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    There are no rules which state how this bench must be run, none that I have seen. I tried all the presets and I toggled many of the different settings which are available...all made literally no difference. I didn't find any of those settings which changed the benchmark result more than 1 or 2 points (which is the same variance you can get run to run anyway). Perhaps on a different generation platform the presets/settings would make a difference, but on 775 there was no gain for me. Maybe we need to clarify the rules and specify how this should be run...
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    For sale is single stage cooler with 20000 btu rotary compressor. Unfortunately buyer haven't picked it up, so I have to make a listing here. It will be my last cooler, I run out of gas and I'm not going to buy a new bottle. All parts are of course new, quality as always Picture on load tester means holding 400W dummy load with -47C on evap top and around -31C on the load tester (probe between the heaters). I think delta can be lowered using better thermal paste than MX-2. Unit can hold 400W in constant load and more for benchmarks. Normal price will be 750 euro, I'm looking for 700 euro including GPU mounting kit (which costs 40 euro itself). So it's 90 euro discount. Local pickup in Poland welcome (Silesia region, near Czech and Germany border), I can drop a price to 650 if unit will be picked up personally. Shipping to EU only, cost around 100 euro, depends on location. I'm going also to sell the load tester with regulation 150-600W if anybody is interested at example for cooler/water blocks testing.
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    All 4 sticks up for sale are binned Kingston 2666c10 SPD from Splave's personal collection. To my knowledge, Kingston never sold this kit in retail, but they do have serial numbers so I would consider them "non-retail". Out of all the Sammy DDR3 I have ever tested, very few could even boot 2933c9 let alone be 32M stable (and some lowest passing voltage I have ever seen). Each stick was tested in single mode in the outside black slot with a heatsink and fan. They ship just as you see them...naked with no other packaging or documentation. Stick 1: $50 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick 2: $50 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick 3: $50 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick 4: $40 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick #4 was close to 2933 32M. I am sure it would pass with a little work, but I wanted to compare all to the same profile.
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    hello, I sell: gtx 580 Matrix full box: 100€ GPU: 1550mhz 1.65v (-145/-148°c) MEM: 1300mhz gtx 980 Matrix(asic 80%): 200€ GPU: 2000mhz 1.58v (-128/-130°c) MEM: 2050mhz bench: 3dmark firestrike
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    My experience with UD4P has been that it's a god tier board for am2 cpus (min did 420+ bclk ez on aio) but on AM3 cpus it isn't so good (struggled with 300 bclk on ss, my cvf is much better than that)
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    sold to subaru, paid and about to be shipped unityofsaints, check PM ozzie, sorry, no more good bins in stock currently except if unitoyofsaints ants something else
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    Don't feel so bad. My binning of 840t says that only about 50% of zosma have 6 working cores (this is after 20+ chips), also 100% of my athlon II 640's were utter garbage. The 2 out of 3 that unlocked to 6 only clocked to 3.6 ghz at 1.65v on ss. Binning results here
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    That's the fun part , you don't always compete against active members... some scores can easily be beaten due to a better subplatform.. others require more skill and optimizing settings, OS, wazza,... It is all fun... which is something many forget. A few made it into the big league, 99.5% will just have fun and achieve eternal fame on the internet... Hwbot is a database, remaining a good reference for all OCers and tweakers... that is what it always should be.... Let me restart Rookie rumble with XTU submissions, that means 400 subs per month easily, does that figure mean anything? Maybe in a chart yes, in reality most of them only do a few runs with their cpu (maybe even just as a stress test only :p) Hence why I said numbers don't mean anything...
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    Even it is just 10 people I would still be doing this... Numbers are for engineers, mathematicians,...
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    That may be too often. Sometimes I sub every weekend for several months, but sometimes I also go several months without subbing because I'm binning or I just test many things and nothing really works out correctly. You'd need a combination of forum and submissions if you wanted to see who was truly active empirically.
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