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    vote for fixed clock, no cooling requirements. if you want to win with cold DDR3, you should be able to.
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    I want one, where can I find one for less than $750 USD?
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    Looking is not the same as pointing out the possibility, which is more what I think was going on here.
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    K guys time to get crancking again after a month off To open the field to everyone I want to try out a Low Level Clock challenge in a few divisions. Meaning some divisions will be MHz limited and a few even also temp limited. I already discussed our monitoring options with some very old german moderator. For monitoring use either: HWinfo V6.00, CPUID HardwareMonitor Pro or Open Hardware Monitor Open Hardware monitor can be downloaded here: LINK CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro: LINK HWINFO: LINK Ensure that the maximum CPU frequency is being monitored and if needed the idle and load temps (during the run)!!!! . Div VII : Intel legacy: LGA1150 or older socket with a max CPU speed of 4703MHz + Pos. Temp limit GPUPI 100 v3.3 3DMARK11 PHYSX (ver link required) X265 1080P PI32M DIV VI: AMD legacy: AM3+, FM1 or older socket with a max CPU speed of 4503MHz + Pos. Temp limit GPUPI 100 v3.3 3DMARK11 PHYSX (ver link required) X265 1080P PI32M DIV V: Dual core only, max CPU speed of 5103MHz GPUPI 1B v3.3 Cinebench R15 X265 1080P PI32M DIV IV: Quad core only, max CPU speed of 5203MHz GPUPI 1B v3.3 Cinebench R15 X265 4K PI32M DIV III: Hexa core only, max CPU speed of 5303MHz Geekbench4 Multi core Cinebench R11.5 X265 4K 3DMark 11Physx (ver link required) DIV II: Octa core only, max CPU speed of 5403MHz Geekbench4 Multi core Cinebench R15 X265 4K 3DMark 11Physx (ver link required) DIV I: max CPU speed of 5503MHz (no LGA 3647) Geekbench4 Multi core Cinebench R11.5 (divided per core) X265 4K 3DMark TimeSpy Physx (ver link required) This will only work of everybody abides to the speed (and temp limitation) therefore a general warning is already included in this proposal: get caught cheating and it will be instant ban. I don't care bout your current status or Instagram level. Either you play by the rules or you can find something else to do in the upcoming months. Current round will focus on 2D only, The next round same CPU specs but with GPU limitation and 3D only. Round 3 will be a mix of 2 and 3D Example of a valid screenshot: no clipping so full res desktop screenie Taskbar fully visible and time CPU-Z for CPU, memory and mainboard tab CPU Maximum frequency and temp ( if required) during the run
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    I share here some test that I'm doing, it may help others that are looking to improve their scores. I decided to start from scratch, I think it's always a good thing to do when I need a better understanding of the situation. As OS base: Win 7 SP1 updated, not stripped All drivers installed Maxmem set to 4000 Large system cache enabled 200MB paging on drive C (0 in the other partitions) Power plan profile set to high performance Classic theme and visual effects set for best performance Indexing disabled So nothing special, some of the common windows tweaks (that I will check individually if are really worth or not later on) As for the hardware: 2700X @ 4GHz and the Asus CH7 with the memory profile on Stilt's 3200MHz Fast (just to load something better than stock, but a good base actually) Tested all 16 cores with affinity and picked the best run (8m45s.893): After that, I pushed the memory to 3600MHz and I got 8s512 reduction (best run) with the core #10 Then I set the timings to 11 10 10 (same tRAS, tRC and sub): 2s981 gain Now I switched to my own custom memory profile: 1s200 gain I'm currently doing test with waza, but so far I wasn't able to get a gain, mostly a decrease in performance, am I doing something wrong ? probably yes, but I will find out eventually. To be clear, I'm not asking you to share your tweaks (if you don't want to), but just to spice a bit the competition in a platform that seems forgotten by the community, and imho very funny to play with since there's no CB or other annoying issues.
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    @chew* Always liked his work
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    Heres some vintage Shamino from the way back machine.
