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    Now that XTU will have its global points removed soon, I am officially publishing my findings on this benchmark. I tried to give full insight on how to disect and uncover the security issues of XTU but also some tweaks and the possiblity to run the inner benchmark executable on its own for quick performance testing and points calculation. https://www.overclockers.at/articles/intels-xtu-analyzed This is not some kind of personal vendetta against Intel; far from it. The article's purpose is purely educational to raise awareness for benchmark security and timer reliability. This is not only about cheating, it's about the credibility of benchmarks and result databases like the bot as well. Security vulnerabilities are not taken seriously enough by benchmark developers and HWBOT in my opinion. Yes, I am going the hard way with XTU in my article of course and that's not for everyone. But there are already tools available for download that will get you ahead without any effort. So I'd like to start a discussion here on how we can improve the situation permanently. It goes without saying that any serious initiative would require a cooperation from all sides involved.
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    K 2D stages seem fine, wishing you all a Happy New Year, good health and motivation to keep pushing hardware to the edge
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    I agree any snipping should be outlawed completely taskbar and full screen should be shown in all subs.
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    Thanks all who voted and helped us decide which benchmarks should be applicable for cpu global points. The bottom 2, XTU and PiFast, will no longer be applicable for global points when the next update is pushed to production. ETA this week.
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    wait for final calculation... and moderation... then fix bugs, expect final ranking around mid February I guess ๐Ÿ˜›
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    XTU is one thing... but with enough effort I'm sure many benchmarks can be hacked like this. And I seriously doubt those vulnerabilities will be fixed.
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    Thanks all for casting your votes. No benchmarks will be disabled for hardware points, and Geekbench3 - Single Core and Geekbench4 - Multi Core will be eligible for points in the next update. ETA this week.
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    Thanks all who voted and helped us decide which benchmarks should be applicable for gpu global points. VRMark, Aquamark and Catzilla(all), will no longer be applicable for global points when the next update is pushed to production. ETA this week.
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    Many thanks To Leeghoofd and GeorgeStorm to make this happen and moderate this stuff - well done, grats to the winners
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    Congrats to the winners, donโ€™t renounce at this hobby, you guys put a high target to achieve. @KaRtA has become an amazing overclocker and @jordan.hyde99 the same. Happy New Years Eve fellas !
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    The new Geekbench standard for B-die DDR4-4860 14-14-14-28-2T all air . Voltage tolerance is needed for sticks, DDR4-4800+ requires 2.00V on this particular set. For comparison, at same voltage and temperature the kit does DDR4-4260 12-12-12 but as always YMMV When dealing with 7F code trcd is too tight, on my setup 1T is good for 4600, over 2T is needed. Use maximus tweak1, tcwl 14 twrrd_sg 26 twrrd_dg 20, rest similar to standard 4000C12 more or less personal tweaking. When air or water use manual system agent 1.40-1.50 or more depending on imc, auto is 1.70 for 4800 and you might not feel safe
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    We have been supporting HTTPS for a long time but never redirected to HTTPS when using HTTP. This has now changed. Some old images or newspost might look bad, but it's more secure! API calls made by benchapps are an exception, I'm waiting for 3rd party devs to update their benchmark until forcing https.
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    The batch file is not working for me with W7 or W10 (run as admin of course). I also tried to run the command via admin CMD but it has the same result, it will not launch and CMD closes. However, I can run the .jar file without the batch file and all is good...but perhaps it needs to be run via batch file for 'cheat detection'?? It scales with memory a little bit, but ultimately its an epic bad slot machine ๐Ÿ˜• http://hwbot.org/submission/4030524_mllrkllr88_hwbot_prime_core_i7_8700k_8805.39_pps?recalculate=true As you can see, real-time priority stabilizes the score but ultimately it doesn't produce as the highest runs.
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    Can't say I'm happy about the choice of benchmark to fix, but it's good to see things getting fixed.
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    Thanks this is a good move. Crap support from the bench maker and buggy = get rekt
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    Really good idea to have the OS used shown. Also it would be good to talk about the heavy used of snipping tool that cut half of the submission window i have seen it recently whereby even the cpu-z tab was cut in half on an old Pro-overclocker submission and it was posted as if nothing. Please re evaluate this bad behaviour of cutting too much of the screenshot using snipping tools or remove that option completely and demand a full screenshot , thanks. @richba5tard , @Leeghoofd , @websmile , Any input of you guys on this great thread would be appreciate it. Something can be done about this i believe.
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    TUSL2-C is natively compatible with tualatin core, CUSL2 requires mods to hardware to run tualatins. On the other hand, TUSL2 won't run mendocino celerons. I would pick TUSL2 of these two boards. Mendocino celerons are not that popular. Another challenge will be to get the following 2 things: IDE-SATA adaptor (to allow high fsb overclocks - native IDE drives won't let you overclock more than 20-30% in a lot of cases) and good memory that is able to go >200MHz CL2-2-2 (that is Quimonda chips of >2007 production - memory performance is crucial with s370). And probably you should also have several AGP cards as it also may limit your overclock (however, most simple agp cards as GF2MX, GF4MX should allow agp overclocking over 100MHz from stock 66MHz and the problem may be overclocking of AGP over 127-130MHz). You can look for Gigabyte 6OXET as alternative - these are rather difficult to find but they should be cheaper being considered garbage by many second hand resellers. I was able to hit even more stable overclocks with it but killed it during research.
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    Hardware design is pretty much done, firmware and software have basic functionality. The earliest I could have something close to final would be end of January.
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    I already have a Prime95 benchmark ready that scales pretty much perfectly and is very hungry for memory bandwidth. It is using the latest Prime95 version (29.4) and includes a few fixes like NUMA awareness, improved thread synronization and error checking. It's also faster than the XTU version. It seamlessly integrates into XTU so you can start XTU with an AMD CPU and just run the benchmark. It won't be far off to create a WIN32 application that runs the bench and uploads the score to HWBOT. Is this something the community would be interested in?
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    for GPUPI 3.3 -> 4 all we need to do is make sure when 4 is available, its publicised that there will be a cut off for old score submissions, then when thats up, only v4 can be uploaded, its been done with numerous benchmarks before.
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    Thanks all for casting your votes. All Catzilla benchmarks will be disabled for hardware points, and GPUPI v3.3 - 1B, GPUPI v3.3 - 32B and 3DMark - Time Spy Extreme will be eligible for points in the next update. ETA this week.
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    Happy New Year to ALL !!! Lets wish for good health and happiness for everybody.
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    I have a 3570K that is LinX stable at 5000 1.19 and had a 3770K that did 32M at 5000 1.10. I haven't seen any lower, but don't deny that such chips may exist. However, if you're looking for single-threaded 2D, binning these CPUs for lowest voltage is useless below 5000 1.25 or so. An ultra low-voltage chip will just do 7000-7050 at 1.8V instead of 2.0V and will be limited from further movement by BCLK limits.
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    Lol :)). We are so lazy that we benched on the last 5 meters of the competition. Yesterday i stayed with wanted and sammurai 13 hrs to get some shit results compared with others. Today is the turn of Bruno /ggi/augustin and they are still benching,more results are coming . we are waiting for the real sandbag from Australia/Usa/Germany .
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    Thousands of points is hardly 'without looking suspect'.
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