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  2. Thanks for the response and link. Perfect!! As stated the solder pads alone do not unlock voltage and you need a bios/firmware. Perhaps someone had previously done this for you. - This fourth step is what I perhaps hate the most about this card. To have a really easy bench session, you need to update the firmware to one that has elevated/unlocked voltage, but the firmware seems to be distributed only to those-who-know where to get it. It took me a long time to find the right file (and someone who was okay for this to be updated), but in the spirit of Hipro5-open-sharing, here it is. -
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  3. @GUNSLINGER Thanks man... next time mod yours ek universal water blocks forever-use... don't give them a 1c as they don't deserved... East Europe will never provide you a waterblock compatible with the next v-card. My latest EK waterblock was 780Ti and I run all new generation at my mudding the ek universal block. Take them six months to find out ppl buy my LGA 3647 at $300/block after my latest 2D run (3WR and one 2nd place date 6-months prior there release) ek 3647 waterblock relese will be a big disappointment for more of you at HWBOT "WILL BE NOT COMMPATIBLE WITH ANY HQ MOTHERBORD AS ASUS AND/OR INTEL" as was declared same days ago. FAKE NEWS, they will have to provide you also a completely different socket form, that I already sale for 6 months... NOW available in FULL COPPER COLDPLATE and will cost you less :( NOT A SPAM, Just SLINKY PC 4Best.
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  4. mine unlock just with solder peds. you have this post to :
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  5. Wow, I've dropped over 100 places in my league. I also noticed that my Catzilla entry going back months ago has disappeared. Since I can't hit the recalc button myself would really appreciate it if a mod could do it really quick - unless it is a painful process then no worries - but hoping to get some sort of affirmation... Thanks :-)
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