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    BIOS for Z170 OC Formula -- based off Nick's BIOS, modded by dsanke Changes: Added 906EC (Octa-core) microcode Updated iGPU vBIOS to 1059 and GOP to 9.0.1080 DSDT and CPU SSDT patched to support 16 thread Download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=03237385439615534015 BIOS for Z170M OC Formula -- based off Nick's BIOS, also modded by dsanke Same changes as above. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=77370903885183324131
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    For me work perfect on reference GTX 480 and SOC GTX 470 CHL8266_No_OCP_Firmware.rar GeForce_GTX_480_Cold_Slow_Bug_Fix.rar
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    Cold on the CPU usually doesn't make a difference. I ran 1450 6-9-6, 1466 6-10-6 and 1500 6-11-6 all with CPU on AIO. Try booting into OS at 2.20V and then increasing voltage from there, so that Vttddr stays at 1.10V. Most kits don't like above 1.10.
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    No cold results as I have no LN2 access. Didn't write down VID, imho those values are useless with these chips as every board spits out a different value.
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    I thought i remeber that the impact like synced rtl timings like 35/35 or 36/36 for pi
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    Whoot, thanks guys Yes, I am planning a full guide of how to bench this board cold, with screenshots and all the details you want.
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    Should be able to lock vttddr to 1.1 in the tweakers paradise section anyways?
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    Anyone else got any tips or advice? @l0ud_sil3nc3 @Splave @Bullant
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    Yo, yo. It's that time of year again. Lol. Cold PSC ftw. I'm on the Impact VII this time to see how it compares to OCF last year (and because it has working USB ports). I managed 2800 6-10-6-22 1T, with all sub-timings tight (including WRRD 13 and REFI 65535) except RFC which was at 72. This passed 32M wazza at 2.24V. 35/36/4/4 would boot and run, but 32M exited halfway through each time. And anything over 2800 would fail to train and give me 55/FE codes until I warmed the ram up (either lots or just a bit). Even loosening everything excet CAS it still wouldn't train. The one time it did train was only single channel. I still have ~10L (I think) so was going to try cold CPU as well? I'm assuming that the IMC is holding me back at this point? Edit: I was running 4GHz on G3258 and got a 7m 18.1s run.
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    Mr. Scott, tellin' it like it is. Never stop.
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    How about because it the rule. Try reading them. Nobody gets a pass because they don't want to waste the time doing it right.
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    Why should we? I guess him as well as me are just hoping to be able to use current Gen CPU without the need to update the MoBo as well. I am wondering if MOCF and OCF Bios are so different? Maybe it is easier to adjust MOCF bios to OCF than to add the Microcode/Core Selection. Still hoping someone will do it sometime. I would if I knew how to do it.
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    True!!! six in a row would be a bit over the top.
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    Enjoy 7.51F PS this one's 8 core ready. Z17MOCF7.51F_CFL.bin.zip
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    Binning CFR is a waste of time. I had a special 2x4GB kit from G.Skill but even that could not compete with PSC or Samsung D-die. So you have no chance to find something actually useful on OEM.
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    Hey guys! I know this topic is mostly about PSC, but when binning 2Gbit CFR, what formula should I follow? Either of the bios profiles is good for a start? TBH I dislike them, most are loose at some settings that makes binning with them useless, but I'm not too good with CFR yet. I acquired 50 sticks of generic single sided 2Gbit CFR sticks, would like to bin them properly. I ran a few in a M5E with a good IMC 3770k, but only tried 2400C10-12-11. Best pair of 8 sticks I tried did spi32m at 1.62V at above speeds.
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