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    Hi guys. Thought to make a guide for the new Maximus XII Apex to help some people have a base to work on. Disclaimers: Anything that is mentioned in this guide is meant to help you have a starting point. I am not responsible for any damages you do to your hardware by overclocking, modding, (extreme) cooling it or whatever else. You are responsible for your own actions assuming you know what you are doing. The “Come on I wanna bench my new hardware” tl;dr guide: Step 1: LN2 jumper -> enable Step 2: Cool down, apply your settings (4095W, LLC 6 - 8 depending on the benchmark, 200% etc) and enable RSVD1 Step 3: Auto pll term should be 1.7 and usually works but can increase it if you see cb/cbb (1.8 might give booting issues so you might want to set it after boot) SA and IO around 1.4v Step 4: cool down to full pot (figure cb/cbb), go to OS and apply clocks and voltages If you need to run superpi32m or anything that is affected by uCode then you got to spend time and read below.. OC Pack: 0508 Bios [LATEST] (uCode and no uCode included ready to go): https://www.dropbox.com/s/lp9giyr6fct2ni6/m12a0508.rar?dl=0 TurboV: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzyzlf9cjneul9p/TurboV_Core_1.10.07.zip?dl=0 Mem TweakIt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7azeckt1f2s4yt/Mem TweakIt-V2.02.46.7z?dl=0 Ratio Tool (thanks to @elmor for the tool -> use ratio_tool_cml.exe for ratios -> patch_cml_ifnoucode.exe if using a bios without ucode to get it patched/fixed) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kf6wqwtyu3erqj/Tool.zip?dl=0 Z490 AHCI Drivers for XP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wh306qzlgg6z6gg/xp ahci drivers test.zip?dl=0 BIOS Flashback (USB port below Ethernet): Some insight: Main differences based on previous cpus/gens is that we got extra cores, better IMC and OC being a bit easier when it comes to CBB/CB (always depends on the CPU). Now, Intel to compensate the increased heat due to the extra cores, decreased the die height and replaced that with additional copper to keep the backwards compatibility on the cooler side. Here is a nice paint image someone at Intel made for our convenience: Left = last gen vs Right = new gen Believe this made a big difference on the temps as we got a 10C consuming 260W on water (R15 at 5.3G) and temps hitting 72~C. Our 180W oc’d 9900K would hit around that (leakage plays a big factor here as well - can't compare 1:1 but still). This eventually means that you can transfer the load from the cores (substrate) to the pot much more efficiently = MHz. Now, 2nd part of the changes is how easy it is to overclock these. Explanation of voltages and differences vs previous gens: Based on our previous “go-to settings” on Z390 (and prior) we would have to adjust vcore, core pll, dmi, sa, io, standby, pll term and internal pll. Instead, on Z490 all you got to play with is vcore, sa, io and pll term. Good to go voltages for our CPU was 1.6~ vcore, 1.4~ sa/io (similar depending imc and clocks) and 1.7-1.8v pll term. 1.7 (which is what LN2 jumper does) pll term was enough to kill any cb/cbb on our cpu. That was for both 2d and 3d. If you see you got an issue and 1.8v pll term isn’t enough (again - note that this might cause booting issues so you might want to use eventual voltage here), then you can give rsvd 1 switch a try and IO at 1.45+ as this is tied to the old known DMI. There is the option to mod the mobo and solder the DMI pin which is tied to RSVD 2 but thats still work in progress. Will check back on this but not sure its needed to be honest. VRMs are OP and could run x265 back to back with cpu fullpot and just a fan hitting them (no heatsink). Of course I can’t tell what happens if you do xyz so always be cautious !!!Note if you wanna go LN2 mode on water for 2+v on mems!!! Set pll term to 1.3~ as having it above 1.35 makes the sensor read high temps = over-temp messages etc. ME Patches and performance: Now that we touched the basics to voltages and differences vs previous generations, it's a good point to analyze another one and that's the ME patches Intel applied for the famous security holes. With new gen, we get new patches that are tied to the bios. These affect the performance on a lot of benchmarks (ie. spi32m) and for that we got to find a workaround. Thankfully ASUS has figured this out already. With MMTool you can load the .CAP bios and remove all the uCode patches. Simply select a patch at a time, select delete patch data and hit apply. Then save the new .cap file and flash it via bios flashback. !It is recommended that you flash the original bios first and then the modded one via flashback.! Personally, we keep Bios 2 for no uCode bios so we can easily switch between the two. Removing uCode raises a new issue which is memory oc as it gets heavily limited + a couple other minor things. Initial (training) bclock will have to be 100MHz. !In OS this is easy to adjust without issues! If you need to train higher than 100MHz for whatever reason you can do so with OC Panel when you see 4C on the debug post. Additionally, it will be good to set all ratios and main voltages to manual to avoid freezing issues. Consider setting internal core and ring pll’s to 0.9v in tweakers’ paradise and it is advised to