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    I just bought a New Foxconn Bloodrage X58 LGA 1366 Motherboard I installed an i7 930 and she booted up. I'm a happy camper! I'll have to update the BIOS for an i7 970 and Ln2 Benching.......
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    i cant be 100% its been so long since ive had the board on, i looked in the user guide and its on page 3-30 under boot menu, 3-33 i think, i do know this if it isnt set right it just wont boot, i know it can be a pain lol
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    screenshots from the uat server x265 4k & xtu single core globals. gives full globals for ranks 2,3,4,5....... anyway x265 v 2.2 can be the tie-breaker. will re-run and try to do 0.601+........ xtu will remain as a problem. not only for one core but for many non-k chips.....
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    1 Person, 1 room, might be able to share a room, not going to have much extra stuff coming from Germany.
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    Un-freakin-believable. ;) Oh.. wait I said before You're pushing on all 50s.. Congrats!
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    when you don't even need a monitor to bench, LOL. OC is getting pretty ridiculous these days.
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    Count me in I actually have the Wife excited about this too. She is more excited about the shopping options than the party though MaddMutt hwbot.org/user/MaddMutt/ Overclockers.com
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    This looks amazing! Definitely on my radar, will see if I can make it once I have a bit more of my summer schedule nailed down.
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    This discussion is weird, I just got a link on this. You pull the cable, you are cheating, and if you are unable to read the rules thatstate the rendered image has to be visible you are not very clever. When you then publicly make a big fuss what a super cheater you are by publsishing stuff like this, you have to live with some feedback you might not like. I saw lots of results at my time as mod and on some you could see irregularities, but the main problem is grey zone at fps. So, to make it short, yes, some people killed this benchmark
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