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    RAM walls at 920-940MHz are absolutely normal for Deneb and there is nearly nothing you can do about it. Some newer boards like 990FX can do a dozen MHz more than 790FX but it won't give you a noticeable difference, especially that newer chipsets tend to be a little bit less efficient at the same clocks.
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    Good luck with sale friends Dirt cheap !!!
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    Hey guys, decided to sell the best 1080 ti we have found that runs 2770/1675mhz full pot 3dmark timespy extreme: http://hwbot.org/submission/3857509_ Also running gpupi @2950+MHz (ranges between 2950-3000) http://hwbot.org/submission/3665003 Price: 800€
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    Some of you may already noticed that for some sockets the possibility to submit with more than one CPU disappeared. The background is that we had a lot of subs with incorrect core count. Some users probably got confused by the field and thought they have to enter their core count in the first field. Of course our Hardware Database already knows which core count your CPU has (except the maintainer made a mistake), so you dont have to do this. This resulted in dual cores appeared in quad core ranking or quad cores appeared in 16 core ranking. Like a Core i7 4770k entered as 4x was suddenly making a appearance in the sixteen core Global Points ranking for Cinebench R15 and of course, scored a gold cup for the hardware ranking. To solve this we implemented a function to prevent selecting multiple CPUs once you choose a CPU which only works with single socket systems. The only exceptions are sockets like LGA2011, LGA2011-3 which can host single Desktop CPUs as well as Dual Xeons. If you spot such submissions please report. Frederik ran a query to automatically move all wrong results back to their actually meant ranking, which affected almost 10k results. Unfortunately due to a bug not all subs got catched. I still see a lot of XTU results appearing in the wrong ranking. But I think its still a step in the right direction.
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    I've only tested one board and one CPU ahah but cold CPU helped my mem freq scale for sure with my CPU...can't boot the higher mem strap on CPU air.....For me my hyper, board ,CPU is around 930mhz and did real quick test on PSC cold and it ran 950mhz 6-7-5-15-11 My hyper runs were only 1.77v , PSC cold was 1.83v....when I tried 1.8v hyper I don't think it liked it for me....tho I'll try higher later to be sure.I have thuban on the way to try.....
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    8350k doesn’t work for me but 8700K and 8086K do.
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    I had a blast back in the day with 955BE and Giga 890FX UD7 plus some Hypers My scores from XS low clock challenge are not visible anymore because the photos don't exist, but I vividly remember the NB topping at 3100MHz @ 1.45VTT on air. Also my best scores were done at 890-900MHz RAM @ 6-6-5-17 We discussed a lot with chew* back then and he was telling me that for Thuban the best RAM are PSC, because you can push 1100MHz 7-9-7 for example. Bus speed was lower, maybe about 225MHz. I remember some scores at 260MHz but I had a very hard time getting the CPU up there.
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    Was thinking these are the only special edition from Kingston.
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    Slot-A cpu's are a bit more complicated (regarding picture verification). Yes , they have a sticker at the backside of their pcb , which contains useful info in the form of a serial number (which can be decoded). That S/N must be the exact same printed on top of their plastic cartridge. But at the same time , there has to be a core picture also (from the front side of the pcb) to verify the exact core used by AMD (cause AMD did some "magic" back then). That procedure can not be asked from a regular user. Only experienced members with cpu's cracked open can provide all these verification info. That's why i had to question some of GRIFF's results in this year OSIBS. Too good cpu results , with not all verification elements available (when asked). Meaning , that he provided some of the verification pictures mentioned above , but never the front side of the cpu (at the same time). .- Now regarding the general idea of this conversation. We can all agree that each one of us can help the moderating team , by simply adding extra info (when needed) either by adding extra photo's and proof or by writing down info at the text area. We must do our best to keep the rules at all time. It'a a matter of goodwill. ... and Gregor , dont leave your post. We need you here !!!
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