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    in my personal opinion there's no real challenging between until the comp finishes as we really dont know what scores are real and which are place holders anyway we have a way we do things with internal competition for each benchmark and pushing each other to achieve our best day in day out over the course of the competition we don't use other teams scores as a target, we don't trust operating systems or drivers other teams are using, we test everything we can, push the platform as hard as we possibly can and don't give up until there's nothing else to try or test.... if you've done this and you can't do any more, you can be proud of your result weather you come first or last, plus spending time with friends and sharing/learning from other overclockers in your country, this is what CC is really about
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    I agree with Chris. He is no hero for this. Either way he looks like a champ. Caught = looks like a hero for showing the exploit (an already known exploit) again not caught = hundreds of free worthless points that everybody (and nobody) cares about
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    It is always a few that spoil it for all the rest.... no matter how many categories, rules one imposes...
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    not bad, but I had not time test my 3900X on LN2. I shared this thread in local Czech FB forums of HW enthusiast...If someone will be interest for it.
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    Nothing has been decided yet on the rules but we have to take action for further abuse. If the removal or inactivity of the delete button is doable for Fred and his team we go that route
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    @Leeghoofd so I now have to pay attention to the date shown in the OS? I’m just speaking for myself here, but I feel like its a bit of an overreaction. I have many boards I run without bios battery and this often results in the date in the OS being completely wrong. Some OS’s I even go as far as stripping the clock out. Isn’t it possibly to automatically compare subs posted by a person to previous subs posted with the same hardware by the same person? If they are identical show a warning message and if they sub anyways flag the sub for moderator checking.
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    Most members but seems not many want to defend the flag... you only need a max 5 sores and with hundreds of active benchers you guys could easily dominate Country Cup We have the same stuff here in Europe, end terms & festivities all over the place in December. Man we move family aside a few weekends to bench with others, pretest or bench each nite individually. Dedication, planning and determination is what is required to win Team Cup or Country Cup. Honestly this ain't merely a Bot date issue but maybe more a regional attitude problem. Hopefully my post makes the blood boil and you guys will be back with a vengeance! Nuff said, Q4 it was and still is
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    GPUPI runs on all GCN based iGPUs starting from Spectre onwards
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    Man. Them clocks will do it. 5.75g I think is possible, but my chip won’t do it reliably for me. 5.8g I would have been there last year. Going back to 2700x to see if I can get in the bracket, but it’s not looking promising at this stage still. I just can’t find the efficiency
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    @der8urner i think said he had a 3950X for sale
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    Bump, how tf is this still here
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    Keep it simple by handing out life time bans for flagrant cheating.
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    Don't drop a Joe on me, be constructive George
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    This CPU was released after this years Country Cup competition had started therefore it's not eligible to be used in any of the stages.
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    That's the standard edition though, I don't believe the black edition actually ever got released.
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    Always post or have a look at the Benchmate support thread here:
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    Want to again give a huge shoutout to all who have joined. we are just at 100 members including some of the HWBOT staff. I can’t say how much I appreciate each and every one of you. we have had some growing pains but have worked through them flawlessly. This is a community for you guys and I’m glad you guys are embracing this. thank you again guys. Let’s keep up the great discussions and I’ll see you guys around there.
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    Fucking magic is coming!
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    Is it ok to use Safe Mode? With Safe Mode i have no crash. https://hwbot.org/submission/4329673
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    https://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/a4_9125/ https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/84ac/
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    I'm glad its still alive! I was 10 years inactive... I recently made my own first SS. Aspera NEK2150 1/2hp with Vapochill LS evap i5 750 @4.9GHz / 1.82v Cold bug at - 45C No Load temp
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    Thanks all! 😀 Thanks! You are so colse, and your 3900X with 1600 flck is perfect for this task, 33mhz of flck is worth more than 100mhz core, if I were you I'll retry with that CPU, after 5750MHz I had no gain, I used that frequency just in case since the first CCD of this CPU is super strong, but the main trick is flck, subtimings an the right waza combination, I'm 100% sure you can do it. I'll post some screens in the SPI thread later today of the other runs I made. Small satisfactions That should be nice, doing a sub 6m is super challenging technically, I've used more than 120/150L since last year to get here, the OS must be well optimized, the bios and memory as well needs to be perfect, and to push the highest flck you have to manage the CB, in my case I had flck CB at -189 (with 1.66V soc risking to fry the IMC) and at -185 I was losing stability in the CPU core, I've spend more than 3 hours dropping little amounts every 20-30s to stay between -187 and -188, plus the tweaks settings and all. Is definitely fun if you like the hardcore mode the 6m wall is not only a psychological wall, it seems also a platform wall, I got 6/7 runs at 6.0.xxx before this sub, making more people doing it sounds like a great idea. I did this score with like a half thermos left of LN2, so a certain amount of luck is required
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    Just as a side note you can view those quite easily
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    the quickest way is to remove as soon as possible the possibility of removing the sub I think
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    Thx guys ! Yes, I wish this year will be just like this first day ! Felt really good that I was able to do some competitive 3d finally ! Historical moments though, first Amd thing that works pretty good in Vantage ! :)))
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    I am smoking cigarr to celebrate the New year. Happy new year and God luck with sell mahuadi.