avoid setting dllbwen as well. Now, when it comes to memory oc, all you have to do is enable Legacy OC on the bottom of the memory tab and set everything as you would before. First time it might act weird but hitting the retry will get it to work fine. One last note, run patch_cml_ifnoucode.exe on startup to get high multipliers to work (tool.zip). Per Core Hyperthreading: This is super easy to understand and one of the new features that come with this gen. You can enable/disable the HT of each core which makes it handy for some cases like 3DMark06, Vantage etc. Windows XP: Well, thats one of the best parts for this gen as it will be working day 1. Z490 compatible ISO (stock SP3 pretty much): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1od79PuR0O29mIwKNKqfCqbZAv0JCp_mJ Firahelp for installing XP via USB same as Z170 days (thanks @elmor): https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atmpv-6qHr_6vcIGjGDDdVQjURrIcA?e=JTDLyq Intel USB Drivers (thanks to whoever shared these work with XP and Win7 but you need to disable digital signature for the later) https://mega.nz/file/KBIzxSAB#nZYWTcAC0v3wThuq0lFKUKarnv7Nh73655zFE2mJ7to Alternative Intel USB Drivers (thanks to Dricks from win-raid) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ukj1pizn7sxv9pu/Driver.zip?dl=0. Put Driver folder in C:\, then run the batch file as admin -> restart -> run setup.exe Barbonenet’s acronis image that was posted here should also work fine without issues (thanks @antome for saving people’s time ) https://community.hwbot.org/topic/192682-windows-xp-on-asus-z390-motherboards-and-others/ If you get any errors, let me know as there is a small chance that you need to install the AHCI drivers of Z490 prior to moving from older mobo (ie Z390). Here you can find some suggestions for different scenarios. It's some kind of direction we suggest after testing different benchmarks/cases for maximum performance. These are mostly tied to memories and you are encouraged to test your own kit(s) for best optimization. For all these A2 memories are a must. You won’t be able to do any of these with A0/A1 kits. Also, while we generally try to help, we believe that not everything should be plug n play. So considering that the new gen has stronger IMC you should be having fun doing a bit of tweaking here and there instead of copy pasting settings that might not work and then seek additional assistance. Geekbench 3 suggested approach: Old profiles here should work much easier than before considering that the IMC on the new gen is quite stronger. For example, our go-to 9900K that could do 6.95 R15 couldn't boot above 4700C14 on air. Now, all chips we tested could boot above 4.8Ghz C14 without issues. Interesting suggestion would be to try and tighten tWL and tCWL (if your IMC and kit allows) as a Geek memory score of almost 10k (with all cores/ht enabled) should be doable at 4.8 GHz (instead of 9.6-9.7k). This might help in cases you cant push frequency higher with the standard settings, so this should give you a nice boost on top. PS. you can try 14-13 over 14-14 (small increase of like 20~ points at best) or 1t over 2t (tested but need to check to confirm) but not sure these will help you much To update with screenshots. Superpi32m suggested approach: We haven’t spent much time into this but a similar approach applies here - we were able to run Geek settings with 1T (even 14-13 on air) without issues and this has been faster than 4133 12-11-1t to begin with. Can try Dancop’s preset for now and we will add stuff on the way as we proceed with testing this throughout. To update with screenshots. X265 4K suggested approach: Was doing some testing for reliable performing settings on Z390 last year. For this, the best approach is no maxmem (or about 7-8GB as this gives a small boost on stability but I think it has a very small impact on the score as the memory usage peak drops about 100~MB vs no maxmem ) overkill + x2. Note that the X2 instances might not be the best and everything eventually depends on your findings/platform so don’t take this (or anything) for granted. Anyhow, no maxmem + bdie = need for low volts. This is another approach that has nothing to do with your kit doing 4933 with 2v or 2.1 or whatever. Some kits that can do almost 5G 14-14 geek at 2.09v cant pass that so keep that in mind. Easiest way to get going is to load a geek profile, ignore RTLs and CR as these have no impact on x265 and loose timings a bit (14-14-28-240 -> 16-16-28-280 etc). If this works at low volts (aka sub 1.7) you might avoid the maxmem need that high voltages cause and should be already way better than anything tight with 2-4gb maxmem. Additionally, please keep in mind that you want the two instances to be as in sync as possible as eventually you have an efficiency multiplier that affects your score (or not show one at all if out of sync for like 5sec) with the best being x1 (1:1 render). Also, might be wrong for some but Server2012 has been the best OS so far. To update with screenshots. Water/air user max out suggested approach: Since X265 is as close to daily settings as doable (compared to the rest), you can start from the above and adjust timings to decrease voltages to what you consider safe. Will provide a profile that works for us as a guideline if requested/needed.
