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    Already applied to all previous country cups not to redirect to oc-esports.io and use the blue scheme: http://hwbot.org/competition/country_cup_2017
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    Frederik is busy with his daily work, Team cup will start mid July earliest
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    First post updated with newer bios that fixes pci-ex problems, please try, it's same version name so just reflash this file
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    I'm gonna ask the same question everyone else is having at this point, is team cup on this year? With all the changes going on with staffing it's been a question of if it'll still get run and we haven't heard much about it. We're round about the time it'd be announced and so far we haven't heard any details.
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    OMG! CAN WE BRING BACK THE OLD COMPETITION PAGES?????????? http://hwbot.org/competition/country_cup_2014 THIS STYLE???
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    if I had to cut down on one thing for less server laod it would be the Esports page 😛
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    Hi guys. My BH-5 in action on LN2)))
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    Base: Asus Maximus X Apex for Maximus IX Apex@BIOS MOD 1503 Support CPU: Skylake/Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake Latest Bios Microcode: Intel CPU SKL 0xC6, KBL 0x8E, CFL 8 Core 0x84 / 6 Core 0x96 / 4 Core 0x8E. Intel RST Intel VBIOS 1058/GOP 9.0.1080 Intel Lan UNDI 0.0.19/Lan OROM 0.1.13/Lan GBE 0.5 Intel ME Firmware All BIOS Region Unlock, for further updates, the programmer(UBF) is not needed. All components of the board are working, including RGB Light, on-board graphics card, HT, PCI-e. To mod flash through the programmer! usb bios flashback not test... *update. Flash UBF it work M10A_MOD_ver1503.rar
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    gpupi 3.0+ (3.2 actual) legacy not work with old x86 cpu (s423,478,754) that problem with hwinfo32.dll library (i think hwinfo32 not support old cpu) fix this issue or remove support hwinfo32.dll from gpupi 3.2 legacy (3.3 not yet tested but i think there will be the same problem)...version gpupi 2.3.4 legacy work fine because there is no hwinfo32.dll but hwbot no longer accepts this version
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    till u kill it
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    Offtopic, these have been used during the HWBOT world tour stop at CES Las Vegas 2017, e.g. Steponzi running over 6600Mhz on not so special 7700Ks, mems close to 2000Mhz (with bclocking)
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    If not I'm sure we can set up some unofficial thing. Hopefully it is on though, most fun of the year.
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    After BSEL mod to lock at FSB 800 MHz, thing worked with X9100. Now I can do overclocking on my 130K$ analyzer, lol. Thanks all for hints.
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    As you could see already coffe lake cpu 's can run on the Asus Maximus IX Apex motherboard. Full steps required for making this happen : #1 Hardware mod Do the following modifications : Short the following pads in order to flash the bios file : Solder the following points: #2 Bios flash Download bios file from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YbY993uzGtFBy3y-IBPtT_bLtYnF4H3T Rename it as creative.rom , copy it on a fat32 formatted drive and flash it using USB Flashback method. NOTE! Do the bios flash after hardware mods are done !!! Soldering cpu pads is not needed . Known issue is that HT does not work currently on 6c cpu's hence it is disabled by default. After everything is set-up board will work with cofee lake based cpu's as well as with older cpu's without issue. Have fun !
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    All packed and ready to go. Just need to get a little sleep and start the short 13 hour drive. Super hyped
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    Anymore info on the TeamCup? Been looking forward to this one
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    and this one I think https://youtu.be/97TqYb7aSFQ
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    Better late than never, flight's booked, see you guys soon!
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    Continuing the exploration of the issue, I found the timer tool in the CPU-Z Tools drop down. Once open, select Timer. You can hit start and it will start running clocks which are measured by their respective timers. After almost 20 minutes, this was seen with a 1950X: You can see a clear drift falling back on the RTC clock. This was using the 100 BCLK x 39.5 multiplier, was run almost 20 minutes (short by 79 seconds), and resulted in about a 2-3 second drift in time. If nothing else, a quick and easy way to identify the issue. Once again, this test was run on Win 10 Enterprise 1803 build. So, I'll be gathering data points of running this with different BCLK soon to see if the timing becomes more exacerbated with that type of tuning. To be clear, I am digging in to learn more about the issue and posting here for others to see so that if they care to, they can take the journey as well. Considering it was mentioned the best person on this is unavailable, I figured going through so others can see different ways of testing for and identifying the issue would be nice. Considering taking apart my skylake build (deprecated purpose) to load an OS and test there as a comparative baseline. This way it is a compare/contrast situation to show the difference in behavior on the different platforms. Edit: For comparison purposes, this is an 8700K at 4.7GHz with spread spectrum off.
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    http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/p4dp6/ http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/winfast_k8m890m2ma_rs2h/ http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/865g_micro_775/
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    You can extract those opencl files from any catalyst. Place the dlls in your gpupi directory and your ready to go.
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