparable results) Rampage II Extreme: max bootable 118-120, max in setfsb ~138 (2 boards tested) Rampage III Extreme: max bootable 118/134, max in setfsb around 135/unknown (2 boards tested) Rampage III Formula: max bootable 118, max in setfsb currently unknown (2 boards tested) x58a-UD7 rev 1: max bootable 133, max in setfsb 135 (1 board tested) EX58-UD3R: max bootable 126, max in setfsb 127 (1 board tested, unmodded) x58 DK T3eH6: max coldbootable 115, max trainable 118, max in setfsb 119.8 (1 board tested) Testing procedure is basically upping PCIe until it no longer boots at ~1.4V or less ICH voltage (upping this to >1.5V brings 1-2 MHz, same for the related PCIe voltage) and then upping in setfsb using the highest bootable setting. All devices not needed disabled off course. If anyone has more boards to add to this list I would be glad. If there is a mod to Asus boards to up the max bootable PCIe clock that would be amazing, because for baseline BCLK they have been reliably higher then the Gigabyte Boards (both x58a-ocs were 2-3 MHz worse at ambient. On Dice I suspect that I was limited by the max bootable PCIe clock holding me back (286 Asus, 287 Gigabyte, note that the E5606 doesn't work on Gigabyte but generally seems 2-3 MHz better) Some boards appear to be able to train max PCIe or scale with ICH/ICH 1.5V Voltages, but those appear to be more of an exception. Thanks for the current state of the list goes to Jokot, Tagg, quiekmew, coldwove, Tapakah and T.Rex There is far more to x58 max BCLK, though it appears to mostly involve binning hundreds of CPUs.
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    I might propose you read the rules and look at the example screenshot, by no way do you provide the memory tab that is obligatory but the SPD tab which is normally not needed apart from a few competitions. I would also prefer if you don´t get mad and rude just because someone blocked a score but simply ask why it was blocked and if this is justified. If a mod makes a mistake it will be corrected, but the block on your result is justified
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    I like where your head is at. I just don't think it will help. I feel the only real solution to the cooling method problem is not to differentiate at all. Go to 3 leagues. Elite (ES and vendor samples), everyone else, rookie (6mo limit).
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    Stop worrying about leagues and your life will be easier.
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    Seems I cant make it public from phone (need to accept requests) . Will adjust in a couple of hours when I get back home.
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    Hello and welcome to my short review of the 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4-4000 C17-17-17-37 1,35v memory kit product link 1: First look The G.Skill F4-4000C17D-16GTRS come in a newly designed package. Instead of the classic cardbox with tray we now have a black box with integrated foam inlay to protect the memory sticks. Up front we see the G.Skill Logo, on the back a label with model and serialnumbers shows what you just bought. Apart from the sticks, the box contains the inevitable sticker and a sheet to clean the mems. The sticks themselves use the classical Trident Z heatspreader we all know – but only the shape. Instead of the normal brushed aluminium, we now have a polished mirrored silver surface and a top made of transparent, cystal-like shaped plastic. Other than the standard rgb sticks, these also use 8 instead of 5 led for the lighting effects and the newly designed top creates very unique effects. The pcb is black, it comes at the so-called A2 or short trace layout, which means gap between ic 4 and 5 is much bigger than on A1 layout. About pros and cons of this layout we had enough discussion already, it is said to offer higher frequencies but causes problems for real benching at c12 on most mainboards. Used ICs are the infamous Samsung B-die, 8 ics are used on one side of the pcb as it is usual nowadays with high binned 8GB sticks. Data: Series Trident Z Royal Memory Type DDR4 Capacity 16GB (8GBx2) Multi-Channel Kit Dual Channel Kit Tested Speed 4000MHz Tested Latency 17-17-17-37 Tested Voltage 1.35v Registered/Unbuffered Unbuffered Error Checking Non-ECC SPD Speed 2133MHz SPD Voltage 1.20v Fan lncluded No Height 44 mm / 1.73 inch Warranty Limited Lifetime Features Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready Additional Notes Rated XMP frequency & stability depends on MB & CPU capability. 2. Tests and overclocking Method and system The memory was tested with geekbench3, Intel xtu and spi 32m. For daily useable settings we also checked stability with DOS memtest, on the windows 10 and 7x64 we used for daily oc no maxmem was set Hardware Asus Maximus Apex XI Z390 Intel Core i5-8600K/ Core i7-8086K on AIO-Kühlung 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4-4000C17-17-17-37 1,35v (F4-4000C17D-16GTRS) Seasonic Focus 1050W For the low cas pro benchmark tests, we used win 7 and 10x64 with maxmem set to 4000mb because at high volts and tight settings B-die lose stability at full memory available Results 1,35-1,50v (24/7 overclocking) After checking XMP, we moved on to do a varierty of tests at different settings. Moving up from 4133C17 1,35v to 4200, 4400 and 4500 we finally ended up at a stable DDR4-4600 C17-17-17-38 CR2 at 1,5v. 4700 C18-18-18-42 cr2 worked at same voltage, but already at 4600 and above we saw our memory controller starting to show weakness with stable settings, so at 4800 we had memtest errors due to this no matter what volts or settings. On a side note, we used mainly auto subs for these tests for better comparability, but tightening the subs was easy and will not even need considerably more voltage. Pro benchmark tests As mentioned, the Royals use short trace layout. This is becoming more and more popular with vendors, but it also means at 4000c12 and above our system could not run as tight settings as A1 layout can for known reasons, nontheless we managed 4133 12-11 gb3, xtu and spi32m and also could run 4266 12-11 CB15 and 11,5 but failed GB3 for example. This is most likely a platform issue, as well as the slightly worse subtimings and CR2 we