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    This seems to have gone stale and it's been about a month, so I will end it today. Everyone who posted in here had an equal chance of winning, except 'kicsipapucs', as he did not want to be included in the drawing. Please take a look at the project, you should see your name there. The great part about this site is I can only draw once and I have no control over the outcome, it's very official and also free to use. To view the full public record of this drawing please check out the link: https://app.randompicker.com/protocol/660992x60647 You can search your exact forum name (copy/paste) to see if you were included in the drawing. The winner is: l0ud_sil3nc3 PM Incoming
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    Just received this beauty on my doorstep, thanks to ASUS Benelux! Here are some pictures I took with my smartphone. First impressions: She feels solid, the heatsinks combo weighs a ton, can't wait to fire her up! Where's mee seepeeuuuu?
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    Short story 2nd time this month we experience lousy photoshopping. This member got reported numerous times for not respecting the new 2020 rules, meaning cpuz 1.91 version or newer, no clipping, etc.... On top of that his reputation did not help and many were watching his every move. I moderated all the reported scores yesterday , to my big surprise to see some of them popping up today with guess what: Added taskbar, CPUZ version visible and reworked GPUZ.... I admit though a few scores were neatly (re)done, too bad for him many had flaws that even my kid detected. Though I asked one respected member to pull one screenie through his photoshop to have 200% confirmation that the verification screenshot was messed with. The original remastered: (obvious better font in the 3rd CPUZ and top GPUZ) The photshop analysis: light pink means added to the existing screenshot Now I don't get it as he has the save file and could have redone the scores/screenshots as he's on chilled water. Yet he got sloppy while remastering the originals... Well it was fun having you around, but it is time to say goodbye..
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    XP support working on Asus and Asrock, so keep this in mind when purchasing I'm unsure about the rest or the vendors but huge thank you to Asus and Asrock for doing this, it's the only way to play 32m properly.
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    Credit to @Hicookie Here We Are! Z490 XOC BIOS For Overclockers Z490 AORUS ELITE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_sqiLvwXyjeggARBG0L879P7pOcrn_GD/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS ELITE AC https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XwdYZkIUtukyujZdxV02sKdlY5_CXtsc Z490 AORUS MASTER https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kCDUbsxuSxNd5xgVyeKPvIsjF3hgQRlS Z490 AORUS PRO AX https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zPgV5O0mcGOVI5oOpuz42K9aNH78S7tS Z490 AORUS EXTREME https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_4BzQlB9vC8pr5n20YuumT_VMIbQAnOW Z490 AORUS EXTREME WF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xe-coZLUuIJ2RC_rysoeh4VIxgdL0ETr/view?usp=sharing Z490I AORUS ULTRA https://drive.google.com/file/d/13kx_EsRg3eY1Oz-gR_TkAvW_cq05pJsT/view?usp=sharing
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    Finally an answer to, are you entertained? Yes I am.
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    lets add price tags on them maybe make it very easy to choose haha
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    Hi ! Just sharing some XOC BIOS and TOOL for MSI MSI MEG GODLIKE: BIOS official : MEG GODLIKE : * Link * BIOS Xtreme : MEG GODLIKE E7C70IMS.113: * Link * OC Tool : Dragon Power (CCL) : * Link * Dragon Ball (CCLM) : * Link * Tuto OC : XTREME OC GUIDE : * Link * MSI MEG "I" UNIFY: BIOS official : MEG UNIFY : * Link * BIOS Xtreme : MEG UNIFY E7C77IMS.111: * Link * MEG UNIFY E7C77IMS.112: * Link * OC Tool : Check GODLIKE section Tuto OC : Check GODLIKE section
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    My procedure for installing Windows XP on M12A, derived from previous work Firahelper for Z490: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atmpv-6qHr_6vcIGjGDDdVQjURrIcA?e=JTDLyq Then the ISO needs to be modified: Extract your ISO using 7-zip to a temporary folder and go to the “i386” subfolder Replace “ACPI.SY_” and “SYSSETUP.DL_” with the files from “Z390 Files.zip”: Extract DRIVERS.CAB and SP3.CAB using 7-zip Replace “acpi.sys” in those folders (if it exists, may be missing in SP3.CAB) with the file from “Z390 Files.zip” Re-package the “DRIVERS” and “SP3” folders to DRIVERS.CAB and SP3.CAB using CabPack: https://download.cnet.com/CabPack/3000-2250_4-75805653.html Open the temporary folder in nLite and select only the “Bootable ISO” stage After making the ISO, save it as XP.iso on your flash drive together with the firahelper for Z490. Use the USB root files from here: For XP USB support using the Intel USB ports, use this driver: https://mega.nz/#!KBIzxSAB!nZYWTcAC0v3wThuq0lFKUKarnv7Nh73655zFE2mJ7to
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    one more good setting to try
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    you get frustrated on a free service for not getting support/help on Sunday evening within an hour of your original post?
