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    I have updated the download page on overclockers.at to reflect the situation on HWBOT better. Let me know if that helps.
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    If you search for GPUPI on the web you will find my site with all versions to download: https://www.overclockers.at/news/gpupi-international-support-thread The problem that's confusing everybody is the fork of GPUPI (3.2 and 3.1, gets points) and GPUPI 3.3 (no points). I can only accept the fact, but I am definitely not a fan of this. I would advise to not bench GPUPI 3.3 currently. I am working on GPUPI 4 that will improve a lot of things, especially benchmark security and timer precision/reliability. It will also get rid of the plagued OpenCL implemtations for CPUs, so it will work out of the box in the future. No need to install any OpenCL driver.
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    hey michael, just a wave mate 🖕
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    Did you search for and contact your local welding gas suppliers? Most of them will distribute LN2. Atleast thats how it works in the USA.
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