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    The database sure is happy with rev8. The geek in me is satisfied.
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    If they match the Screenshot, then you have CUDA P2 states enabled. You want them disabled. P2 ON drops the clocks for better stability for critical calculations. For max Clocks, P2 should be OFF.
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    She just arrived:
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    Hello people, finally getting around to actually listing some of the binned stuff I've had sitting around for over a year without touching. I have better chips, so I should probably sell the spares. Prices are negotiable and not including postage. For postage, most things are probably <£5 for UK and <£10 for EU at most via Royal Mail (if you want a different carrier we can discuss). For payment I accept Paypal. Disclaimer: Your OC results will vary, items are located in the UK & prices are in GBP.
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    Thanks all who reported issues in our github issue tracker!
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    Great start for round 3 😜 Excellent work as always !
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    do you guys think is there any physical disadvantage of gene/apex XI compared to apex X that is responsible to run xp with acpi support? im wondering if it would be ever possible on z390 without asmedia controller.
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    Thanks guys, if your ever in Perth Wa @unityofsaints we can bench your 955 chip 🙂
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    Excellent work as always. You put my efficiency to shame :D
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    Thanks - made a fast retest of #3 while checking new BIOS and they do well, geekbench3 4266 12-11 works with tweaking at 2,11v Bios set.
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    It has become more and more apparent that people actually don't know how competition points worked in Rev. 7. IMO it's hard to express an opinion on something if you didn't even bother to figure out how it worked in the first place but whatever, the world is your oyster, c'est la vie and all that. In Rev. 7, comp points were added and removed from your world ranking on a 12-month, rolling basis. Therefore if you kept your comps activity up they provided a permanent boost to your ranking and if you stopped participating those points would go away. Having people propose this exact same system for Rev. 8 like it's the greatest new idea is hilarious to watch 😄
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    I don't have it (have got a Gene) but it has 16x 60A powerstages compared to 10x of Extreme and Gene. Not sure if they are the same model though. Probably they are also used in non doubled configuration. We need to wait a few more days til someone like buildzoid gets hold of one board.
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