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    All Chips must be binned under LN2, at the weekend we testet 250 pieces 10900K. One with the SP 103 can do on AIO 5,3 with 1,295 R20 with AVX offset 0 on LN2 the Chip can do 6890 R15 with 1,625 Vcore The other Chip SP 64 cant do 5,3 on AIO R20, but the Chip can do 6850 R15 on LN2 with 1,55 Vcore
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    Hey, I was recently able to get Windows XP working on my ASUS Maximus XI Gene with USB Drivers. I have included a Custom ISO that I created with NLITE where everything is integrated and nothing is stripped. You need to First Open up YUMI.exe which is in the Pack linked below, Select your install disk (USB), Then in Step 2 Select "Single Windows XP Installer" Format it as Fat32, And select the XPFinal.iso The process to get the usb drivers to work is a bit tedious but at the end of the day they work. First, You need to make sure you are booting as Legacy (MBR) and not as UEFI (GPT), Just go into your CSM settings on your motherboard and change it to UEFI and Legacy. (Also I would recommend disabling secure boot while you are at it) Next, to initialize the usb drivers in the setup, you will need to plug in a PS/2 - Keyboard adapter or just a standard ps/2 keyboard or mouse. Boot into the USB (Legacy) Click Installers, and then click XPFinal Step 1 Next Spam f7 until you see Setup is loading files, and just go through the setup. Now There have been times where you will get stuck on "Please insert the Service Pack 3 disk", To get past that box you have to Cancel out and close out of that box, Boot back into the usb, Click installers, But this time click Step 2. Go through the installer and when you finish you should be greeted with a Beautiful Windows XP background. (If everything went Correctly all you would need to do is sometimes replug the usb drives to get them running after a reboot.) (Quick Notice: If you notice your XP boot times are longer even in the setup, Do not worry that is completely normal. Sometimes the setup will freeze on "Installing Devices", all you have to do to fix that is reboot the PC boot back into the usb, 2nd option, and click step 2.) All credits go to Fernando From Win-Raid and FireKillerGR. (I would recommend following the guide that is in the pack already) (Also Quick Side note, To my knowledge There are no Intel i219-v Lan drivers for xp that are out at the moment) Here is the link to the mega Pack: https://mega.nz/file/IZEzwIjC#VUi07JC7uFF8nSkh2Wtb3zFjTUCw78zHTLDMIbkxzwY
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    Haven't checked that. Seems like board will trigger protection if external vrm is being sensed. PS. Attached is A7N8X-E boardview file and boardview software - should be easy to understand. BoardViewer A7N8X-E.rar
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    lol Dont worry Apex 13 will have wireless PS/2
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    you mean you dont have to solder on a ps2 connector lulz?
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    Btw, haven't tested other drivers yet but the usb ones for xp will work as soon as you install via device manager and disable digital signature.
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    Old es 0000 id in cpuz have much better imcs than the retail es. Maybe wait to see what p1 or qs can do before making any judgement.
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    OC Tool https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iTJVFTb595ve4Z4H31nlPP3JkKlY-CHD/view?fbclid=IwAR27B8_SWEe1MMUEYR75hg6cPGDKPC7lyp8gFxFQPSq5a7dq_RNhpXRrvRE Backup link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uh02YQRNpw7-vlgWtJE4-8I_jSE6olfp/view
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    Sorry for my English this is a Google translator. I decided to find out the history of all competitions both world and regional while interested in 2002-2006. I started in 2010 so I don't know where else to look. What I've found so far. My article with a description of the but in Russian, when you click on an image. This is without description. Only the year, name, and related links to reviews, announcements, and so on. 2002 year 决战升技之巅--中外DIY现场群英会 - The top of the Battle of abit -- Chinese and foreign DIY Related links, announcements, reviews, and so on. 全球硬件老大Tom来华玩脑 1月18日晚 同济大学 决战升技之巅 TOM:现身来到升技上海分公司 “决战升技之巅—中外DIY现场群英会”报道之二 “决战升技之巅”——硬件老大TOM神州行 DIY有真假?