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    Benefits of ASRock motherboards is continued support and with coffee this is no different. This mod and bios will actually will help them lose money. So make sure to thank Nick Mod point is below, connect both pads with tin/silver ink etc. Flash bios http://picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/Z17MOCF751A.rar with kabylake CPU, shut down insert coffee and go. XP working fine ASRock nor I take any liability for HW damage, perform at your own risk. Enjoy! (pic courtesy of HKEPC)
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    I was wondering are there going to be trophies for the challenger series this year they were a nice touch.
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    Your points are well taken Tom, we the greater community are mostly either ignorant or incidentally take for granted the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scoreboards to keep the Bot up, running and growing. It's no doubt a lot of real work, that requires knowledgeable expertise, determination and patience that I suspect isn't adequately, if at all appropriately enumerated. Perhaps we can all take a moment and thank all those past and present who have and continue to labor making this 24/7, 365 days a year, global venue possible, and for any who have been bitten by the OC bug a hell of a lot of fun... SOOO a big sincere thanks to you all. That said I would like to suggest for future reference; if there is going to be a big and prolonged overhaul of the engine, take a little more time and make a concerted effort to adequately explain it to the community. The more detailed the better, and considerably more than has currently been the case might nip a range of problems in the bud. State a schedule, even if it has to be revised, underscore that members ranking will potentially be fluctuating wildly as the changes progress throw the system. My own have in the course of this update nearly quadrupled at a point (that was thoroughly entertaining) before finally settling down about where I would say is a factually accurate. Anyway my 2 cent is now spent, Cheers Bots, thanks for your hard work.
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