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    I think he probably just has the best set out there?
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    I was poking around the other day, and I noticed an issue where multiple submissions for the same user and same benchmark (and same CPU) would show up multiple times in the rankings. I have (at least) one instance of it myself in the Core i3 8100 Cinebench R15 scores, where both of my submissions (615 and 621) show up. I appear to be getting hardware points for both submissions (only a half a point each), where I assume it's supposed to give points only on the best result. The bigger offender that I saw was the Core i3 8100 XTU rankings, where one of the users (claudiohonio) has 14 of the top 21 results, each awarding hardware points (9.1 to 16.7 points each), and also giving him the silver and bronze cups and both the 4th and 5th place medals. Taking a look through his other submissions, mainly XTU, it appears this is happening in the Core i7 8550U, Core i7 7500U, and i3 5005U XTU results, among others. In his top 40 hardware points, five of the Core i7 7500U scores, three of the Core i3 5005U scores, and another couple duplicates are all being counted towards the hardware points for the league ranking. I'm not trying to single out that one user, but I just happened to notice the i3-8100 XTU rankings and figure it could be a system-wide bug that could allow for points padding by effectively submitting multiple top (similar) results for a particular benchmark, boosting the number of submissions, which would cause more points to be awarded, all to the same user. Or, the issue might have been fixed, and these sorts of results wouldn't have been resolved.
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    Yes Frederik is gonna add a subcategory to the benchmark list with TS GPU and TSE GPU score, to avoid this workaround
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    The fact that sticks with that layout work on a few other boards (M8i, X299 OCF) indicates an issue with most boards training. I do remember getting some of my RGB sticks to boot 4000C12 on MOCF by booting single stick, then setting RTLs and adding the 2nd so maybe that's what he did.
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    I think it is board specific . I bought a Rgb set from websmile some time ago ,which was suppose to do 4133 12-11-11 on Mocf but on my board i barelly could get close to 4000 mhz while with other kits i did 4190 no problem. I have another Mocf in storage (in another country) and will try with that one in order to test my theory.
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    Anyone mind explaining this?? The heck did Mad Tse manage 4133C12 32M on OCFM with sticks that use RGB layout??? https://clockemup.com/z170m-mod-gen9/
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    CBR sold for 43.25 shipped CVF still available
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    On the right side of the page there's an edit button so you can fix it.
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    Btw, I'll be adding a datafile-only button to the y-cruncher HWBOT Submitter app. So you won't need to do the ugly disconnect work-around anymore. Apologies for that inconvenience. I never anticipated that submissions would be done anywhere other than directly to HWBOT. And there were some technical reasons why I didn't want to expose the raw datafile. (mods feel free to PM me on the details) Fixing this will require a backwards incompatible change. So I'll be doing it in November after the competition ends. I don't really want to touch anything while that's ongoing.
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    ...Reballing in the future?
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    There aren't very many USB manufacturers though, an image with integrated Asmedia, NEC/Renesas and VIA drivers would do the trick. They all tend to use unified driver packages (per manuf).
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    Sent ya a DM on Discord. I'll buy it from you.
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    Just make yourself usb flash drive with HirensBootCD on it, boot into the linux rescue enviroment, and use Disk Eraser. It accomplishes the same thing, is very easy to do, and you can use it on any pc. No special bios required.
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    Cpu will not be an issue, board reference frequency by socket is mobo socket. So if you set reference frequency on crosshair v it is am3+ whether there is am3 cpu or am3+ cpu inside. If you set ref clock on crosshair iv it is am3 even if you use am3+ cpu on it. That said I like the idea that was mentioned earlier to consider am2/+, am3/+, and all lga 1151 as single sockets as it would be silly to have the lineup be something like Maximus x AND maximus ix, or crosshair iv AND v, etc.
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    Nice chip! Outclocks both of mine! Was hoping that we'd see who will pull ahead on ln2, thuban or yorkfield but it seems that is still up in the air.
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    DRAM skews were very important for me when running e6400. And for cpu/nb I was using +200/+100.
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    Damned, a1 layout on apex IX - this is not fair, you are disqualified 😛 - good job
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