且听全球电脑玩家老大TOM怎么说 Tom展示超频系统 Tom's Hardware Guide-легенда о хирурге "Sveriges snabbaste PC år 2002"! Sveriges Snabbaste PC år 2002 Анонс не из веб архива SSPC2002 Information om SM - bakgrundsinformation, frågor och svar preliminära tävlingsresultaten Jimmie Knutas aka Stinger и Markus Ålind aka QazTaz Intervju med vinnarna i SMPC2002 升技“四大天王” - Abit Cup " Four Kings” 升技DIY四大天王争霸赛西安赛区比赛见闻 “找的就是你——中国真DIY四大天王争霸赛”鸣锣在即 千名DIY争做升技“四大天王” 升技“四大天王 ” 你准备好了吗? Правила на abit.com.cn 升技“真DIY四大天王”争霸赛强手胜出 我叫施澄秋,南京 薛骏,上海人 今天出场的则是广东中山的“玩家杀手”杨宁 北京的“晶片神侠”李智伟 升技“真DIY四大天王”赛场电脑配置揭密 2003 year 升技“四大天王” - Abit Cup " Four King of Gangster ” 升技、英特尔重奖寻找DIY四大天王 博士、硕士的DIY之旅——第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之二 DIY英雄出少年——第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之三 第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之一 第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之五 成都DIY双雄京城叫板——第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛决赛选手介绍之四 央视聚焦DIY高手京城比武——“第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛”决赛 第二届升技DIY四大天王争霸赛现场纪实 第二届中国DIY四大天王争霸赛选手介绍之五 2003年度升技四大天王装机争霸赛尘埃落定 Deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft (DOCM 2003) Erste Overclocking Meisterschaft startet in Hannover - heise.de Сайт где все эти турниры указаны и их результаты,правила и так далее. docm.org Deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft - rio71.de Bericht von Hardware-Tweaker - hardware-tweaker.de Bericht von Tweakers4u - tweakers4u.de - Seite 1 --- Seite 2 --- Seite 3 --- Seite 4 --- Seite 5 - DOCM,就是德文Deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft的缩写 - Need for Speed: 1. Deutsche Overclocking-Meisterschaft in Hannover - tomshardware.de Kurzreport: Erste deutsche Overclocking Meisterschaft - computerbase.de Deutschland sucht den schnellsten Rechner - heise.de Winnaars Duitse overklokwedstrijd bekendgemaakt - tweakers.net Abit Overclocking Competition 2003 ABIT OverClocking Contest Правила соревнования в PDF. "Viper" "robotech" "Rundymc и Krado" "Geosin" "Deathgame и VincentV" "Stratix и tUx" "Shamino" "Ristar" "xtn32 и DriftDriver" Заметка в журнале HWM об этом. Abit Overclocking Competition 2003 - hardwarezone.com.sg ABIT Overclocking Competition - súťaž ako sa patrí - pc.zoznam.sk 升技新加坡超频大赛纪实 - power.zol.com.cn ABIT:新加坡超频大赛纪实 - ocer.net Uitslag en foto's van Abit overklokwedstrijd -tweakers.net Svenskt Mästerskap: "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2003"! "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2003"! - nordichardware.se Introduktion till SM i datorprestanda 2003 Tidsplan, Kategorier Generella regler Prestand-SM 2003 skickade 47 Intervju med vinnarna i SMPC2003 - nordichardware.se Overclock Grand Prix 2003 OCGP2003 2004 year HardwareZone Christmas Affair 2004 HardwareZone Christmas Affair 2004 - hardwarezone.com.sg HWM Svenskt Mästerskap: "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2004"! "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2004"! -nordichardware.se Årets SM i Datorprestanda slår nu upp portarna! Tidsplan Generella regler och jury Instruktioner Topplistan Prestanda-SM börjar hetta till Prestanda-SM 2004 – historiens bästa? Preliminär resultatlista Slutgiltig resultatlista Intervju med Jimmie Stinger Knutas Intervju med Robert Crotale Kihlberg ASUS Cup Computer Overclocking App Competition 超频大赛现场报道之第一人称目击版 - ocer.net 挑战后天!华硕杯超频大赛落下帷幕 - it.sohu.com 狂超4.87GHz 华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛完美谢幕 - it.sohu.com 挑战后天――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛火爆开幕 - zol.com.cn 狂超4.87GHz――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛完美谢幕 - news.zol.com.cn 挑战后天――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛火爆开幕 - news.mydrivers.com 狂超4.87GHz――华硕杯计算机超频应用大赛完美谢幕 - news.mydrivers.com 挑战后天!华硕杯超频大赛落下帷幕 - pcpop.com PC Pitstop's Top Dawg Challenge! Who's the Fastest? Are you the Top Dawg? - pcpitstop.com раз - два - три. Победители.And the Winners Are - pcmatic.com Overclock Grand Prix 2004 Страница правил,условий, призов.OCGP 2004 2005 year Svenskt Mästerskap: "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2005"! "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2005"! - nordichardware.se Generella regler och jury - nordichardware.se Topplistan - nordichardware.se SMPC2005: Kinc och Crotales vinnarsystem - nordichardware.se [CBB]2005台中網聚圖片 有圖貼圖 無圖討論 [CBB]2005台中網聚圖片 有圖貼圖 無圖討論 DFI Diamond Cup winnies Overclocking Heroes в Пекине DFI钻石杯小熊超频英雄会活动概要 - beareyes.com.cn DFI钻石杯小熊超频英雄会全面启动 - digi.it.sohu.com DFI钻石杯小熊在线超频大赛现场决赛规则 - lanparty.beareyes.com.cn DFI钻石杯小熊在线超频大赛现场决赛名单 - beareyes.com.cn Страница конкурса - lanparty.beareyes.com.cn 2005北京超頻比賽部分照片 Ещё фото. coolaler.com Taiwan, Korea O.C Showdown in Computex 2005 Match of the Century – Taiwan, Korea O.C Showdown in Computex - gskill.com Show Our Honor to all the Contest Attendee - gskill.com Overclocking Exhibition on Texas Gaming Festival 2005 The Great Texas Overclocking Competition - anandtech.com Texas Gaming Festival and Overclocking Exhibition Sponsored by ATI and OCZ - auphanonline.com DFI Overclocking Competition in China, Bei Jing DFI Overclocking Competition in China, Bei Jing - vr-zone.com DFI Overclocking - coolaler.com 華人的盛會 Anti-X @ DFI鑽石杯超頻英雄會 - anti-x.org 2006 year abit Overclocking Competition 2006! abit Overclocking Competition 2006!! - vrzone.com Abit Overclocking Competition 2006 - modding.ru. Exclusive! ATi's DIY Overclocking Heroes Summit ATi DIY Overclocking Heroes' Summit - vr-zone.com Universal abit UK Overclocking Competition Universal abit UK Overclocking Competition bit-tech.net abit.ohyeah.idv.tw Swedish Computer Performance Championship 2006 "Sveriges snabbaste PC 2006"! -nordichardware.se Topplistan - nordichardware.se Swedish Computer Performance Championship 2006 The first results in SCPC 2006 have arrived Celeron Mobile 1500@4170MHz = 178% overclock Kinc extends his lead with a new result at 23.343 points Kinc reaches 23,777 in 3DMark 06 – Kinpin counters with 24,011 points! SCPC 2006 – 27 hours left Preliminary winners and results - Jon ”elmor” Sandström the winner of the Price/Performance category The winners - SCPC 2006: The winners - TECHLABS OVERCLOCKING 2006 1-й национальный конкурс "TECHLABS OVERCLOCKING" - techlabs.by Победить в конкурсе Techlabs Overclocking может каждый - Интервью с Мирославом Бабицким на nestor.minsk.by Завершился конкурс «TECHLABS OVERCLOCKING» - Обзор с фото на vibra.ws Scythe WorldWide "Overclock to the Max!" Contest - Новость на overclockers.ru Новость на www.techpowerup.com Новость на www.tweaktown.com Home Interactive Technologies 2006 Home Interactive Technologies 2006 . Более подробно. Как я провёл зиму выставку или почти всё о HIT 2006 (Часть 1) - topmods.net H I T 2006 - xard.ru. Экстремальный разгон: Intel Kentsfield под жидким азотом. topmods.net Экстремальный разгон c жидким азотом (HIT 2006) автор TiN (Цеменко Илья) P.S If anyone knows what other notable competitions and events were held in these years, please write to us. I will search them for information for the history.
  25. 4 points
    If apex is really $399 that is a an easy choice imo. Just being real.
  26. 4 points
    core on air (LinX): 3600 1.40 for an acceptable chip, 1.35 for a good one, 1.30 for an awesome one core on air (spi 32M): 3900 1.40-1.45 is good for B2, 4000 1.40-1.45 is good for G0 FSB on air: 550 acceptable, 575 good, 600 best CB is usually -140 to -120 Note that low-multi chips (E6300) don't really need good core and high-multi chips (E6600+) have weaker requirements on FSB.
  27. 3 points
    >4700 c13 1t with cold should be nice
  28. 3 points
  29. 3 points
  30. 3 points
    on this specific case it was just a confirmation on which parts were modified by the banned user. The suspicion arose when the new subbed score was the same and the screenshot almost identical than the original one. Fotoforensics is not standard routine nor decisive
  31. 3 points
    I always know from his score that he is cheating somehow but couldn't improve it. There is no place for cheating in hwbot , we do it for fun and clear your head of all the work and crap around . You all overclockers enjoy and bench for fun 😉
  32. 3 points
    I finally got my CPU from a german online shop, I7 bc boxed i9 is paid but not in stock until x-mas obviously In general handling was easy at board level, despite having zero experience with coffeelake R aka 9900k, oc was easy and reliable, I saw improvment on LLC-handling and I am quite impressed. A few results for the start
  33. 3 points
    9800GX2 seems to post as well even tho the card is dead (artifacts) Also, posted alternative USB drivers on main post with instructions for win7. Should work fine but will verify myself tomorrow.
  34. 3 points
    Yes, about same as before. Waza passes 10-20mhz higher
  35. 3 points
  36. 3 points
    I have a nice collection for pre-nehalem era of Asus boards (although no REX x48). Here is the link posted at vlab.su - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-NAgz5wvIdJV2NrbHJvQUZqbkU/view For other brands, you have to search and usually these are "pay to access" resources. There are some boardview files available for MSI, Gigabyte, modern Asus. Important note - viewing software may be different. Sometimes these are not as comfortable and easy as the above - Asus TSICT etc are pain in the ass to use.
