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    @_mat_ Oh, if it isn't clear enough from our previous interactions already, you have my permission to integrate BenchMate with y-cruncher. Just keep me updated with what you have in mind. I'm willing to make any minor changes that are needed if they would make the integration easier and/or more secure. I just won't have the time resources for anything significant. If it's useful, I can also give you access to the source code for the HWBOT submitter and verification algorithm for the stage 1 protection of the validation files. (which is all that's currently enforced for HWBOT anyway)
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    Hi John welcome to hwbot, its unfortunate it took you this long to make an account and be represented on hwbot especially if you care about our community Bench-mate does not subvert the licensing to geekbench at all, you run geekbench via the launcher (benchmate) and include your key if you want to use the 64 bit version. (trial is limited to 32bit). I can see why you may not have liked the software being bundled. (make take some clicks away from your site etc.) But it also makes it seamless and distributing what amounts to shareware will just lead back to people buying the key for 64 bit off your site no? How can this be fixed and moved forward in your mind? Thanks again. EDIT: I apologize for anyone calling you names. Surely that is childish and will be fixed by the mods. Most of us are grown ups here.
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    I'm fine with dumping geek bench. It's become bug bench anyways, maybe Matt can secure 2 other benches to replace them that are open source. Black hole time!
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    BenchMate 0.9 is here! After six weeks of (absolutely necessary) legwork I'm finally releasing the next major version of my Benchmark Verfication Software. All reported bugs have been fixed, a good part of the benchmark integration rewritten. I also put more effort into supporting Windows 7 and have extensively tested it on multiple platforms. If you like where this is going, spread the word and bench your stuff with BenchMate whenever possible. This is the most secure, reliable and trustworthy option to present your overclocking achievements. 💪 Download | Change Log | Donate
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    Hey guys, I am selling my MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC because I just don't have much use for it. The board has less than 20 hours total usage and its in perfect working condition. I purchased the board from Amazon a few months ago, and the box + accessories are mint. The list of mods I have done are as follows: 5 small mods for LN2 usage Potentiometer with disable switch for DDR4 memory voltage DDR4 memory voltage read point sockets to attach your voltmeter Special bios from Toppc with built in profiles for memory frequency validation Syringe style liquid electrical tape insulation on top Spray plastidip insulation on the bottom It's $190 on Amazon, I am looking to get $130 shipped USA or $120 + actual international shipping
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    I'm currently working on the integration of pifast into BenchMate. This poses a new challenge because pifast is a command line tool called with a batch file. It's hard to secure but also not very user-friendly or presentable. So I've built a wrapper this week that allows integration of all command line benchmarks. Sneak a peek of the first screenshot:
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    I didn't know Matt had setup a donation page until seeing this thread. Don't have patreon account, so donated via paypal. Thanks for all the hard work Matt!!
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    At least on early versions you could just rename the 64 bit to 32 bit and it would run 64 bit
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    Hey guys, Up for sale my good 9900KF which I used at this year's PA party. Chip comes complete with box and invoice (purchase date July 2019). Chip is incredibly easy to work with, either with RSVD (no CBB / no CB) or without RSVD (CBB around -170, no CB). IMC: On air I checked for 4800C14 train+boot+geek, with CPU cold I was able to run 4400C12 train+boot+geek. OC results: All 9900KF subs on my profile are with this chip, - Cinebench R15 passing safely 6800, R15 max. 6835-ish. - 32M 7275MHz. Price: 600 Euro shipped EU - Sold. Item location: Germany. Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. Private sale, no returns, no warranty.
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    https://hwbot.org/submission/4215357_sparkys__adventure_geekbench3___multi_core_core_i5_9600k_25159_points/ Idk if it's too late but the old "rename 32 bit to 64 bit" works fine. Scores fine too.
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    I'll try to have a look this afternoon. Achievements in general have been flaky/not working properly for a while as far as I'm aware.