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    good evening this is the beginning of my big selling action. more will come in the next week. can´t do it all together, because it is too much to test and so on. 2. Besi Quadro Monster Tube Swiss made by Besi. Atm it fits for socket 775 and 1366, but mounting can easily expand with slot holes for 1156/1150/1151/1155. amd should be possible too. only problem is, it is quiet huge. 80x80mm and 280mm in height. i am selling it for a friend Price: 2. 150€+Shipping don´t be afraid to ask about everything you want or price negotiations/offers. maybe i have something that i want to sell later or so. i can ship worldwide, you just have to pay for it
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    Dear All, usual sell out, none of these are rejects or defected. im just not using as much to keep it for future. looking for cash only no trades. #1 Asrock Z170M OC Formula fully boxed, insulated with thick layer of liquid electric tape, modded for coffee lake support, bios "B" has latest kaby supported bios, bios "A" contains L7.51G as the latest coffee bios. works perfect, used for a couple ln2 sessions and ambient as well but never for a daily. usual socket pins burned once when i first tried it with 8700k and not covered the well known 2 pads on the cpu, however a friend of mine replaced the 2 pins for me to brand new ones. so looks and works like new. i suggest to always cover that 2 pins when using coffee lake, it has no disadvantage or whatsoever. Original invoice is also coming with the board. #2 Core i5 8600K L730C318 cpu is delidded and grizzly condactonaut is under the ihs + glued back. im not the first owner who used condactonaut on the top of the ihs as well thats why its faded a bit, so hard to read the batch and so on but i tried to clean it as much as possible. it is avx prime stable at 5G 1.208v, R15 pass on ambient water at 5.2G 1.27v, 5.25G 1.314v, 5.3G was not stable at 1.35 range so did not push further. this cpu was used as my daily, never tried on cold but i think it should be above average. Asking #1 - 200 EUR shipped within EU !!! #2 - 275 euro shipped sold thanks and regards, bala
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    Hi everyone Asus maximus XI Gene retail full bundle 230 € + ss Nvidia Gtx 980ti Classified + waterblock no box no bundle sold Payment: Paypal
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    And in some cases, slightly less scruples.
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    External clock may have less jitter/phase noise (i.e. high end audiophile gear sometimes use external clocks for their DAC of a femtosecond grade). That is my guess. At least, the different quality of pll ic may be the reason why TUSL/CUSL boards have certain difference in max clock between samples - the reason may be not chipset but pll. GraduS should know more - he was really deep into digging JP forums on s370.
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    I know, but many also commented this on mesenger too ... so it's part of our nature I guess 😛
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    starting to configure, hope to be ready soon
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    Yes, that’s what I’m going after, I’m stubborn, I will find out sooner or later 😁
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    just set vcore, follow a oc guide to figure out what settings to enable and disable. 9900K are super easy. this one really helped me, i been away for 3-4 years https://www.gigabyte.com/FileUpload/Global/multimedia/2/file/525/946.pdf
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    And I thought the X299 MEG Creation was expensive!!
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    Price cuts on just about everything, I really want this stuff gone and may just toss it.
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    Price drop, $175 shipped in US. I should be within the price of lower bin b-die on hardwareswap.
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    Good old xtremesystems.org days. Epic 3D battles (2k1,2k3,2k5,2k6) ... and spi , pifast. ... and now that I recall ... that's where I first met the original bot tags [/bot] edit I think Macci and oppainter , where a bit earlier than than kingpin and hipro5
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    Nope, has been like that since Fred changed the max. HWPts in Rev. 7 - i.e. from everything capped at 50 to weighted where e.g. GPUpi and 3DM03 go up to 67.
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    I've tested that it works, however I have not tested it enough to know well it clocks and such, I have used AMD for too long to know wtf I'm doing lol
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    I honestly think that if you are in the elite league you should be held to a higher standard and have a zero give policy.
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    I like the concept. I like the ban hammer I like the moderators i like benching fixed clock
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    welcome to hwbot, enjoy your stay.
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    Hey Guys I am in.. Going to go back to the roots when we did it a couple of years.
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    Do you know what IC your ram was using? I had no issues with mem OC on my 5775c vs a haswell chip, I could run atleast up to 2700 with the psc preset on my m7i with no apparent loss. So 8-12-8-28 1t.
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    Easiest way to check what limits you is to use different "straps" and low multi coppermine d0. First check fsb limit of cpu with 133/100 and write down clocks for pci (if waza locks system at given fsb - then it is ide limit). Then go 133/133 to find memory limit. Then check 66/100 to see if you can break the pci clocks of 133/100 while staying with dram below limit of 133/133. PS. IDE is definitely a problem. Japanese were using IBM fireballs if i'm not mistaken in early 00's which were known to stand 50-55 mhz ide clocks.
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    That's sad. I am fairly new to hw bot but have been doing overclocking for a few years as a hobby and it already seems like there is a big problem with people cheating, like cooling 1.7 volts on a 7700k in an avx workload on an ambient loop, yeah right.
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    ^^ Exactly what this 2 gentleman said. I still do not understand why he has never been banned for the obvious cheats , obvious for many years and he did stated he was playing with the timers long time ago , so it is well known to the mods and administrators and he keeps on doing it again and again year after year🙄 without any penalties ...
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    Compete in one division only, or more than one?
