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    It's not dead at all! I have had multiple success stories. I was a noob bencher having done DICE a few times when a few guys from OCN, pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to be part the Skype benching community. With a lot of encouragement and also some very helpful info I started to bench almost every weekend. I learned how hwbot works and started gaining points. After a few years I had made it to #1 in apprentice by running tons of dry ice and learning how to mod GPU's. Once I made it to #1 in apprentice I became stagnate and had difficulties gaining points with dry ice. Due to financial reasons, LN2 was not an option. @Splave took notice of what I was doing with DICE and GPU modding by my posts on Facebook. He generously offered to help me out by sending me a box with 30+ old GPU's that he didn't want. Furthermore, he offered to help me make the transition to LN2 and gave me a 50L dewar for the price of shipping. Splave's help didn't stop there, he continued to support my endeavors and teach me the world of LN2 benching. Eventually I ended up getting supported by ASRock for platform hardware. I devoted a few solid years to LN2 benching and pushing myself and the hardware as far as it would go. Splave continues to help and support me to this day... Throughout the years I have worked hard to give back as much as possible and build up the OCN team. Sharing of information and creating a family-like environment has been critical to OCN's success. We are constantly evolving and working on promoting overclocking though benchmarking competitions such as the Freezer' Burn competitions. Speaking of competitions, I am working with vendors now to get huge prize support for the next competition, which will happen at the end of this year. I see some limitations at Hwbot, but no, overclocking is not dead, it just looks a little different now that it has in the past.
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    This is almost certainly now the single greatest thread we've ever had on this forum I believe
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    as long as it is ONE processor it's all systems go, I did not put any limitations for Xeons or such this time
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    I'm very glad to hear this! The interface has always been on-package PCIe 3.0 x8 anyway so it's definitely the best way to deal with them.
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    Albrecht is awesome, truly a huge loss to the community if he quits. He has always been fair, open, and willing to do whatever he can to help anytime I talked to him. I don't want to see him go, but honestly can't blame him if he does. He has way thicker skin than I do, I'm surprised he made it this long PS. websmile did a great job too, and has even helped me out after his "retirement" PSS. This thread is about unpaid volunteer help catching crap daily, meanwhile the guy lining his pockets doesn't care at all, and hasn't even bothered to sign in since Oct 2nd.
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    Used some of the info and files here + testing and updated the initial post with how to get older images to work on z390
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    The comp has started. its too late to change it now.
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    This is how far i've got up to now. Moving items around in bios is fairly easy, but now they also write their settings to the CMOS registers (i use 75h to 77h on a7n8x dlx). Next i'll try to inject code into one of the bios modules... Currently the cmos registers are set but there's no other effect - so no changed ram settings right now. I also couldn't manage to add new unused items to bios. So for now i can only make use of the 5 items which weren't in use on the stock bios.
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    i apologise for the derail , old feelings die hard , especially when somone comes in and talks lies and shit, say he doesnt know who you are, lol, never met you , sure may well not have, he damn well knows who you are here tho, ive seen his posts to you over the years, i allowed myself to get caught up in it, :, anyway sorry , i apologise .
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    absolute score per socket a solid yes
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    Participation. That's a big one. How many new to overclocking will join in comps. I know I was hesitant at first. Your thinking what's the point my scores will get smashed. So it's a waste of time & energy. Ales on my team looked into a recent comp & said the TOP10 teams had average of x10 overclockers putting scores up. That's one hundred folks the bulk of it. 10% of us? Splave would comment " what more participation " and he was right. It's just not there, more then more effort from the remaining die hards. __________ Although if .... each team gathers up x5 rookie/ novice next year & they get benching in comps. Offer them the prizes for doing good. Incentive to try Can be like our spare rams sets offered up as prize. We have plenty of parts anyway. Now you have 150+ overclockers participation top 10 teams.
