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    This looks great to me. Current WR points are silly. One could argue if 2d is easy just bin a cpu and sit back for 30 seconds, one could argue get binned vgas from a manufacturer sit back for 2 minutes and collect 450 points (not trying to offend) popularity should bring the points imo if 2d is more popular it should be worth more 2 cents
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    For me the global points in multi vga must remain, you can make points with low-cost vga (gtx 580 and old ati / amd) on 3d legacy. Otherwise a user to do global is forced to use expensive vga with equally expensive cpu because the recent bench uses a lot of cores. Not everyone has thousands of euros to invest on a platform to make points.
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    Top 10 competitions (including team comps) count towards world ranking currently. Not sure what you mean by "member points"? Maybe league ranking? World ranking is the first one to get listed on the homepage and includes everyone in one ranking so it's the most important one imo.
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    Competition pts already reset after 1 year, but on a rolling basis. Your proposed change would be based on the calendar year so CC points (for example) would expire mere weeks after they've been earned. Not only that, they would also not count towards the main ranking
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    wow @ the variability...slot machine comparison is 100% correct.
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    To point one indicated in the quote - The definition itself does matter or you coudn't call it either a 2 or 3D bench at all. Regardless of how the bench itself works it still has to be referred to or called something in some way definitively for it to be in a given category. I understand the point about a 3D bench testing the card and that's true but we ourselves have no way to make it work differently than it was made to be short of hacking it - We all know that's just not cool nor legal by the rules. I'm not arguing whether a legacy 3D bench works off the CPU to any extent or not here, if it was originally made to be a 3D bench then that's what it is by intended purpose if anything when created. BTW I am against placing limits on things, let the guys go for it if they want to. Point 2: I do agree the points system is in need of changing, at least to an extent. However if someone sees they cannot do anything to be worth the trouble that alone makes it a limitation. This does need to be addressed in some way and should be done in such a way it's fair to those that either want to or have to run the older stuff. If there is no incentive at all to run the older stuff you'll see new guys no longer appearing - There has to be something at the end to achieve, some goal to work towards and not everyone is crapping $$ to buy the newest and best out there with. Think for a sec, how many folks IF given a chance and would try it could be good or even great. Like in music for example, that guy that never expressed an interest in music or had a chance to learn and prove it could have the talent/potential to have been one of the very best but said talent was never realized because they didn't take interest or had a chance to find out if they did have it in the first place. No telling how many over time could have been as good or even better than what we know of but missed out because they never did it or had a chance to. Same applies to this, we should be making it as easy as possible for someone to get started but only that, get started that is. If they have the chops they'll prove it in time, that being the real test which is something that's all up to them. We can't hold their hand nor should we be expected to. That's just my take on it.
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    WTF??? A 3D bench is and always will be a 3D bench, doesn't make sense in the way you put it. If someone wants to have a go for globals with a GTX 780 I say let them have at it, it's their time, money and hardware to run and all that to waste if they want. Thing is some CAN do it, doesn't make sense to simply cut them out of contention based on the age of their hardware alone. More competiton is competition no matter what form it takes as long as it's done within the rules set in place. BTW we've walked this path before..... And don't understand why we have to again.
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    Great mem clocks on 8 dimm board! Will Asus also make Apex VI refresh?
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    @shar00750 Great looking build ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Good luck with sale jesse! Just FYI, shipping this international will be insanely expensive. USA has terrible shipping cost, especially for a package of this size/weight. IIRC the kingpin boxes fit nicely in a large flat rate, which is ~$95 to ship international
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    Thank you for listening to the community feedback! My biggest complaint about rev8 was the hardware point situation. I'm glad you finally changed your mind
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    Limit costs? ... for those who have 2080ti free yes. Eliminating the global 2/3/4 vga means forcing people to take only top of the range videocards
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    I agree that getting rid of Globals for 2/3/4 way setups is a good idea its just a way to get big globals without a lot of effort. I think that HWBot getting rid of the challenger series (Road to Pro) would be doing itself a disservice even though some of the top level benchers dont compete it gets a good roundup of competitiors in all divisions and a lot of people like it.
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    After discussing the member points algorithm (both seasonal and carreer) with George for a bit I'd like to make a suggestion: Instead of top X total points which count towards your member points: top X global points top X hardware points (preferably same X to keep things easy to explain, but I can be convinced if need be) no benchmark/worldrecord points for crazy quad sli/crossfire setups, but an award/achievement instead This would close the gap between $$$ and skill further.
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    I strongly agree with this one. I think comps should have a bigger affect on the scoring, or we will see less and less people joining them. They fill like more of a side quest that you do whenever youโ€™re bored, then a part of the main game here. Also, why reducing the number of scores that counts in the ranking? Why not even rise that number, that will make it more competitive IMO
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    - Competitions are already struggling bigtime atm, why devalue them further by only including them in the seasonal ranking? - World rankings are already top-heavy, why make them more so by removing comps and reducing the no. of scores from 55 (15 top + 40 HWpts) to 30? We got polls for the relatively minor stuff but not the really important fundamentals ๐Ÿค”
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    Guys, what about OSIBS season 5?
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    Well we at least need some sort of clean up on the results already on the system if we are to eventually give the benchmark points again. So making it a seperate benchmark at least is the easiest and cleanest way of doing it imho.
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    The batch file is not working for me with W7 or W10 (run as admin of course). I also tried to run the command via admin CMD but it has the same result, it will not launch and CMD closes. However, I can run the .jar file without the batch file and all is good...but perhaps it needs to be run via batch file for 'cheat detection'?? It scales with memory a little bit, but ultimately its an epic bad slot machine ๐Ÿ˜• http://hwbot.org/submission/4030524_mllrkllr88_hwbot_prime_core_i7_8700k_8805.39_pps?recalculate=true As you can see, real-time priority stabilizes the score but ultimately it doesn't produce as the highest runs.
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    Why not integrate one fixed java version like with X285 ?
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    Can't say I'm happy about the choice of benchmark to fix, but it's good to see things getting fixed.
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    I wonder wthat that mod actually does... But cool to see a manufactuerer giving away mods:D
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    nobody wants this lol
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    v1.02 still not working with winxp and java 8
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    there is a 6.8gig cinebench chip fs on similar price. would you reconsider your price ? maybe interested.
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