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    To clarify what is happening here with Geekbench: The developer of Geekbench threatened to sue me for integrating his benchmarks into BenchMate. Apparently I'm benefiting from his work by fixing his benchmark (for free) to make Geekbench results valid for competitive benchmarking. This is even more important for Geekbench 5, which is only available for Windows 10 but doesn't mitigate the "RTC bug" and will therefore have time drifting as a new "feature" for all AMD CPUs and Intel Pre-Skylake.🤭 I tried to be polite, even apologized for my harsh words on the bot forums for calling the usage of timer functions 14 million times (!) during a single run as "incredibly stupid and obviously unnecessary". I know that I can be a straight-forward guy sometimes and a pain in the ass. Anyways, he couldn't forgive me for my "attacks" (as he calls them) and doesn't want to start fresh as I have proposed after the apology. So I was forced to remove all Geekbench versions from the Big Bundle of BenchMate, you will sadly have to install them manually now. This makes me really sad. The benchmark community is small and I think we should hold together and overcome stuff like that for a better future. Last but not least removing Geekbench was not enough, Primate Labs wants me to remove the integration or "if you continue to modify Geekbench in violation of the EULA we reserve the right to pursue additional remedies.". So my fellow overclockers, what should we do? Anybody here that still wants to have fun with Geekbench? The dev seriously doesn't give a fuck about the community, so why should we?
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    The sum of donations just got boosted to 354 Euro! There was a very big donation from an HWBOT user. Wow, really amazing! Thank you! We are getting close to the 500 Euro barrier, which directly translates to one more year of an actively supported BenchMate! ❤️
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    Remind me to upload the picture of him pouring LN2 with a 1 Gallon (3.8L) growler/thermos.
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    Huge thank you to @funsoul for organizing the event and thanks to all you guys helping me out with the gear I couldn't bring with me!
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    Unlocking cores is allowed, but please note that e.g. unlocking a single core CPU to a dual core CPU will put you in the dual core category/ranking.
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    Nothing to see here. Both gb3/4 get a boost depending of win10 version. Same shakeup happened in gb3 18c ranking recently.
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    Hey. In 2012, I downloaded result to my profile one last time and only after 7 years returned to the hwbot again. A new team has appeared. We have grown up over this time, like our children. We again began to overclocking HW and rejoice at the achievements achieved. And each new member adds points to the team’s piggy bank! But! Friends. There are two points that reduce our motivation and raise questions. *** 1. Since April of this year, we have been waiting for Achievements to appear on the team. Now it flaunts "0". I wrote about this in a personal message to one of the members of the hwbot team. But so far we see "0". 2. viper-rd joined the team three days ago. But team points are still not recounted. At the same time, the team’s profile shows that in TPP it has “0” - (hmm, I’ve already seen this figure somewhere ) - and in its profile is 6.016.1 And if you manually calculate all our TPPs, you get 20.803 (this is 57th place on this day). But hwbot still shows that we have TPP 15.803 and we are in 72nd place. *** Friends, please deal with this. This directly affects our motivation. You bench, invest resources and time - but there is no progress) Maybe I can help you with something? Because I relate to hwbot not just like some kind of resources. And as to something dear already. We have been with you for 12 years! We even want to order t-shirts for bench sessions ) https://gyazo.com/142241462fc41521cba89bda62e7833b
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    Can you update the front page to tell us what version is current. You could just leave Version number blank and have link to benchmate.org instead of having to search.
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    dogpile any cpu goes... rules on the compo page are final
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    So after having an absolute blast at the PA Party put on by Funsoul and crew, I got to thinking about doing an event either in the spring time or for Country Cup. At this time I want to see what kind of interest there is for a Country Cup 2020 party/bench meet/get together whatever you want to call it. Location: IN/IL/KY area When: Obviously during Country Cup How Long: 3-5 days probably? There are Venues here that have the ability to host anywhere between as little as 25 to more than 250. Ample power available, plenty of LN2 available, and centralized traveling whether driving or flying. I personally think it would be neat to get all the big name OCs from USA involved as well as those just starting out and make a big event out of it. Letting people watch, maybe have a workshop or two while there, etc.
