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    The top 30 global / top 30 hardware change is live on UAT. I did not change the labels yet, so first who mentions the text does not match the algorithm gets insta banned.
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    You make "just run LN2 on a decent chip" sound like it's the same effort as updating videocard drivers. 😋 Insulating a motherboard, buying a pot, acquiring LN2, pouring and benchmarking at the same time under pressure is no walk in the park either.
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    im tired of reading about it.....just get it done, 1 way or the other and lets get on with it.....till the next time lol
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    Ok so I just did my very first LN2 session with the RX 480. So I figured I'd share my expirience for anyone else intrested as well as start a generally discussion about pushing the RX 480 on cold. Stuff to be aware of My reference card didn't have either CB or CBB so I ended up running full pot. However I do suspect that my mounting might have failed at some point in time because I was clocking a little low and because I couldn't use the backplate for my Raptor 4 due to it conflicting with my extra cap placements. If you can get into BIOS but not into windows then you need to go into safe mode and reinstall the drivers because Wattman remembers your last unstable OC and is trying to boot with it(praise AMD! /s). If you have an SSD and a clean setup this should not take too long. - Stuff to use to overclock. As of right now Elmor's LN2 BIOS + GPU Tweak II is the best for voltage control and clocks since it goes to 4Ghz core and 18Ghz mem as well as 2V on the core(not that you will ever reach any of those). At 150% power limit the BIOS gives you a 450W power limit. - Display going black when running benches. The card has black screen issues. If you push it really low(like say the -178C that I ran at according to my dodgy equipment) with high core voltage you will lose the display. The benchmark is still running you just can't see it. In theory this should be solvable by putting more volts on the .95V rail but I can't figure out how to Vmod it yet. Once I do I will test. To see if the card is running you when blackscreened you need to use a DMM on either Vcore or Vmem as either will show the impact of 3D load. For me mem would hit 1.571V under load and idled at 1.551V. Overclocking - Core overclocking I could run windowed 3DM firestrike 1280x1050(IIRC not sure about the resolution) at 1600mhz however my best pass of Firestrike proper was only 1550mhz. Neither more Vcore(tested 1.4-1.6V) nor cold did anything. I suspect I may have just had a bad mount or something which caused these problems. Once I bench again I will know for sure. It is also possible my card just doesn't scale at all. - Memory overclocking The Samsung memory on my 8GB reference card seems to absolutely hate cold and voltage. I modded my card for 1.72V mem. That didn't help OCing at all. I also tried more VCCI(the voltage in the memory section of Wattman) that also didn't help either and led to the second driver reinstall I did in my session with the card. The card could pass benches at 9Ghz mem on ambient. With the PCB freezeing through I was fighting for 8.5Ghz so I guess the RAM didn't like the cold either. The 4GB Hynix cards are probably a better choice for pure clock speed on cold IDK about performance someone would need to do a test. BTW here's the memory voltage mod for reference PCB cards(it should be compatible with all card using the GS7256 controller):
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    Now that XTU will have its global points removed soon, I am officially publishing my findings on this benchmark. I tried to give full insight on how to disect and uncover the security issues of XTU but also some tweaks and the possiblity to run the inner benchmark executable on its own for quick performance testing and points calculation. https://www.overclockers.at/articles/intels-xtu-analyzed This is not some kind of personal vendetta against Intel; far from it. The article's purpose is purely educational to raise awareness for benchmark security and timer reliability. This is not only about cheating, it's about the credibility of benchmarks and result databases like the bot as well. Security vulnerabilities are not taken seriously enough by benchmark developers and HWBOT in my opinion. Yes, I am going the hard way with XTU in my article of course and that's not for everyone. But there are already tools available for download that will get you ahead without any effort. So I'd like to start a discussion here on how we can improve the situation permanently. It goes without saying that any serious initiative would require a cooperation from all sides involved.
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    UAT site is so slow Frederik, no clue whats going on there
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    As soon as the version on https://uat.hwbot.org has received its stamp of approval.
