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    No this version will NOT interfere with current rankings of the older ones. Proposal to rename the updated one to GPUPI 4.0 will get different (new) rankings and hopefully other integrated benchmarks than the usual 100M and 1B.
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    I'm almost done Frederik, hold your horses
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    you think they arent too, theyre doing it trying to get things fixed for all ???, instead of being a bucket mouth and baggin, try helping, encouragement always beats a negative, i dont like ya mate, never have, youre a typical smart arse, a few manners cost nothing, guess you gotta learn those yet 🖕
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    13 hours and no one complained. This is a new high for rev7!
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    all listed are pre Ryzen, no limitations on the cores, I asume strongest all-round cpus would be FX octacores
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    The kind folks at EVGA have offered support for the party. They'll be sending a few motherboards, vgas and assorted schwag. Big thank you out to hotrod, Jacob and the evga team!
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    @labeanchik seriously.. can you stop spamming here? This is for the OC Formula Boards only.. use the other threads or open one. The last 2 pages are only about your problem.
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    Unfortunately, the vast majority of benchmarks or hardware do not run on W10 . If you really wanna bench, you'd better get used to using XP or W7. W10 only puts you on a very short rope.
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    SLI can be enabled using one of the SLI hacks - for example https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/sli-with-different-cards.158907/ The problem is when the chipset or CPU (as the PCI-E controller is built in there) is newer than GPU drivers... in that case SLI isn't suported (I think). The mentioned hack probably fools the driver to think it runs on X58 or something similar... and therefore SLI will work, even in XP. http://hwbot.org/submission/3502846_havli_3dmark06_2x_geforce_8800_gtx_27622_marks
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    Hi guys, I can configure competitions but I'm not up to speed in what's hot or not. If we do it the same as last year, I should configure the comp to start tomorrow. Shall I just configure the same benchmarks, but using this years hardware (intel 8th gen, ryzen, etc)?
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    Not quite yet, but you better save me a seat when I make the jump
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    Let's have same fun.
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    I've configured it as per documentation given to me by leeghhoofd. It explicitly said v3.3, so I asume it's not a mistake. @Leeghoofd
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    Thanks George! - edit: Okay, triggering a recalc of position #1 fixes this, but now I've got to find out how it was possible that the points decreased all of the sudden. I think the most likely scenario is someone submitted a wrong pifast world record (eg 8 seconds), which triggered a full recalc with a new WR to compare to (making everyone lose points). After that, the submission got deleted, and the rankings did not recalculate (which they should). That is my current hypothesis which I'm trying to reproduce. Just thinking out loud so you guys now what is going on.
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    It works, just install sli patch and find the right driver, not with all can be enable SLI in CP. Also works with very old cards:
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    Not sure if it falls under the recalculation or something else, but my Road to Pro points dont show. If I understand it correctly I should be showing 70.4 for my chosen Division-1 under my World Ranking for the past year.
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    If you check our individual user pages it shows that we all "joined the overclockers league" when we had already obviously joined a division. The system doesn't credit us our points because it thinks we are new and some database linking is borked. That's my theory.
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    Anyone got a working copy for X470 boards? Keen to get this up and running.
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    Newest GPUz crashes upon opening. Newer CPUz's instant lockup upon opening 99% of the time Tested on stock clocks. For everything other than the reference validation can we use older versions?
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    Thanks Nick! Outstanding stuff. We are very grateful. I will also let my friend know online, who has same board. We were planning to make a mod BIOS ourselves but you saved us the work. BTW (and this is important) there have also been found a number of boards which did not change very much from Z270 to Z370. The design is much the same, including the VRMs and layout etc. These boards have been backwards flashed with Z370 BIOS succesfully. This then lets support FULL overclocking features and controls for hex core. Since we noticed that you may have skipped / passed on updating super carrier / i7 professional / oc formula in z370. The any Z390 board with similar IR35201 and other design is going to be helpful as a backwards flash candidate. This may not be possible for such board as Z170 OCF here. But there is still others like Z270 supercarrier and it seems IR35201 is still used. Of course you may need to change board design in future successor products for many other reasons and purpose. So not to worry about Just wanted to say / mention..
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    Version 3.3 or beyond will not be allowed due to changed algorythms and other improvements!
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    someone I know have a kit 4300c12 capable but can't waza @3866 P.S. Michael..I'm gonna steal your avatar ,jk
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