  37. 3 points
    Thanks Alby. Yeah...was somehow hoping but cancelling is the prudent approach. Love the get togethers but not worth the risks to attendees and friends/families atm.
  38. 3 points
    Well check the performance as well, some subs on 4 dimmers to hit 4800c14 are horrible, tcwl 18 and stuff like that....
  39. 3 points
    so we started with saying its cheating, to then clamoring on about not cheating, but then into name calling. If the score isn't correct, report it with details as to why and let the mods handle it. Name calling and screaming cheating is not the way.
  40. 3 points
    Your cpu is not good enough anyway - no goldrush for you
  41. 3 points
    its ok - he is most likely 16 and probably hasnt figured out all of these yet. Can someone from his country reach out to him and explain? Just so he learns. No point in punishing new people and turning them away from (x)OC and bot. @ZoLKoRn maybe
  42. 3 points
    removed, I would kindly invite her to bring these CPUs to next Computex to show us where we all went wrong
  43. 3 points
  44. 3 points
    Wooooooooo here we go
  45. 3 points
    I rather have the ranking working properly based on the points people merited before we start the options of comparing day.week ormonthly positions....
  46. 2 points
    GIGABYTE Z490 X3 BIOS Release! 1. Add 1T/3T Time Support 2. Fixed DDR Training Voltage 3. Add Advanced Voltage Offset for Adaptive Vcore 4. add PS/2 Support*(not open to enduser) GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher 0527 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VxxbKgX0MZ0KZPQe5lamx-2aNAgnDfPq/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS EXTREME WATERFORCE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F96s8R5rz5QUf1Qjrszrk1_MugwZH8rM/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS EXTREME https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sBGpK5hdwNDEGomIqsFVznUeVQ7I55LO/view?usp=sharing Z490 AOROUS MASTER https://drive.google.com/file/d/16tW_EG8pOvrHK8MnuvBARLE5PoZUgBiv/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS ULLTRA https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hyHEqH-benBwF9asHtt-KurNwFEGOE5J/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS PRO AX https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PuEu07un5qMAVDoIt5YaKEdYFzD4gKh9/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS ELITE AC https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hvc57nG4Kfi9S0jrEkSVXUvJ6aVg5AN8/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS ELITE https://drive.google.com/file/d/16OfZSibsTN69WibLjyD4EHE6cpFQF2Z7/view?usp=sharing Z490I AORUS ULTRA https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CvKGT1EhQEkaPVHwwVXkwBN99jKPZlX8/view?usp=sharing
  47. 2 points
    If you have a gigabyte aorus x470 ultra gaming and you hate the 1.55v limit of this board. Use this mod on your one risk. Its working , I pushed my 3000g to +1.8v in the Cheapaz Chips Round 1 APU 🤪 Thx bas @auto660 for fixing my failed vmod 🍻
  48. 2 points
  49. 2 points
  50. 2 points
    The resolution at 2160P test score. Compared to the 1080P and 2160P (4K) resolution of SPECviewperf 13 score as below, It can be seen that using 1080P resolution performance will improve a lot. SPECworkstation 3.0 Resolution 3840 x 2160, GPU changed to RTX 2070 Super Geekbench 5 OpenCL Score => 86188 If the creator's laptop uses 3D rendering software, it is often demand on OpenGL or CL performance. The software as above mainly used to test the performance of OpenGL or CL. Some graphics software had well known before. Then comes DirectX performance, which is the 3D technology that general games use. The back parentheses which are AERO 15 OLED equipped i9-9980HK and RTX 2080 Max-Q comparison. 3DMARK Fire Strike => 18357 (17516) FINAL FANTASY XIV : Shadowbringers 1920 X 1080 HIGH=> 16895 (15948) FAR CRY 5 Resolution 1920 x 1080, set 3D effect to very high Built in benchmark tool – rendering frames 6345 (5878) The three types of DirectX 3D test data above can be seen that the RTX 2070 Super score is higher. And even SPECviewperf 13 and SPECworkstation 3.0 data are the same situation. The new mobile version RTX 2070 Super performance will be higher than the previous RTX 2080 Max-Q. In addition, the higher-end RTX 2080 Super, of course it would be stronger. And it is a 3D performance upgrade for thin and light laptops. I also hope that in the future, NVIDIA’s updated official version driver will improve the performance of these two RTX Supers. Burn-in Temp. test. Ambient temperature at 21˚C, proceed Intel Core i7-10875H cooling test. Fan speed set to normal speed, the CPU full speed up to about 4500~4600rpm. Run the LinX 0.7.1 at full speed, 72~79˚C, maxima up to 80. The fan was about 2600 ~ 2800 rpm during idle. In this state, the fan sound was too quiet to hear the fan sound. The CPU full speed was up to about 3000~3200rpm, although the noise is increased but not loud. Compared with other high-end gaming laptops were tested by several users, this is about below medium volume of fan noise. The i7-10875H TDP specification is 45W, AERO 17 HDR cooling system could suppress higher TDP usage. The