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  1. hi all CPUs are sealed prices are: 6950X 570 euro 7900X 630 euro 7940X 820 euro 7960X 1070 euro prices are shipped for Europe
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  2. Great card , bios flashed for extreme, come with original box without stock cooler. was on dice only 2 time . Didn't try ln2 but with dice it took 1st gpupi. http://hwbot.org/submission/3889915_shar00750_gpupi___1b_geforce_gtx_980_18sec_393ms price : 180€ + shipping
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  3. We have in house comps at W9. You are more than welcome to participate for the fun of it. No pressure, no points no BS. Just fun.
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  4. nice imc working good at 4k@ 1.45v. i use 1.5/1.55v over 4200. but not all chips have good imc
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  6. Too bad you were halfway across the room, guess I should've shouted out my search request 😎
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  7. There is no love, only pure hatred. On the plus side it saved me some money as I have zero desire to own one now. I'll stick to the m7i, a much better board.
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