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    I am aware of that, but the fact is pointless unless you come by with your board and put the 7640X in there to read VID - which of course you are free to do but I'd say highly unlikely 😛
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    It is quite consistent if using the same board. For example I was able to predict within 50 MHz what max. my 7640X would hit on LN2 after comparing its VID with my 7740X.
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    Set Internal PLL Overvoltage to auto, when it's enabled some boards go right to code 15 Edit: from Raja "Just an FYI: Code 15 will also happen if memory is clocked too high for IMC to handle." and "Code 15 means IMC halted before DRAM training even started. Either DRAM is very badly unstable or IMC has an issue (could be IMC voltage needs changing also). Assuming no bent or poorly contacting pins in socket (sometimes CPU might need re-seating)"
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    BIOS for Z170 OC Formula -- based off Nick's BIOS, modded by dsanke Changes: Added 906EC (Octa-core) microcode Updated iGPU vBIOS to 1059 and GOP to 9.0.1080 DSDT and CPU SSDT patched to support 16 thread Download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=03237385439615534015 BIOS for Z170M OC Formula -- based off Nick's BIOS, also modded by dsanke Same changes as above. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=77370903885183324131
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    Changelog: Updated CPU Microcode for 8c CPU support
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