clock of 8C16T burn-in state is about 2.9 ~ 3G, although LinX is very strict burning software for Intel CPU. Compared to AERO 15 OLED with 8C16T i9-9980HK, was already has a very good heat dissipation capacity. The 17” AERO with a larger cooling module, which directly makes the heat dissipation capacity and noise of fans performed better. FurMark mainly for GPU RTX 2070 Super burn in test. GPU 1035MHz / MEM 5500MHz, the GPU fan full speed up to about 4000~4200rpm. Run FurMark got idle of 36˚C and full speed 68˚C. With FurMark burn-in test, keyboard side around 28~38˚C, upper side 28~42˚C, left & right side vents 31~46˚C. Back side vents 39~52˚C, D side air intake vent 33~52˚C. The fan noise was a little bit increase during GPU full speed mode, although the noise close to mid-high frequency but the overall is not too loud. In terms of high-loading environment, it was acceptable and not to make people felt uncomfortable. You won’t hear much noise when both the loading environment and fan speed is low. In situations like web surfing, video watching and music. On the battery life, Microsoft Azure AI set to “Battery Save Mode”. Turn off the Wi-Fi link to internet and the Bluetooth to playback video at 1080P format with creen brightness 20%, it claimed up to 8 hours by official tests. In real test, used Wi-Fi link to internet and playback YouTube video at DVD 480P format with 30% of brightness, after 1 hour with 87% left, after 2 hours with 74% left, After 3 hours with 62% left, 5 hours with 34% left, and after 7 hours with 5% then shutdown automatically. That means the battery life performance is excellent for long-term usage environment. Summarized on GIGABYTE AERO 17 HDR Key features and advantages: 1. Solid on chassis and assembling quality, it is significantly different from gaming laptops’ ID design. 2. AUO 4K HDR 400 panel, ultra-narrow bezel design on 3 sides and X-Rite Pantone display color certification. 3. Equipped with the 10th Gen. 8C16T i7-10875H or i9-10980HK to achieve the highest performance of Intel platform laptops. 4. Equipped with the latest NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super or 2080 Super graphics to achieve the highest 3D performance. 5. Rich functions of AORUS Control Center and Nahimic 3D sound software. 6. Support Microsoft Azure AI for dynamic adjust to get higher efficient and performance. 7. WINDFORCE Infinity cooling with dual 72 blades fans and 5 heatpipes to increase 30% heat dissipation. 8. The Per-key RGB backlit keyboard with membrane design and the keystroke feedback was very well. 9. Equipped with the Killer AX1650 Wi-Fi card which supported 802.11AX (WIFI 6) technology. 10. The webcam cover is heart touching, and the battery life above the standard by high-end hardware. The points for future improvement listed. 1. WebCam got lower resolution and quality, hope it could be improved. 2. The sound quality of the speaker in the bass effect and sound field could be better. 3. It would be better if it could provide 4K OLED version like AERO 15 Performance Rating ★★★★★★★★★☆ 93/100 Material Rating ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 88/100 Specification Rating ★★★★★★★★★☆ 92/100 ID design Rating ★★★★★★★★★☆ 90/100 Cost Performance Rating ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 77/100 There are HDR(4K) and non-HDR(FHD 144Hz) version of AERO 17, others are differentiated by CPU and GPU hardware. The latest version of HDR equipped with Intel's 10th Gen. Core i7-10875H or i9-10980HK. And this is the first time to equip the RTX 2070 Super and 2080 Super(Max-Q) graphics, the price is about USD$1999~4499 The GPU will also have three versions: RTX 2070 Max-Q, RTX 2060, GTX 1660Ti in the market. They are non-HDR version on the market currently, which equipped with Intel's 9th Gen. Core i7-9750H. And equipped with GTX 1660Ti, RTX 2060 and 2070 graphics, the price is about USD $1499~2199 The above 2 entry-level models look more valuable, AERO 17 series has two Gens. of product lines in multiple versions. Consumers who are interested in AERO 17 can depend on their budget and needs to choose. After the refresh, the AERO 17 HDR ID design maintains the same business design with solid chassis and excellent assembly quality. The hardware inside also has different price options due to different levels, and performance can also replace gaming laptops of the same level. It seems that the first wave of new applications is in the higher-priced AERO 17 HDR, and integrated the latest CPU and GPU to improve performance. If the gaming laptop is similar to the price and hardware placement, the ID design of AERO 17 models are still more attractive. If the AERO refreshed in the future, recommended to improve the Webcam quality and richer sound effect performance that will be more complete. Above are my personal experience on the latest hardware performance and design of AERO 17 HDR XB. It is provided as a reference for you in need. If you like my article, please come to below link windwithme FaceBook click like You will get to know my latest review product status. Your reply and like still be my power to moving forward!
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