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    Heaven ftw! Maybe also superposition, never ran it but we are lacking in modern GPU benchmarks. Only have Time Spy which is actually a proper modern GPU benchmark. Port royal has no CPU test and only one GT, so not sure about that. Doesn't feel like a proper benchmark. More of a feature test.
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    Hi all I wasn't lucky with Abit for sA benchmarking - they never survived more than a few days (had several ones, ones I remember were fully modded from moose83 and stock one from Ananerbe). I also had no luck with Epox boards. Many other boards either don't have mounting holes near socket or miss good/custom bioses. The board that was almost flawless for me is Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe - it has a bunch of modded bioses (thanks Scotty!) and I never had bios corruption issues with it. But it has a major flaw that is killing this board for most of the benchers - no 12V cpu power connector, so it uses 5V rail for cpu vrm. I was using external vrm to avoid this problem but this approach also have certain problems and is not always available for many of us. Anyway, with NB mod, this board is able to hit >250MHz fsb with tight timings which makes it strong alternative for NF7/AN7. Yesterday I made a simple mod to power cpu vrm from 12V. All you need is to remove/replace stock 6.3v capacitors and coil, solder 12V rail from PSU to the input of VRM: I have used 12V connector desoldered from the dead mobo and made a ground connection from connector as well: I have tested it to boot 200x11 yesterday and the mosfets are cool (and it should be quite easy to cover these with radiator). Further steps are NB/SB cooling, Vcore mod, Vnb mod, Vdimm mod which are well known. I will also resolder a 12V connector to a different location as the above shown version was just the fastest one for testing purposes. Although the board is 2-phase design, mosfets are powerful enough (I was benching stock board with 2700MHz 2V barton and the weak point was the 5V rail of my PSU) so current should not be an issue even with higher overclocks. Anyway, A7N8X-E should be WAY easier to find and 5V rail issues will no longer be a limit. Good luck with this nice board :)
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    In the spirit of the multiple ongoing polls, I'd like to ask whether there should be a mandatory O.S. drop-down in every submission. Considering the strict O.S. requirements we have these days I think it would help with moderation as it's much quicker to for example look at a Fire Strike submission on Haswell without a validation link done on Win 10 and contact the submitter straight away since this combination is never allowed. Loading the screenshot every time is much slower and sometimes they are even hard to read. This new field will also stop some people from submitting as they would potentially realise their mistake at submission time instead of afterwards (or not at all). Last (but not least!), this additional field would allow mass sweeps of the database to find and moderate and/or delete old invalid submissions which were not caught at the time. This is not possible currently as I don't believe optical character recognition is up to the task
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    Hi, welcome for my final memory sale this year. 1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4133 C19-19-19-39 1,35v Manufacturing date November 2018, good condition with original box. The kit was tested to do DDR4-4260 12-12-12-28 1t 220 tight at 2.14v GB3 and XTU (12-11 doesn´t work) on my Apex X, which makes it a way above average bench-kit. Nontheless available here because I still have better kits. Price (shipping not included) 300 Euros Payment with paypal (buyer covers fees or gift) or bank transfer in germany
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    I think relying on honour is fine - the idea is just to help prevent honest mistakes.
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    It is not listed over there,not for the ln2 board,only for regular soc force. Ty.
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    Agreed with at least Heaven making the list. The developer is actually active.
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    I've not had this platform, always wanted to try it....nice going speed
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    No such thing as a single core Bulldozer.
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    You are right, i have confused it with catzilla, sorry
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    card is in it's box ready to find a christmas tree to sit under
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    So, about those benchmarks... I voted for all legacies. New stuff is hard to bench, I need hacks and tweaks and brute force CPU power for scores...
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    Hardware points should be awarded for every single bench you can sub in. CPU and GPU. Otherwise there is no incentive to run them, so they might as well be removed.
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    I guess I am half the man you are, sorry, half your age. I mean largely its stupid posts when I'm online, but I amuse myself and thats the important thing. Sometimes you gotta bring people back from the ignore list for good banter though. when did this become about me being a man? why would I want to be a man? nippletweak, i always forget to apply that when running AM3.
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    Keep pushing my friend! For game over... add same TITAN RTX... now available in us :)
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    Would take no.1 if still available
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    Recalculating the lower score normally removes the points but doesn't remove it from the rankings annoyingly
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