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    Congrats Bruno! Nice find on the new Intel OpenCL driver. It implicitely makes use of AVX512 instructions for the first time, so that gives the nice boost if anybody wonders: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/opencl-drivers PS: The screenshot is a bit unlucky though because the message box hides this information.
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    https://hwbot.org/submission/3909790 I'm sorry, I think you were mistaken.
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    Hi, up for sale are my last non G.Skill DDR4-kits, both kits are tested and work. 1. 2x8GB Galax OC Lab DDR4-4133 C19-21-21-41 1,35v limited edition 2017 The kit is number 004, it uses normal pcb layout and b-die, box is part of the deal. Mint condition apart from some fingerprints 😛 2. 2x4GB Kingston DDR4-3466 C16-18-18-36 (Rambus Yang AFR edition) Works, like #1 I tested specs again today. Prices 1. 310 Euros sold 2. 60 Euros sold at ebay Payment is possible with paypal (gift or buyer covers fees) or bank transfer. Shipping will cost 7-15 Euros depending on which kit you take
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    Hey guys, im selling my ASRock Z170M OC Formula (MOCF). It is in very good condition, Bios Mod (L.751.E) for CFL + Hardware Mod already installed, so no need for CPU mods. Everything fine & works. Tested with 7700, 8700k & 8086k. The new 9700k/9900k will work too. Two Pins are burned (which is normal if you add CFL CPUs) but does not affect the functionality. Never used for LN2 or other equipment, just watercooling. Comes with all accessories and original packaging. Price: 280 Euro Add for Shipping (Germany 6 Euro - EU 15 Euro) for more countries PM me.
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    Dear All, Ive been thinking a lot to keep these toys or not, but decided to let it go for 2 reasons. Number one, every penny is needed for 9000 series. Number 2, Ive been searching literally for months on ebay for a proper 2x512 BH5 kit, unsuccessful. the best I found is a 2x256 UTT BH5 kit, still not capable of 250mhz 2-2-2-5 32M with proper subs since i cannot squize out more of this setup like this, i let others have the opportunity to have fun with this legendary setup. CPU is capable of 3GHz 1.55v SPI 1M on air, 3800mhz max clock on LN2 and 3600~3700mhz 250fsb SPI 32M at -85C range http://hwbot.org/submission/3945344_ http://hwbot.org/submission/3942715_ Mobo is MINT condition, even chipset fan is silent like new, fully operational, coming with original box and all original accessories! Insulated with LET as you can see on the photos. asking 200 EUR shipped within EU. possible to ship worldwide, please ask. this is a private sale, everything is tested to be 100% working, no return or warranty.
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    Bump. Would anyone be interested in buying some reject DDR3 G-die sticks (1GB ss or 2GB ds)? Some info here: https://hwbot.org/submission/3962757
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    I lost most of my screens lately when I scraped 4 hdds and my cpus do not meet good imc standards, but I still found a few results and did a fast test for 4200 12-11 gb and xtu at 2,03v on apex 10 this afternoon after I made a memtest run for specs, will post this later
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    I've got an extra 35 and 30 so might be able to take care of this for you dude. Vacuum seems solid on both but not 100% sure of an easy way to tell if they're "perfectly working untouch". Also no idea how to properly ship one I'm heading out of town mid next week so wouldn't be able to get anything out until late November / early December. Let's exchange pm's but keep your thread open. If no one sets you up by mid-November and you still need one, we can take it from there.
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    Is updated IGPU vBIOS the same as pcie patching ? "pcie_patcher.cmd biosname" Just wanting to know if I can run discrete gpu at 16x and not be stuck at 2x
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    well george, when youre a naughty boy, you get smacked, 🙂
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    Hey guys! I bought a Maximus VIII Gene not long ago. It has a very-very strange issue! BCLK set in bios vs actual in win and any other OS has a 1.25x divider! Leaving it auto, or setting it 100 results in a BCLK of 80 in windows, for 100BCLK I need to set 125BCLK in bios. Tried both a skylake i3 and a kaby i7, 0018 and latest bios, both update from within bios and USB flashback. Anybody has any idea if this an IC freaking out, or some MEI bug, or a faulty mobo sample? I am sure it is the bios listing it wrong, because I set 125BCLK for a kaby bios (no skylake BCLK OC beyond Intel limited 102.9) and my i3-6320 booted fine and showed 100.0 in Windows. Thanks in advance, David
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    Not every chip coldbugs in that range and not every SS can hold the right load temp. Ran LN2 for 32m on socket 939 at the weekend for 20 mins, 40 isn't too much of a stretch.
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    LN2 at -50 to -60c on sandy for a 45 minute run 😂 I could see it helping mem tho, so theoretically could be useful for timings. Did you use hypers? I had no luck with them on sandy myself. I couldn't set as tight of tertiary timings as on PSC so my score ended up taking a hit despite tighter primaries.
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    SS, LN2 is too costly, single benchmark are runs of 40-45 mins, not happening for this old geezer prebin on air for max bootable bclock, check IMC too, I had good bclockers with 1866 max mem speed, so no good :p Carl will trash all the scores again... he can reach a real 0.62 for sure with his CPU
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    Nice! Do you have any advice for max bclk? I'll admit I'm kinda clueless and just use mostly auto voltages then put gpu in last slot on a board with plx chip.
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