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    - No limitations on processor speed. - Both Retail and ES hardware are allowed, however no server hardware, ASrock and no LGA 3467 setups - Single processor sockets only!! - PRO OC round 1 will focus on 2D only, The next round same CPU specs but with GPU limitation and 3D only. Round 3 will be a mix of 2D & 3D Current stages: Cinebench Extreme Superpi 32M Geekbench 4 multicore Memory maximum frequency Start date 15/02/2019 at 12:00 CET -- Closing date 15/04/2019 12:00 Verification screenshot includes: Full res desktop screenie, no clipping allowed!!! The Taskbar remains fully visible, including the iwndows time For maximum memory frequency, memory: only CPU-Z memory tab required on the competition background. And a validation link ofc For the other stages: CPU-Z for CPU, memory and mainboard tab are required
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    yes, for Division 6 and 7 the processor needs to remain positive, even at idle! Memories can be frozen. For the other divisions you can go sub zero, no problem. I just want most to be able to reach the set clocks, even on air For all Divisions, one of the proposed monitoring softwares needs to be running in the background during the run, to check the maximum clocks, Also it needs to be in the screenshot, as shown in the example one, a few posts above
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    Occasionally, someone will post on my wall on my profile.... I'll get the email, but none of the posts will actually show. Is there any easy way to fix this by chance?
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    The migration to invisionpb seems to have removed all javascript embedded in forum posts. Nothing left for me to fix.
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    WhiteWulfe WhiteWulfe joined the team 8 hours ago unlike - comment You and 6 other people like this. Mr.Scott Welcome home 8 hours ago like Aleslammer Welcome!!!! 8 hours ago like Bones I'll try this again...... Yes - Welcome!!! 8 hours ago like ksateaaa23 Nice. Welcome 7 hours ago like Fasttrack Welcome mate 7 hours ago like zila1 Welcome to the family 6 hours ago like avalanche Beamed aboard the enterprise 5 hours ago like ShrimpBrime Welcome Whitey!! So happy you joined our team. Hugs
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    If they were in europe I would buy them -those kits are usually awesome for gaming rigs and 175 dollars is a real big steal
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    @ClockCruncher is looking for at least one of those, not sure if he minds the lack of heatsink. @Rhadamanthis is also looking for one. I guess it would be nice to wait for them to reply?
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    Thanks for looking into the issue Leeg, it's appreciated very much! 😎
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    K I checked both Open Hardware Monitor & CPUID HWmonitor Pro and can accept them to be used as an alternative for HWinfo. But make sure the required information is visible ( CPU speed and temps if needed) Open Hardware monitor can be downloaded here: LINK CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro: LINK
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    you can participate with Lynfield and clarkdale in Div VII...
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    What about 1156 socket? You killed this socket, long time didn't see any competition with this socket.
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    Pedro Rocha one of the masters of 3DMark 01 back in the day on his mini cascade , R.I.P amigo.
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    XTU doesn't need AVX, there are code paths inside the inner benchmark executable without AVX as well. You can also disable the AVX path via a configuration file, details in my article here.
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    dont want to be rude but, youve been trolling around the whole marketplace since months about asking for results from anybody without even willing to buy anything and now you put something up fs without a single screenshot... seriously dude.
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    added some memory
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    Added two E2180s. @wytiwx: I try to keep my hardware stock to a minimum.
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    Up for sale today are two ultra rare GTX480 Lightning cards. They have not been abused and you can see the kapton tape covering the XOC switches on the back are intact. Someone went to town and glued on extra heatsinks as well as fan studs to the stock memory/VRM cooling plate. I tested them today, and with a small voltage bump (100mV core) they do 950/1050 SLI with winter air + water cooling. The cards are fully unlocked software control for Vcore, Vmem, Vpll using Afterburner Extreme, even without touching the switches on the back. SUB HERE Each card comes with the swiftech universal block and the crazy fan plate setup, as seen in the pictures (not including the hoses or quick disconnects). In the picture you can see one card has a slightly lower VID with higher ASIC, but they clock about the same. I have heard thees cards are awesome with LN2, and my results today show they are pretty nice on cold air water. PRICE: $120 each, $220 pair. Price includes shipping within USA. I will ship globally but you need to cover shipping cost over $14.
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    You guys can do whatever - At this point if it's used, unless I can make HWinfo work I'm already done. Error 3033292 (Security update.... WHY IDFH does a hardware monitoring program NEED a security update just to run?) and then something about another error after that. I've already gotten the update to fix 3033292 but the fix refuses to install and throws yet another error as shown below. I was like "Out of all the programs out there for such, They would just have to pick THE ONE monitoring program that puts you through hell to use"........ Then I was over it. 😁 Bad thing is my benching area has no web connection/service too and I've been trying to make it work on my daily here and of course it doesn't.
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