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    Yes no problem, tested both 8700k and 9900k. Bios 1704 official, haven't tried 1801 yet.
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    its not all about YOU.....become a "saint".... get over it and move on
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    Java 8+ requires Vista or later so really old systems which are limited to Windows XP are excluded https://java.com/en/download/help/sysreq.xml
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    Today I have tried v.1.0.2 on WinXP with Java7, it is doesn't work but with 0.8.3 all is ok. When I click on 1.0.2 nothing happened see screen with task manager.
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    I didn't contribute as much as planned but so glad that we could have this competition and looking forward to the next one. Definitely had fun with the stages I benched, definitely need to revisit am3+ 32m since I had a 101.4f fever when I benched that so session ended early.
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    Error message comes after installation not before during checking,I 'll test or wait for PS2 Y it will be more simple :D @Alex@ro Have you got any improvement by setting RTL/IO manually,I tried it yesterday to test my A1 Bdie on GeekBench3 but have any score improvement.In Auto RTL was at 65 tight them to 57/59(max boot) but,that I don't understand, IO doesn't move with RTL,in Auto they are at 14/15 value and also for 57/59 RTL,fix them in manual there's no boot. Is there a particular technique to have tight IO ? For now I have this and would like to improve with manual RTL/IO:
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    Just a few comments on the 7 vs 8.as a simple apprentice on the site since 2014 1. It does not make sense to divide up the country pages by different leagues. I normally spend more time comparing with the higher league than my own in Sweden.. As in compared to extreme league in sweden would be 4th but yes im am an apprentice. thus combine all in one country list. reduces maintenance im sure. meanwhile ofcourse its good there is a league that i can strive higher in as im not close to competitive with the LN scores. 2. I believe competition points should only be considered in terms of challenger and team competitions. There was only 35 or less countries competing and I was the one and only swede competing and still ended up on 20th place while I had not been able to enter even half of the sub-events. Meanwhile if I had not taken part as the sole user i would lose a lot of points as I see it now. 3. clearly i would not want to lose my hard earned sli points with my GTX780's that burned up 4 years ago. If someone beat my score perfect but lets not make this simply a yearly scratch event.. i believe that is why the road to pro events are done and are run on a yearly basis. I find it fun to be out looking for old hardware to see if i can beat the old records even if being 10 years too late finding the hardware., keeping hardware points mean i can also revisit old scores that i had on simple waterloop and now DICE them. It also mean i can go back to same hardware with new bench software to add to old cups i already have. 4. If someone is not active for 2-3 years then I would propose to simply mark the profile inactive and those scores dont count. If the person then comes back active the scores can be re-activated. While it looks like we have 130,000 or so users im not so sure that is true .looks nice to be part of the top 1% of overclockers haha but does not feel like it...
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    not working on winxp (0.83 version working fine)
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    Yup. If you're willing to circumvent all of your protection, nobody can help you. You're on your own. I will say though, word of mouth travels pretty fast here. Keep that in the back of your mind if you plan on being a shyster.
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    Well I never posted any BIOS made by elmor. But heres the latest one from Dsanke. See attachment. Dec 19 2018 [12:47 PM] dsanke: Author: @dsanke Motherboard: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX APEX Based on: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X APEX 1801 ME: Microcodes: 506E0(0x18),506E1(0x2A),506E2(0x2E),506E3(0x74),506E8(0x34),906E9(0x5E),906EA(0x6A),906EB(0x5E),906EC(0x84). Note: Flash via SPI Programmer. Support All LGA1151 CPU except Xeon and Skylake ES. AURA/SLI Fixed. $ md5sum ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.7z ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801/ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.bin 0c6637e1ea85f94f72dadd57c5c141b5 ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.7z 968d92d84f2869f69ca759c2452937b4 ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801/ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.bin ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.7z
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    You didnt look hard enough Here
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    M9A one should be in its thread as well.
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    Lovely. Fix for a board I'll never get my hands on without spending copious amounts of $$$ to import. But hey websmile, that tip for the MOCF is working nicely!
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    nobody wants this lol
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