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    benchmate scores will be integrated with the other subs in the near future. For now you can take the screenshot from the benchmate result folder and sub these in the non benchmate categories... safe and points = win win
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    Normally we can pick it up by the cpuz window. But there was a cpuz release that looks similar than when being used on 8/10. Tip : Don't clip the screen shots, the Taskbar tells a lot too. Both your Wprimes are clearly done on 8 or 10 which is a no go. X265 and gpupi have a build in timer check.. They can be used with 8/10... The other benches need either Windows7 or being run from BenchMate. Hence why we applaud Matt's work Greetz
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    Well, I consider myself retired from overclocking... so I don't really care what is considered server and what isn't. 😄 But as long as you run C2Q or Core i7 in these boards, it should be desktop enough. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5K_WS/ https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P6T_WS_Professional/overview/
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    Added the known timings in DRAM Controller 1 (B0D0F1). Most are straightforward, except TRAS is controlled with 2 registers. 91:7 controls lowest bit (e.g. 1111 for 15T), while the rest are controlled by 92[2:0]. Also there's not enough space to list all the options for TRFC (32 in total), so I've written just first and last. Will make B0D0F4 (slew rates, drive strengths and the rest) later, but I will probably need to switch to DFI to test them properly by setting them in bios. Also have a PCR file for the Host Bridge by Áedán, but I'm not sure if it is right (10DE01E0). PCR(PCI Configration Registers) Editor / WPCREDIT for WIN32 Copyright (c) 1998 H.Oda! [COMMENT]=Author: I.nfraR.ed, v.1 [MODEL]=nForce2 [VID]=10DE:nVidia [DID]=01EB:Memory Controller (00)=Vendor Identification (01)=Vendor Identification (02)=Device Identification (03)=Device Identification (86:1)=Auto Precharge (90:3)=TRC (90:2)=0000=0T 0001=1T 0010=2T 0011=3T 0100=4T 0101=5T (90:1)=0110=6T 0111=7T 1000=8T 1001=9T 1010=10T (90:0)=1011=11T 1100=12T 1101=13T 1110=14T 1111=15T (91:4..0)=TRFC 00000=0 ... 11111=31 (91:7)=TRAS = TRAS+1 (92:2)=TRAS 000=0T 001=2T 010=4T (92:1)=011=6T 100=8T 101=10T (92:0)=110=12T 111=14T + (91:7) (92:6)=TRCD-R 000=0T 001=1T (92:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (92:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (93:6)=TRP 000=0T 001=1T (93:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (93:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (93:2)=TRCD-W 000=0T 001=1T (93:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (93:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (94:6)=TRTW 000=0T 001=1T (94:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (94:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (95:5)=TREXT 00=0T 01=1T (95:4)=10=2T 11=3T (95:2)=TRTP 000=0T 001=1T (95:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (95:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (96:6)=TWTP 000=0T 001=1T (96:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (96:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (96:2)=TWTR 000=0T 001=1T (96:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (96:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (97:6)=TDOE 000=0T 001=1T (97:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (97:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (97:2)=TRRD 000=0T 001=1T (97:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (97:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T 10DE01EB.pcr 10DE01E0.pcr
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    any special volts needed for that or is it all in the lower RAM and CPU multi?
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    the most fantastic thread ive ever seen written anywhere since being involved with overclocking, id say, im 1 of the 99% that doest understand it all but what a most enlightening thread , hence the few participants in it replying, i cant wait until the next day for the next or the next post to read this is all about REAL over clocking and super smart, clever people that know what theyre doing to achieve the maximum from anything
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    you probably try to install via USB when USB does NOT work. What firadisk does is that it loads the files into the RAM and treats it like eram/floppy/disk or whatever. That way the installation doesn't have to have access to the USB.
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    Is there any difference between the Disco 0.3 Mr.Scott linked and the version you're looking for besides the EB and EBED difference? Or in other words: Would a modded EB bios with EBED romsips work for you? This is the difference between EB and EBED. One table is Cpu Interface on, the other is Cpu Interface off. Every yellow mark is for one cpu multi setting. So depending on your desired multi you may literally see no difference between these two bios versions. The settings are stored like this for the different cpu multis: 11.0 11.5 12.0 12.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.5 10.0 10.5 So we can conclude that the following multi settings are different between EB and EBED (from top to bottom): 11x - 11.5x - 12x - 12.5x - 6x - 8x - 10x and 10.5x
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    Well there are actually quite a bit hybrid graphics cards in the db already and way beyond Llano IGPs only. 😛 But those hybrid thingies get really bad detected by GPU-Z which makes it _maybe_ necessary to increase the requirements of the screenshot. 1. My first proposal would be to remove hybrid from the comp cause its PITA detection wise 2. If we still want to use hybrid, make sure to have a GPU-Z window from all 3 devices - IGP, dGPU, hybrid device 3. If a combination is not already in the db, make a request here.
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    If you can find the clock gen documentation you can use rweverything, setfsb is just a wrapper for rweverything basically. Just be prepared to set your registers
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    @yosarianilives Try to submit again with the 980be; I added the non 6MB ones too @Splave you can use LOD in all stages besides the ones that need a VALID Futuremark link.
