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    Some people have issues with USB port on this mobo after lots times benching under Ln2. Bcz the Polyfuse will break if temp lower than -40 degree. here are 3 pictures of Polyfuse locations on this mobo . You can remove the polyfuse and short both pad with tin . Then usb should work again.
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    moderating now DDR stage, lots of bads subs in the memory stage... gonna be mister popular again :p
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    Hey guys so the 8c CPU for no CB a good baseline: 1.5vCore 1.4vCCIO 1.35vCCSA 1.65vCPUPLL 1.45 - 1.65 vCCPLL 2.1v CBKiller 1.8-1.9vDMI Have fun! PS if still have cb, try up to 2.3CB Killer
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    Hello peoples. I had a random stick of OEM Samsung DDR3 lying around and decided to try it out as a laugh. Funnily enough it would boot 2800C9 @2V and then I realised it was 2GB ds as well - huh. So I tried tightening timings and found that (unlike the typical d-die 4GB ds sticks) : RP was weaker. RFC was stronger. RDRD set at 4 is actually possible and stable. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The three RDWR timings can be set tighter as well. I bought some more 2GB ds sticks to test and even some 1GB ss sticks. The 1GB sticks clock a lot better than the 2GB sticks, however the performance is awful in 32M (as they are single sided). No noticeable improvements in tightening timings over the 2GB ds sticks either. I also did do some quick POST memory frequency testing and got +3600MHz working in dual channel with CPU on phase. I have tried 4 sticks of the 2GB ds variety on phase so far and all have worked fine at those temps (around -40C to -35C). Unfortunately I overwrote an XP image that had a lot of my phase testing results on and have been busy with Team Cup so do not have much to show for that atm. I'm also seemingly having issues with the Impact VII I'm using atm with high freq ram (>2880MHz), but it might just need some more patience. And also my OCF is half-dead so atm I can't test on that board. So here is the best ambient result I have so far, 2GB sticks first (the efficiency seems a bit off so I need to test some more): 1GB sticks (G3258, so on i7 will be ~1.5s faster): And this is the only phase result I seem to have (although I'm sure I passed 2933C8 in single channel in my first round of phase testing):
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    Thanks for the work, must be a lot to pour through - I appreciate the effort you're putting in. Unless you delete any of our subs in which case you can sod off (JK)
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    Thanks @Leeghoofd for a really fun competition. I think it's fair to say our second place (assuming rankings stay as they are at the point the comp closed) is a third in spirit, I know the rankings would look very different if you hadn't been so busy organising the competition for everyone else.
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    I was poking around the other day, and I noticed an issue where multiple submissions for the same user and same benchmark (and same CPU) would show up multiple times in the rankings. I have (at least) one instance of it myself in the Core i3 8100 Cinebench R15 scores, where both of my submissions (615 and 621) show up. I appear to be getting hardware points for both submissions (only a half a point each), where I assume it's supposed to give points only on the best result. The bigger offender that I saw was the Core i3 8100 XTU rankings, where one of the users (claudiohonio) has 14 of the top 21 results, each awarding hardware points (9.1 to 16.7 points each), and also giving him the silver and bronze cups and both the 4th and 5th place medals. Taking a look through his other submissions, mainly XTU, it appears this is happening in the Core i7 8550U, Core i7 7500U, and i3 5005U XTU results, among others. In his top 40 hardware points, five of the Core i7 7500U scores, three of the Core i3 5005U scores, and another couple duplicates are all being counted towards the hardware points for the league ranking. I'm not trying to single out that one user, but I just happened to notice the i3-8100 XTU rankings and figure it could be a system-wide bug that could allow for points padding by effectively submitting multiple top (similar) results for a particular benchmark, boosting the number of submissions, which would cause more points to be awarded, all to the same user. Or, the issue might have been fixed, and these sorts of results wouldn't have been resolved.
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    Whatโ€™s a team cup ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Btw, I'll be adding a datafile-only button to the y-cruncher HWBOT Submitter app. So you won't need to do the ugly disconnect work-around anymore. Apologies for that inconvenience. I never anticipated that submissions would be done anywhere other than directly to HWBOT. And there were some technical reasons why I didn't want to expose the raw datafile. (mods feel free to PM me on the details) Fixing this will require a backwards incompatible change. So I'll be doing it in November after the competition ends. I don't really want to touch anything while that's ongoing.
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    MOCF vrm can handle 9900k no problems. On ln2 no heatsink required, the cold from full pot is enough. However if you are pushing hard on ambient, or even SS then you should use heatsink. Can run without heatsink on air for quick tests fine, but if you benching hard then use heatsink. EDIT: Upon further testing from @Splave, its best to use heatsink on vrm at all times, even under full pot ln2
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    Buying untested is like diving in a pool ( blindfolded ), without knowing if there is even water in the pool. No comments on the seller's attitude. People, learn to pay with PayPal - NOT FRIENDS AND FAMILY. PAY THE DAMN FEES. When money changes hands, all minds should rest assured that nothing will go wrong. Seller does not accept this method of payment ? DONT BUY.