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    " Vintage macci. " Thanks for sharing this. I still remember the 3DMark01 friendly battles between , kingpin , Macci , Hipro5 , Pedro Rocha and Shamino , they were Epic ... , Oh dear how fast times goes by ...
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    Macci was a good one. Vintage macci.
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    There is b die which dont scale above 1.9v and dont like high vtt even i've seens as low as 1.65v for superpi 32m waza.
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    The database sure is happy with rev8. The geek in me is satisfied.
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    Whats a cheat and whats a valid tweak, optimization? Seems we should actually publish a whole book about what has been tested over the years. Supepi Waza - never used it did not even understand the freaking thing. Meanwhile keep stopping services, optimizing priority and lowering screen resolution, turn of explorer, turn off cores, hyperthreading. increasing clocks, bclk and tweak ram. Catzilla - yes start 3D11 then it gets better. a bloatware solution that improves, why not. using 3DMArk stuff with wrong drivers is in some cases a necessary evil as the drivers are not always available and why not use an old driver that has less bloatware stuff? part of the game. but yes "inconsistent timing" is definitely an issue. (my 5960 is partially gone so will always give that these days dont even us it anymore) Lod/aa Never cared for doing such meanwhile yes nvidia inspector and using a optimized profile why not, turning of the auto slowdown of clocks on GPU why not. soldering the hardware why not. using GPU tweak to clean up memory, closing services and turning of Windows bloatfancy screen icons sure why not. Hwbot Prime. Used to love running it with Java 6u45 or 6u17 as it gave better scores tried others but always got lower scores. Now thats out the window with the new modified 1.0.1 version. not sure which java is best anymore but it has to be what 8 series? hmm meanwhile maybe i should load a mini linux install and run it on the machine. Running CPUz and saving the validation as the submit validation crashes full time why not. Doing ASUS hardware down clock to be able to save the scores which otherwise would have crashed when trying to load a picture grabber seems to me suspect....but sure why not. (does that mean cpuz z still report high clocks?) Running 3d01se sub benchers manually and in different order with 5 hours in between each to make sure the computer is cool again, sure why not if you can be bothered. I have more issues with someone comparing and submitting AMD graphic cards as internal when infact the cpu is a hybrid on the die. so its impossible to compete when in same category... The competition organizers need to be more careful how such is defined in the rules. when is discrete really discrete? The biggest cheats otherwise is to me engineering samples or binned 2000 USD CPUs that no one ever reasonably can get access to as there might be 5 in the world. let the CPU lottery be just that a lottery. I dont mind that they are ranked somewhere but not in the normal leagues but to me defeats the purpose of OC-ing being a sport so should be put aside as a curiosity. Changing bios, firmware perfectly fine to me. However i believe that if someone can modify the same and do super special mods to the same then it should be mandatory that they are published so that its not a team of 2-5 in the world only using the same. Down grading bios to use old microcode, why not. if it then is insecure for regular users?... no worries. Doing hardware mods to MB's to run CPU's on older never versions/ 1151 types and gain advantage that way why not? Cudos to the guys who actually dare do so as the risks are high on cpu failure and is an extreme technical competency that should be encouraged. But no, modifying software to cheat on scores and subsets that are not declared actively deceiving the community, such should get 3 warnings and then a ban... permanently.
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    ok so where did we leave off........high 18's. Taichi wants in so..... quick and dirty still learning board for 32m......seems a touch slow but we will work with it. Old tweaks are the best tweaks......I love my authentic windows pop up tweak.... anyway give me a week to work through this taichi and get a k7 replacement to fill up my bag of sand again with my crappy imc.....
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    Ok first up to show you guys the struggle with less cache......these are seriously tuned hard runs. First one was at same settings I nailed 7:29 on 1800x No BS just the facts..... Hammered the IMC so hard I killed a stick....I hear that's fairly hard for B-DIE After smoking a stick of 3200 bin fighting the imc coldbug I decided to go do some far more relaxing easy air runs.... Good enough for second in the LCC...not bad for a lil 79.99 clearance rack board. Maybe getting beat by a little b-350 is enough poke and prod for people to start tuning 32m hard
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    If I have a B350 board with no external clockgen it's legal on win10 right? cuz I got this when doing some testing: and can't really be bothered setting up win7 right now.
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    Ok been working my ASuS off on this. Finally found some efficiency. Now if only I could find better memory O_o Your turn chispy
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    congrats pro, didnt even need to submit inthose two categories eek
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    No prizes - this is just a competition for fun .
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    I tried that before and I was banned for just posting, no explanation or anything. Redit is by for to messy and confusing for me to bother with anyway. PM'd.
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