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    heya for sale are a few kits of 4gb samsung d-die sticks. 1. 4x4GB Trident X 2600c10 genuine quad Kit. Comes with OVP+Fan. Tested and working for Specs. 2. 2x4GB Trident X 2600c10 genuine dual Kit. Comes with OVP+Fan. Tested and working for Specs. 3. 4x4GB Trident X 2400c9 genuine quad Kit. Tested and working for Specs. 4. 2x4GB Team Xtreem 2400c9 genuine dual Kit with KO-8155 PCB. Tested and working for Specs. 5. 2x4GB Corsair CMGTX9 ES Sticks with HYK0 Samsung. Tested and working for Specs, 2666c10. 6. 6x1GB Kingston HyperX 2000c8. Tested and working for Specs on z97. Those are 1GB Elpida Hyper Sticks, good for 775 ddr3 Boards with weak IMC. One Stick has a damaged Corner but works fine. Prices: 1. SOLD 2. SOLD 3. SOLD 4. SOLD 5. 45€+shipping 6. SOLD
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    Thanks Chispy! Having fun, first time with CPU and GPU both on Ln2 together :) I need more of this ;) When you going cold again bro?
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    I mean define nice, my 7350k had zero issues running 4133 tight on ln2, but too far beyond that was a struggle. At least for gb3
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    Congratz on your awesome score ! OMG 7.3Ghz is the norm for 2D now , crazy chips
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    I know you can get those licenses for 20 on steam or what not. but add to 3D licenses those for gb3, gb4, pcmark, etc. add the dice or ln2 for extreme users. the hardware can cost a lot more but some here don t buy new hardware and may not loose money on it after reselling. others break hardware torturing it, and I guess that s why they are in the top 100, being pro or semi-pro holding 3x gtx 2080 they didn t pay. some others may not. we make use of the software not so much because we want to (although I love spi32m, cbr15 and x265 for instance ;)), but because you require it. of course 3D bench softwares require(d) a lot much more efforts to make than y-cruncher, hwbot prime, super pi, wprim etc, which I am sure went through a lot of hard work anyways. although the authors of 3D benchs surely have lots of merit and skills, for enthusiasts, which are 99% of the crowd here, buying licenses they may use only a few times does not seem "realistic".
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    Hi all, I am wondering whether this was ever thought or not, and if that could be implemented... for competitions such as the current team cup, a valid link is often necessary for 3dmark products, for instance for 3d11 performance, 3d11 extreme, fire strike normal, ultra, extreme, time spy, etc I do not hold valid keys for some of those and find prohibitive, not to say something else, to buy all the necessary keys to post one score I may never bench ever again... for instance 3d11 extreme, I never do that one but for the cup, stage 7 ddr3 requires it. my question comes here: since hwbot calls for validation links, would it not be an option, and somewhat desired, to have at hand temporary licensed keys offered by 3dmark, for the time of the competition and getting invalid as soon as it ends, to benchers that participate ? Cheers
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    Ok, I take it as no other benchmarks. You realy don't need to teach me what overclocking is about I'm here long enough to know a few tricks here or there myself. The thing here is to evaluate whether it is worth the extra time spent or not. In other words - what is better - quantity or quality? For example SuperPI 32M - we all know it is best to run in on tweaked XP (for most platforms)... but is it worth the effort to install XP just for one benchmark, when I'm running the other 20 on W7 64? For most cases it isn't. And the same applies here, on top of that the uncertainty of GPUPI future (what version will have points... 3.2, 3.3, 4.0... or which one will ger merged / deleted) might be discouraging people from putting too much work in it.
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    Yes, sure you are. Killing HW is not exactly proof of skill, is it? But i guess it is understandable considering you started overclocking just a year ago
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    @Mr.Scott That is very nice offer and I really appreciate it. For now I'll stay in my team. But if they won't change their attitude to team competitions for the next season, then the chance to join W9 is very tempting (if the offer still stands by then). @_mat_ Well, then show me another benchmarks that gain performance from this... besides GPUPI.