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    I dont neat one and if i dit unityofsaints shout start by fixing/removing his own subs first
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    On request, the 10th anniversary will be a mixture of the stages from the previous Country Cups. aiming for 14 stages in total Pifast: LGA1366 - Bloomfield core (Xeons allowed) (4 scores) Wprime 1024: AMD Deneb - (4 scores) Superpi 32M LGA771/775 - 7x multiplier - (4 scores) - Adapter allowed HWBOT X265 1080P AMD 1-3-4-5 cores - (4 scores) BCLCK INTEL per mobo socket (socket 1151V2 = V3) - (4 scores) - no adapters allowed CB R15 CPU (Single core test) - (AMD only) (4 scores) Y-cruncher 1B - per socket (4 scores) 3DMark06: AGP/PCI/PCIe/integrated & Hybrid GPUs - (5 scores) - desktop only 3DMark01 SE: Intel Integrated graphics - Sandy/Ivy/Haswell/Skylake/Kabylake & Coffeelake CPUs - (4 scores) - mobile allowed 3DMark 11 Performance - SLI or Crossfire - AMD FX Bulldozer/Vishera CPUs - (4 scores) CATZILLA 576P AMD GPUs & AM3/AM3+/4 CPUs --> win7 only - (4 scores) Cloud Gate GTX 470/570/670/770/970/1070 GPUs only - (6 scores) - NON Ti cards 3DMark Skydiver - (4 scores) 3DMark Firestrike Ultra - Dual GPU cards only - (4 scores)
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    Add in 1st pages : Command Center Lite (aka CCL) : * Link *
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    Competitions Fun and being part of a team.
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    Got an AMD/ATi graphics card? I've found the best way to get OpenCL for CPU working is installing the Radeon Drivers prior to 18.8.1 (I think) Lately I've been using 18.5.1. Otherwise you can try your luck with the various OpenCL SDK packages that can be found on the net. Check out the GPUPI page on Overclockers.at. Alternatively you can try Intels OpenCL package. Links at the page mentioned.
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    Nice work! And as usual, Phil does all the work and Stavros sits on his as! ;)
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    Wow, that is sick score! It is in theory possible to get more? Or it is limit of CPU imc or memory?
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    I have to disagree with you there @GeorgeStorm Separate leagues for the beginners makes a lot of sense to me. Rookie Rumble and Novice Nimble were some of the most important competitions on hwbot to date. While maybe they were not the biggest of all times, they had excellent participation and they provided a 'safe' place for the new guys to battle it out. They didn't have to face off against some of the big name people with years of experience and knowledge...
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    My Congratulations GRIFF! Think, it is not The End of this CPU LOL ))) It is Golden CPU produced 50 week 2004 year, which I have tested last week, like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gold-Pentium-MMX-200-Mhz-SL27J-binned-by-Max1024-batch-L4500332-0080/323949385082
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    I want a VIP seat… its not about proving wrong or right, it was either use win7 or disable points (which almost noone did) Never mind I'll invite myself :p
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    Update: I ran Aida64 stress test for some time and averaged about 33 degrees. I settled on 4219mhz at 1.320 volts for the fx 8300. If I run it at 3500mhz at 1.172 volts, I can get the temperature down to single digits. I am in a cold room. I have had a lot of experience in the past with nvidia BIOS flashing, and the maxwell wasn't much different. For the gtx 970 I, I buchwacked the factory BIOS and adjusted the wattage limits and raised the voltage by .12v. Through a lot of trial and error, I found that just simply doing this automatically raises the boost clock speed to 1480mhz. I add +13 on top of that in the BIOS. The card runs at 1493mhz. 39 degrees max after 3DMark sessions. Anything higher than that in terms of clock speed the card becomes unstable. I did a lot of cd C:/nvflash and nvflash -6 xxx.rom and saw what didn't work. It seems like if I raise the voltage anymore, even if I flash it in, it doesn't raise the actual voltage. So in terms of wattage, I'm using everything I can and have plenty of wattage left over. If I could give it more voltage somehow I could raise the clock a ton. Open for suggestions for overclocking. Gaming like WoT takes the card up to about 48 degrees, on max graphics settings. If I drop to graphics down to medium, the card goes down to 40. Cpu is never above 37.
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    You can try playing with csm settings in the bios ( long shot) or boot mode maybe your windows 10 needs uefi not legacy mode?
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    Why do you think I look like 60 while my Id card says 18
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    i have just used windows 7 on x470 for my subs on ryzen until now, on X570 cant even get win7 to work.
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    BenchMate 0.9 is here! After six weeks of (absolutely necessary) legwork I'm finally releasing the next major version of my Benchmark Verfication Software. All reported bugs have been fixed, a good part of the benchmark integration rewritten. I also put more effort into supporting Windows 7 and have extensively tested it on multiple platforms. If you like where this is going, spread the word and bench your stuff with BenchMate whenever possible. This is the most secure, reliable and trustworthy option to present your overclocking achievements. 💪 Download | Change Log | Donate
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    I prefer my own bios mods https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByfNThxT1gbTVFR5R3RrVXNRRFE?usp=sharing https://valid.x86.fr/v1d1b2
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