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    lo all, Team Cup is still in full motion however already time to focus on the last compo of the year: the Country Cup. Early announcement so you still have time to get the gear aligned.. This year countries will battle over 10 stages, 5 2D and 5 3D stages. CountryCup will start from the 4th of November and run till 31st of December. Current selected benchmarks (stuff can still change ofc) for the stages are: Stage1: X265 4K - 8 scores required over different sockets Stage 2: CB R15/core - 8 scores required over different sockets Stage 3: Max FSB/Bclock - 6 scores required over different sockets Stage 4: AMD Superpi32M - 6 scores required over different sockets Stage 5: GPUPI 1B with Single core CPU - 3 scores required over different sockets Stage 6: Single card Dual GPU only 3DMark05 - 5 scores required over 5 different videocards (no Radeon Pro Duo or titan Z) Stage 7: AMD CPU/GPU 3DMark01 - 5 scores required over different videocards (no Vega FE edition) Stage 8: GPUPI 32B single AMD GPUs only - 5 scores required over different videocards (no Vega FE edition) Stage 9: Night Raid IGPU - 5 scores required over different IGPUs (no VEGA M) Stage 10: TimeSpy Extreme single nVidia GPU - 5 scores required over different videocard generations (No Titan V) Country Cup is for retail hardware only! the validation and screenshots will be in line with the ongoing TeamCup ( so don't forget mobo tab and GPU-Z Sensor tab!) For stage 9 and 10 a Futuremark verification link is required and must be VALID at UL website There will two backgrounds this year, change of background will be announced 5 days ahead so you can still post all of your done scores.
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    Hey guys. The excellent @dsanke has already made a 1704 mod bios since 2 weeks ago. We just didn't know about this thread. Let me see if I can make attachment to upload it to my message here... - Port from M10A - AURA/RGB Fixed - SLI Fixed - iGPU vBIOS Replaced to M9A - Dell SLIC 2.4 - Dell Windows Server 2016 Data Center Key - ME - uCode : 506E0(0x18),506E1(0x2A),506E2(0x2E),506E3(0xC6),506E8(0x34),906E9(0x8E),906EA(0x9A),906EB(0x9A),906EC(0x9E) - GBE : I219-LM - Model : MAXIMUS IX APEX dsanke: Author: @dsanke Motherboard: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX APEX Based on:ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X APEX 1704 ME: Microcodes: 506E0(0x18),506E1(0x2A),506E2(0x2E),506E3(0xC6),506E8(0x34),906E9(0x8E),906EA(0x9A),906EB(0x9A),906EC(0x9E). Note: Flash via SPI Programmer. Support All LGA1151 CPU except Xeon and Skylake ES. AURA/SLI Fixed. Ethernet adapter changed to I219-LM. Added DELL SLIC 2.4 and Windows Server 2016 Datacenter key. Edit model back to M9A. $ md5sum ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1704.7z ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1704/ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1704.bin 4806e282c2f813822ab7d8be981a715e ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1704.7z b792b3dc333ff6920afbf5e89d9ae5ff ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1704/ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1704.bin Is ok, right? ๐Ÿ˜‹ ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1704.7z
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    Thatโ€™s why Mocf z170 became a Legend . Everything for 4 generations works on it ,and works well.
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    I just put together a small article on my first attempts at sub zero cooling with dry ice. very interesting to do ๐Ÿ™‚ http://globetrotter.tech/blog/index.php/2018/09/10/sub-zero-cooling-on-computer-for-overclocking-with-dry-ice/
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    I've had some good progress; into the 18s with full ambient. I had a few runs at 2948C9, but RTLs and IOLs were out of whack and timings wouldn't tighten.
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    Or they can disable the points and stay in Extreme ...
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    An arangement has been made ,from my point of view the matter is closed. Thank you Trouffman.
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    Free bump for one of the greatest guys around and outstanding seller. Buy with confidence folks, it doesn't get any better. UP
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    totally fine 400-450w only no heatsink on air and covered in let
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    I made a quick thread with my memory timings and cold info here: https://www.overclock.net/forum/11-amd-motherboards/1710692-asrock-x399m-taichi-oc-living-guide.html
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    BIOS for Z170 OC Formula -- based off Nick's BIOS, modded by dsanke Changes: Added 906EC (Octa-core) microcode Updated iGPU vBIOS to 1059 and GOP to 9.0.1080 DSDT and CPU SSDT patched to support 16 thread Download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=03237385439615534015 BIOS for Z170M OC Formula -- based off Nick's BIOS, also modded by dsanke Same changes as above. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=77370903885183324131
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