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    A little bit of progress, this is already quite a few revisions in...
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    Thank you for the response, FireKillerGR. That's more than I'm getting on the ROG forum. At the bottom right of Omega pictures on the ASUS site, I see a front panel connector, two chassis fan headers and the "ASUS Node" connector. Does the OC Panel connect to the "Node"? It does not appear to be keyed the same nor will the larger OC Panel plug fit that header. Is there a new cable? Most telling to me is that ASUS does not list OC Panel capability among the Omega's (nor Maximus XI) features in any documents including the user's manual.
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    Now that XTU will have its global points removed soon, I am officially publishing my findings on this benchmark. I tried to give full insight on how to disect and uncover the security issues of XTU but also some tweaks and the possiblity to run the inner benchmark executable on its own for quick performance testing and points calculation. https://www.overclockers.at/articles/intels-xtu-analyzed This is not some kind of personal vendetta against Intel; far from it. The article's purpose is purely educational to raise awareness for benchmark security and timer reliability. This is not only about cheating, it's about the credibility of benchmarks and result databases like the bot as well. Security vulnerabilities are not taken seriously enough by benchmark developers and HWBOT in my opinion. Yes, I am going the hard way with XTU in my article of course and that's not for everyone. But there are already tools available for download that will get you ahead without any effort. So I'd like to start a discussion here on how we can improve the situation permanently. It goes without saying that any serious initiative would require a cooperation from all sides involved.
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    A result of some recent binning, solid cpu doing 6900/6500(6600 cache worked also but not screened) Cinebench R15 tested quickly on Apex X. Ambient proved also strong doing 5400@1.37 undelidded Price is 650E shipped in Europe, payment via paypal or bank account, buyer takes care of fees.
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    Selling my 8700k. Tested only on my vapochill ss(crap ss) and it does spi32m 6ghz@1.4v and reaches poaitives even at that voltage. Idle was -44 as it is shown in video. On Aio (h100i corsair) it does 5.5@1.30v spi32m and video proof for it attached. Payment only by bank transfer or Wu,buyer pays the fees and the shipping. Price - 500€ Test was done on Mocf. Will post pictures with the actual item in a few hours,to finish work and reach the mancave.
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    max1024, I'm using the x299 Dark now and haven't had any issues with it's VRMs. I've also used the Rampage VI Apex, but can't say that I had no VRM issues there. X299 Dark experience compared to the specs of the Omega, the two motherboards come out about equal. Both have 16 phase VRMs and both have 25 mm fans to circulate air over VRM heatsinks. Although presented differently in the user interface, both BIOS are about as useful for overclocking CPU and RAM. ASUS provides some pre-tuned memory profiles that may be an advantage. For me, I prefer the Rampage VI Omega (as far as the specs and FireKillerGR's post can inform me) because the X299 Dark lacks SafeBoot and Retry buttons, a slow mode switch and any functionality like the OC Panel for external OC control. I notice that EVGA is catching up on the Z390 Dark by adding SafeBoot and slow mode.
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    Okay, good luck with sale then, sorry!
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    Mine did this on dice - Got ln2 coming on Monday
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    don't mind 0+0 he has a particular sense of humour that very few people understand.
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    GLWS brother Buy with confidence folks. A true gentleman and a respected seller.
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    G4400 and low-end Celerons will clock B-die just as good as the K-chips and will produce comparable results/voltages. The only downside is that your 32M runs will take longer. I recently used a G4900 (Coffeelake) and its IMC had much less issues running 2066 than any Skylake / Kabylake.
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    7350K ?:) Its cheap now...(but depends what is cheap for everyone )
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    Hello guys, Anyone tested M ix Apex with 9900K and latest @dsanke 1801 mod bios? To be clear, the steps from first post are still needed to flash modded bios to stock (yet) mobo?
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    What people tend to forget is that rev8 is dubbed "classic" as it was my intention to go back to our roots and remove a lot of the complexity that came after rev3. Turns out a lot of the stuff added over the years is loved, but people don't realize it until you are about to take it away. Team power points, a separate league so newcomers don't need to compare against extreme overclockers, team cups, country cup, ...
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    Does Maximus XI gene (Z390) can overclock ddr4 to more MHz than Maximus X apex (Z370) ? (both pair with the same 9900K cpu and same g.skill ram stick.)
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    I like this proposal overall, it's well thought out and covers most of the concerns people have had. The main thing that I think I'd like to add to this is adding Chillers and possibly Single Stage units added to Enthusiast as I think this will take most of the doubt out of the equation when trying to work out if this score is using chilled water or they just have low a ambient temp, Something of a "if you can't beat them, join them" solution. I don't expect that to be a popular idea but I do believe it's the right way to go. The idea of having Country Cup moved to being earlier in the year I am fully on board with and I expect alot of others will be as well. The redesign of moving cups to the main area of the profile page I like as well, makes it look cleaner. I do like the HWBOT achievements but some of them aren't really achievable anymore ( Attend World Tour LN2 Certification), so they could do with a trim or rethink in some areas. There are also some that could be added or updated such as points gathered using more modern sockets (AM4/TR4) or one for using AMD cards (We have one for 25 ATi cards but not AMD ones). But that's all my thoughts on this, Thanks to Cautilus for laying this all out
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    If u want to compete against extreme and elite guys, you should use better cooling (SS, DICE, LN2..) and stop crying
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    Thanks for the OC pack link. A good version of Turbo V is always appreciated. The pack contains OC panel firmware, presumably for the R6 Omega. However, the board does not have an OC Panel connector. How does one use the OC Panel with this motherboard?
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    I already have a Prime95 benchmark ready that scales pretty much perfectly and is very hungry for memory bandwidth. It is using the latest Prime95 version (29.4) and includes a few fixes like NUMA awareness, improved thread synronization and error checking. It's also faster than the XTU version. It seamlessly integrates into XTU so you can start XTU with an AMD CPU and just run the benchmark. It won't be far off to create a WIN32 application that runs the bench and uploads the score to HWBOT. Is this something the community would be interested in?
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    Yes, every benchmark is breakable and nothing is 100% bulletproof. But that's not necessary, we only need to increase the cost for cheating to a level where it's easier/cheaper to just overclock and make the damn score. Overclocking has no 100,000 USD competitions, so it's not an impossible task. Regarding your benchmark and its current state of security: It took ~2 hours to break HWBOT Prime 1.0 and your bench and I've never written a single Java desktop application. it. No debugging or code changing involved, only static analysis of your executable. If you need details on how to reproduce this, just let me know and we'll chat.
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    GPUPI 3.x is a hit or miss it seems. Today I was running it on C2D and always appcrash when saving data file. On the other hand, A64 AM2 was running just fine http://hwbot.org/submission/3927537_havli_gpupi_for_cpu___100m_athlon_64_le_1640_(orleans)_8min_27sec_791ms
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    there is no such option in the bios
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    look at 2d-cpu bench. and let's see who scams? I broke my balls
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    Newsflash, pretty much every benchmark can be hacked given enough time and skill. Question is is it worth spending dev time actively combatting hackers when the only gain is temporary internet fame? Benchmark makers should prevent easy cheating (like adjusting the windows clock), but injecting dll's/modifying code?
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    Unfortunatelly no,i guess it is possible but implies a mod aswell. But the board works 105 bclk on non skylake bios,after which it freezes. I need to test with Xtu to see if it stll keeps this bclk.
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