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    This makes sense. Sorting it out like this would be a perfect solution and would make the question of benchmate a non-issue - if geekbench is reasonably secure then there's no need for a launcher/wrapper/whatever. I can see how it's easy to confuse "hasn't magically realised something needs doing" with "doesn't care". I'm sorry for my lack of faith - clearly you do care.
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    @MrGenius Well to quote mat: I think this wording is saying "stop messing with Geekbench with your program or we'll sue". Mat already agreed to stop distributing the benchmark, but now the devs want him to stop BenchMate from doing anything at all to Geekbench. If they want mat to completely withdraw any functionality that BenchMate has for Geekbench, then I think it should be slated for removal of points if/when HWBOT moves to needing BenchMate for everything.
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    Whilst it's a shame how they responded, I also quite like gb3 and think it can be a great bench with both mem and core playing big roles. Instantly completely removing it off the back of this feels a bit like an overeaction but I'm with Leeg in that happy to try and let the community decide.
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    I support whatever decision Mat and Leegh come to. If they don't want to play nice with the only real "Bench" community, then drop em. BenchMate/HWBot integration is the future for us imo ( 5g LCC Challenge again soon!? ) and where our $5 and $10 key money should be going anyways. BenchMate valid will be necessary for WR's etc. to be taken seriously going forward. Wouldn't be surprised if someone like Intel asks to make XTU relevant by adding it to BMate, for a fee of course
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    Sweet. Thx for bringing the 1st place back to the US!
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    New update: BenchMate 0.9.2 Last one for today, I promise. Download | Change Log | Donate With the help of @Bilko I've found a bug on Ryzen and Geekbench 5. Read more about it here:
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    coz its like this, all these people are here for the love of overclocking, they donate their family and home time for here , for us, without pay, competitons organised, implemented, modded, controlled and all the follow up with it, some are on a retainer of some sort yes, but the others do it for gratis, once again all for "US", money is generated id suspect by sponsorships, donated etc, but not something that can be relied on, a party could pull out at the minute then that money is no longer, competitons organised, implemented, modded, controlled and all the follow up with it im not saying what ive propsed in prior years is fool proof, but i reckon its a damn good start to a healthy $ wise bot if you join bot you pay a yearly fee of $10, you have no control, and no say other than to ask a mod or any admin why this decision was made . if you put a fair and honest case against their decision im sure some proper agreement between both would arrive, thats just a membership fee like they do everywhere in the world to join "whatever" it is club and those funds are put forth to make the "whatever" club it is bigger and better for all why should be this different , same principle , different reason for the type of "club" so to speak you pay for the priveldge to be a member and be a part of building the "club" that you enjoy coming to !!
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    looking for psc kit, around 2666 c8 with twcl6, 1,86v (ambient temp) or lower pls Pm and sent a screenshot with spi 32M
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    Nice score man! Will be tough to compete with all these monster am2 32m scores in the competition
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    Hi all, I just came across a B1 stepping for Samsung B die memory. Is this the latest revision? Link to specs It seems to be running fine altough it hates 1T for now. I didn’t OC ddr4 and the leatest and greatest for 2 years now. Maybe I just mist this revision. Dimms are from Aug 2019. Quick PI 32M check at 3466MHz C15 at 1.35v. Oh and these are DS. Edit: don’t mind the 7700k speed, that is low speed for this one (safe setting, in a case now).
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    Great run Moritz! So glad you were able to make the party again!
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    I'll happily send over my binning excel sheets to you when I can find my laptop with them on. (do not let your siblings borrow your expensive shit)....
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    I bought one (2 days used, like new condition) for USD 532.31 :)))
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    Yeah...but we're talking about BenchMate. And no...you don't need a licensed version of GB to run the 64-bit benches...or to get a valid datafile. With BM v0.9.3 anyway. Jesus...pay attention people. It's not that complicated. EDIT: Forgot to mention...GB5 also runs on 7. Despite them claiming it doesn't.
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    Thats pretty messed up, sorry to hear that he did that to you and others. How has he not been banned from here yet?
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