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    Must see proof of the LN2 pouring, one arm okay, two arms is perma ban
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    @_mat_ I sent a bug report for the same reason the other day. In my case it was with a Radeon HD 7990. "AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series" is never going to match the database's "Radeon HD 7970 X2 / 7990 / 8990" I guess.
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    Yes, let us muddy the waters even more by dividing up leagues even further when we can't even positively prove the temp or type of cooling used as it is now. Want to see better score and stats? Up your game. There should be only 2 leagues, Pro/sponsored and everybody else. Cooling method is irrelevant until it can be proven positively that your method is actually used in your subs.
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    I understand it's not required by the rules. But the presence of German rig pics in every other stage makes it look suspicious. And I'm sure Germany would love to avoid any suspicion.
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    SOF is half German or Belgian, he can't choose. Good to see you going at it young paddawan
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    Got an AMD/ATi graphics card? I've found the best way to get OpenCL for CPU working is installing the Radeon Drivers prior to 18.8.1 (I think) Lately I've been using 18.5.1. Otherwise you can try your luck with the various OpenCL SDK packages that can be found on the net. Check out the GPUPI page on Overclockers.at. Alternatively you can try Intels OpenCL package. Links at the page mentioned.
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    It's not dead at all! I have had multiple success stories. I was a noob bencher having done DICE a few times when a few guys from OCN, pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to be part the Skype benching community. With a lot of encouragement and also some very helpful info I started to bench almost every weekend. I learned how hwbot works and started gaining points. After a few years I had made it to #1 in apprentice by running tons of dry ice and learning how to mod GPU's. Once I made it to #1 in apprentice I became stagnate and had difficulties gaining points with dry ice. Due to financial reasons, LN2 was not an option. @Splave took notice of what I was doing with DICE and GPU modding by my posts on Facebook. He generously offered to help me out by sending me a box with 30+ old GPU's that he didn't want. Furthermore, he offered to help me make the transition to LN2 and gave me a 50L dewar for the price of shipping. Splave's help didn't stop there, he continued to support my endeavors and teach me the world of LN2 benching. Eventually I ended up getting supported by ASRock for platform hardware. I devoted a few solid years to LN2 benching and pushing myself and the hardware as far as it would go. Splave continues to help and support me to this day... Throughout the years I have worked hard to give back as much as possible and build up the OCN team. Sharing of information and creating a family-like environment has been critical to OCN's success. We are constantly evolving and working on promoting overclocking though benchmarking competitions such as the Freezer' Burn competitions. Speaking of competitions, I am working with vendors now to get huge prize support for the next competition, which will happen at the end of this year. I see some limitations at Hwbot, but no, overclocking is not dead, it just looks a little different now that it has in the past.
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    GEEK3 and Hwbot 4k tip The fclk clock is very important for the above two benchmarks. must change the fclk clock and the cpu clock to find the highest clock value that can be run. fclk The higher the clock, the lower the cb temperature. good luck
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    Thanks for the report, will have a look at it as soon as I can. Hope I still have X79.
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    Since the forum migration broke the OP and Elvis has left the building, here is my take: Hardware Points I have no idea how to query this CPU Frequency nacho_arroyo / 7195.53 mhz SHIMIZU / 7110.6 mhz Hicookie / 7092.83 mhz SuperPI 1M Hicookie / 5sec 781ms JtChen2002 / 5sec 859ms Hiwa / 5sec 866ms SuperPI 32M Hicookie / 5min 13sec 719ms AndreYang / 5min 16sec 516ms Hiwa / 5min 18sec 258ms PiFast Hicookie / 12sec 10ms Hiwa / 12sec 70ms JtChen2002 / 12sec 80ms Cinebench R11.5 pilu / 26.98 points / Xeon E5649 loul / 25.3 points / Xeon X5690 Ace123 / 25.2 points / Xeon X5670 3DMark01 Jor3llBR/Elano / 115979 marks / GeForce GTX 280 tosunermc / 115693 marks / GeForce GTX 460 (256bit) Dentlord / 113631 marks / GeForce GTX 280 3DMark03 NickShih / 233433 marks / GeForce GTX 580 Planet / 231239 marks / GeForce GTX 580 SF3D / 229421 marks / GeForce GTX 580 Reference Clock Nanok / 290.01 MHz / X58A-OC ground1556 / 287.22 MHz / X58A-OC zzolio / 283.5 MHz / Rampage II Extreme Memory Clock Aristidis / 1640.4 MHz TeamAU / 1613.3 MHz SF3D / 1575.1 MHz
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    Which is more difficult.... turning a GTX480 Lightning into an external power card.....or finding a GTX480 Lightning? :p
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