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      READ FIRST! New support forum for HWBOT   11/05/2017

      We finally moved to a more modern forum infrastructure for community support. We're still working on implementing various features so stay tuned. Thanks for your support and hope to see you around often! November 8, 2017 Update We have imported the user profiles of the 5,000 most active members on our vbulletin forum. Your credentials should work here We will not be migrating all content from the previous forum board. For migrating the important content we are looking for help from you to determine which content should move If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to any staff member or visit the Staff Q&A sub-forum For your reference, here's the link to the old forum: http://forum.hwbot.org/index.php


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    No OC guide for this board, as there are minimal changes compared to previous platforms. M8/M9 guides also apply for M10. OCPack with: OC Panel FW ROG ConnectPlus TurboV Core MemTweakIt Download: M10AOCPack1003b.zip
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    Another quick thread to let you know we've added a link to HWBOT in the main navigation bar. Thanks @bigblock990 for the suggestion
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    i know you guys there have had a tough time of it of late, hoping things are looking up for you guys and thx for all your time and efforts with what you do for all concerned and theres no more PITA surprises to deal with
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    Welcome to the second season of the Cheapaz Chips contest series here on OC-ESPORTS. Once again we invite all HWBOT members to compete using very affordable hardware. In Season 2, it’s all about pushing NVIDIA’s GT 1030 cards. The idea of the Cheapaz Chips contest is to encourage overclockers to use all of their ingenuity and passion to hardware mod an NVIDIA GT 1030 card for maximum performance. Running from December 15th to January 15th 2018, the contest involves three unique 3D stages. The winner in Season 2 will walk away with a GALAX GTX 1080Ti HOF OC Lab Edition graphics card. Dates: December 15, 12PM GMT+0 - January 15, 12PM GMT+0 Contest page: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/cheapaz_chips_s2 Stage 1: 3DMark03 a GeForce GT 1030 videocard a processor running at 5003MHz or less Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. A verification screenshot is required. Stage 2: GPUPI 1B a GeForce GT 1030 videocard a processor running at 5003MHz or less Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. A verification screenshot is required. Stage 3: Superposition 1080P Xtreme a GeForce GT 1030 videocard a processor running at 5003MHz or less Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. A verification screenshot is required. Prizes: The highest scoring overclocker wins a GALAX GTX 1080Ti HOF OC Lab Edition graphics card. In case of a tie, the deciding benchmark is Superposition 1080P Xtreme, then GPUPI 1B, then 3DMark03. Each submission must include a picture of your graphics card in action. The graphics card does not come with international warranty.
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    Prize is for the winner, updated the text
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    This what you're after? wc1619_vc2019_060215.zip
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    Alrighty, the new support forum is up. We will shut down the original forum at some point and will of course inform you about this in due time. In the mean time, let's make this our new home
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    Old thread: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=42868
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    And I'm against the idea of restricting hardware that was won in perfectly legitimate competitions that happens to be considered ES PRECISELY Thanks for seeing my vision.
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    There is no need to make hard modding mandatory since you will not win the comp without doing so if even 1 guy has done proper modifications. This competition was designed to make the gpu the sole focus, only 3dMark03 would have any meaningful scaling if cpu was all out. 5003MHz cap fixes this. To me an event like this is a great way to get as many guys involved as possible and allowing ES will help that. Sure when you are a rookie it's easy to see this as unfair, but elites have valid gripes as well like being restricted to only 1 stage of a 5 stage comp or not being able to compete in many Ambient OC contestes. What they don't own a tower cooler or an aio ? It's hard enough to get any 'elites' to help with events like Team Cup or Country Cup because they are typically limited to one stage that requires expensive hardware and are expected to post a GFP or HWFP type score. I'm not siding with the Elites, that's kind of the whole point I'm trying to make. No sides, No Restrictions on Comp like this. A low budget (1030 only requirement) bench what you already got event for All. Perfect way for all of us to have fun doing what we love without worry of breaking expensive hardware or worry of finishing first to pay for that plane ticket you bought to attend. Let's all work together and share tips, mods etc. with the new guys and really see what we can do with this lil 1030 as a community and maybe make some new friends along the way. That is all, you may now return to your gloomy haten on eachother state afterwards
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    Who writes these things up? I mean i understand its just copy paste from last season, but we need to update this wording. Please also remove the "picture of modded graphics card in action" and change to "graphics card in action" no modding is necessary. also guys, this is ANY CPU and ANY Motherboard. NO ES restrictions. So those with "ES" boards won in legitimate competitions can use these boards without issue.
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    I can init my hand made adapter for thunderbird slot A -> socket A adapter but i don't secure if this work with non thunderbird core.
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    We're looking into this, but the migration tool isn't that great so it's pending. Any good content you'd like to have moved, feel free to make a new thread in the right sub-forum
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    Any other reported batches out there? Amazing this can still happen this day and age ...

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