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    Cheapest? No, not for me anyway... that would be s478 or 754. Maybe some people don't have problem doing hardmods on $600 GPU, but I do. Simple look on my paycheck is discouraging enough. Also I don't like killing HW in the process of overclocking - I have thousands of scores here on Bot... and yet I can easily count components that died on my fingers. $800 NUC or dual Titan is no concern to me, because I don't have that kind of HW and never will. Also I don't really care about TC standings at all - one-man-team can never reach decent position in competition like this. Sure and then desolder the old chip and put new one in... doable of course. But not bricking the original one is far more time/money effective.
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    No, but it is not needed for anything but GPUPI... so waste of time in my book. Also the risk of bricking the MB is always there if something goes wrong.
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    5000 1.184v (1.190 LL5). No delid yet. L641 batch.
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    Last chance for 7700K binning. After Il give up
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    First tests with new ASR ES NS·bin cpu Motherboard: ASRock M·OCF bios 7.21B CPU: Delidded w/ T.Grizz top and bottom Batch: L631F623 (ES) Cooling: AIO (no fan) next to window. >3-4C lower than ambient room temps Load Level 1 (highest LLC) VID: 1.200v 50/45 1.152v (CPU·Z) 1.155v (AFD) one run stable 50/45 1.168v (CPU·Z) 1.170v (AFD) multi run stable 52/45 1.280v stable didn't try lower 52/50 1.296v (CPU·Z) 1.300v (AFD) 53/45 1.328v (CPU·Z) 1.335v (AFD) >1.325v (AFD) passed one run >1.310v (AFD) threw common CBR15 error code window, more than half finished. > Screenshot still on that rig, quit here. Will add to Imgur Album later Kaby L631F623 (es) R15 bin - Album on Imgur TO DO: ADD VID - DONE
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    Lol, i have the same batch !!! On single stage not delid can do 5.8 4c/4t 3D bench, but i'm -40 full load. It scale good on cold...
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    My L643G (not delided) Custom Watercooled 5.0/4.5 1.168V (CB15) 5.3/4.5 1.30V
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    ya they got some fresh 7350k's last night, batch L647, hopefully I find a nice one. Your cpu looks really promising, especially before delid.
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    batch L639F977, MOCF bios p7.40. LLC1 5.0/4.5 @ 1.152V 5.2/4.5 @ 1.232V 5.3/4.5 @ 1.296V (1.3V in bios) Don't want to run higher until it gets the top popped.
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    On Asus m8AH 1.312 volts 51/46 1.125 volts /3600 4 sticks 1.35 volts, 100% stable threw Blenders benchmark test run that lasts just over an hour with the lid still on, still waiting on my thermal Grizzly to delid, Also on my bios chip for my Z170OC, But im still tweaking and tuning I think im gunna end up somewhere around 5.3-5.4 after delid and more voltage (at least hoping)
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    VTT is default at half of VDIMM, VTT only affecting memory stability (B Die might be need specific VTT for Ultimate Stability, every kit is different!), for more uncore you need more vcore or colder temp.
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    This chip did 5.6GHz 1.5v after delidded on 23 Celcius Ambient speed.fastest`s CPU Frequency score: 5605.69 mhz with a Core i7 7700K
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    Guess I'm gonna steal it... L6390049 MOCF VID 1.168V R15 5.0/4.5/3600 c16 1.19V 5.2/4.5/3600 c16 1.29v // 1.3V on screen, but It passed 5 times in row at 1.29V, -5mV BSOD after benchmark ended... not delided
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    i solder always on my boards 2 wires( +VCC and GND) from MLCC back side socket to read with accuraty on my DMM , even some board has vcore check points ... on Hero if you use LLC lv5 you got a bit undervolt in load! if used llc lv7 you got 30 -35mv overvolt that you set in bios! also chip can do 5 ghz uncore on air and max tested was 5200 core at 1.28vcore cinebench R15!
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    Cache seems typical to Skylake or even worse,among the cpu's i tested for 5000 cache lowest ones were with 1.30-1.31,4800 worked ok for 1.23-4 tough. Best cpu ever i touched would not crush when set 5000/5000 1.27,for complete stabilty in 32M and stuff would be 1.285V for 5000 cache
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    Sounds like golden chip, the best i have seen on facebook is 5ghz 1.14v
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