had to use, we have this on all sets at A2 layout from all vendors we tested so far. It is quite impressive they do 4266c12 anyway, heaps of kits fail this no matter which voltage. Afterwards I did relucantly a few tests on the super-hyped DDR4-4800c14 setting, Geekbench 3 and Super Pi 32m worked easy, with lots of headroom on Vdimm left, but I passed on more tests as my IMC already needed tons of volts and I don´t like to kill hardware for something I see as useless. Final Thoughts My conclusion is quite easy. I know these mems will divide users into two groups, some will love them and others hate them because of optics and rgb. What you can´t discuss about though is performance, and they are excellent workmanship with top performance for daily and also bench use. 4600C17 and 4700C18 on an average imc are excellent, easy 4133 up to 4266 C12 platform-limited are something you will not find easily, and on top they also did the 4800c14 so many people think is useful. The mirror finish and the new lighting effects do not come cheap though, but currently these are listed around 325 Euros at European price comparos of geizhals.at, which is around 15 Euros more than only other kit rated 4000c17, the rgb by G.Skill, and around 30-50 Euros more than 4000C18-19 and 18-20 kits listed by various vendors. If you ask if it the premium is worth it, I will simply answer with a yes, but taste is something you cannot discuss about, so make up your own mind. On performance though it is easy to have an opinion, and I can recommend these with good conscience. Pro: -very good craftmanship -great overclocking potential -unique looks in combination of heatspreader design and lighting effects -Top warranty by vendor Kontra: -Quality and performance don´t come cheap Thanks to G.Skill for he sample and G.Skill Deutschland, and also many thanks for reading
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    Worst 8700K ever, doesn´t even do specs on single stage :(
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    The thread will be closed for now and HWBOT staff will look into it.
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    my opinion: the problem starts when the cooling solution is not correctly indicated/shown for example I need to know some benchs results to estimate if my cpu/gpu is good or not (or max voltage I can push etc...); I know how I'm cooling my stuff and so I compare it in the ranking; if the ranking includes strage results (frequencies / voltages/ cooling) I have no more reference points we can create/delete/change rules and point of view, most of the ideas/suggestions are good but basically the problem is HONESTY, in cooling/air temp/real freq and so on less leagues could be a good idea, but at the end if one person want to cheat he always found the way sorry for my english, hope understand
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    hmm, I just had another look. I remember seeing in the submission screen, that ambient results required a verification Rig Picture. I can't see it now, but maybe it's because I am in Extreme??? I do feel proper rig pictures though help to remove any moderation issues. And why not share them, I love an icy pic.
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    Sure, I guess lump me as an ambient bencher in with the guys doing chillers and single stages, and make me prove I'm on ambient? Maybe we could just keep it the way it is without messing with it? I don't personally see an issue with the ranking system now besides the one dude using a 7950 rig pic for every damn sub in enthusiast league, not even gonna mention the dudes name, everyone knows already lmao.
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    I think as a general rule of thumb, xeons should be allowed in most legacy comps due to their low price which keeps more in the spirit of what the comps are about. That and the fact there is no real advantage to be had by getting a xeon over a regular mainstream part.
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    Tbh, whats the worst that could happen to those specific repaired pins? They could burn (again), the board would end up looking like any other mocf afterwards. Gl with sale!
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    I think its worth doing a quick test of these benchmarks to ensure that they arent cpu bound in anyway (do a test at 4g and 5g, should be obvious) BEFORE starting this competition.
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    I definitely don't care if elite is separated or not. I thought most people wanted it that way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Batch is 5626A667 and the chip has no right to be as good as it is
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    Thats fine, if youre living in US. I think its also important to choose a card that is available worldwide. I dont think there's anything wrong with running a slow card, it'll make people work harder to get them into the double digits. This is the CHEAP competition, fast gear is expensive
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    For a MOCF? Bargain. ATX isn't comparable as far as I'm aware.
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    The point of my CAC competitions is to get the hardware as cheap as possible, and force people to learn two things. 1. Hard modding video cards 2. Efficiency of system. I want you to go out, buy 3 cards, learn to mod the shit out of them, especially if you've never picked up an iron before, then learn to tweak your system to get every single point the card has to give. Ideally the benchmark choice should be entirely GPU bound as well, this isn't always easy, but we've pulled it off in the past. Ideally you guys out there in your local communities are encouraging guys to join these comps, and see what fun you can have with overclocking. Maybe you fry a couple of cards, thats all a part of the game, and why the cards should be cheap as possible to replace. We wanna see people thinking outside the box - coat your system in vaseline and leave it in the snow, run 6m of copper tubing into a slab of concrete you're putting down and run your system through that. I vote HD5450.
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