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    Selling some parts I have laying around. I take PayPal and only ship within the usa. parts included. msi 980ti with koolance waterblock. Has cool labs liquid metal. Asking $150+shipping msi x299 raider with box and VRM water block. I believe I have the air cooled heatsink. Asking $100 I5-7640X asking $100 shipped. would take $300 shipped for everything if one buyer is interested in it all.
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    For sale is single stage cooler with 20000 btu rotary compressor. Unfortunately buyer haven't picked it up, so I have to make a listing here. It will be my last cooler, I run out of gas and I'm not going to buy a new bottle. All parts are of course new, quality as always Picture on load tester means holding 400W dummy load with -47C on evap top and around -31C on the load tester (probe between the heaters). I think delta can be lowered using better thermal paste than MX-2. Unit can hold 400W in constant load and more for benchmarks. Normal price will be 750 euro, I'm looking for 700 euro including GPU mounting kit (which costs 40 euro itself). So it's 90 euro discount. Local pickup in Poland welcome (Silesia region, near Czech and Germany border), I can drop a price to 650 if unit will be picked up personally. Shipping to EU only, cost around 100 euro, depends on location. I'm going also to sell the load tester with regulation 150-600W if anybody is interested at example for cooler/water blocks testing.
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    Oh right, forgot about that part lol. 😛 Guess I'll go see how the GTS does.
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    ...And I'm actually mad about this. Random used kit I got off eBay like last year that I barely touched until recently.
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    A friend is selling locally an I7-6950X retail, an Asus X99 Gaming board Strix and 4X4 ( 16gb ) memory ( 3200 ) for 600 Euros. Trusted person. I personally consider it a rather good deal. All items in pristine condition. Have seen the rig at work. I do not know though about warranty and receipts. 450 I would say for a cpu in very good condition.
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    No it was not. Its like a 110w cpu so it really doesn't need delded if you got good cooling or want to push it hard.
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    agree ! no more than that can find here new sealed box for 600 euro
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    3600C15 on paper sounds like a super bin but I got two kits and they fail 32M instantly 4K 12-11-11 no matter how I tweak volts.
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    All stages besides the SLI in DDR4 are single card and single core only cards....
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    Price drop to £600 including chipping in EU. Updated OP with 7350k
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