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    Hello all, I am selling some kits leveraging Samsung B Die. Details are as below, price plus shipping and paypal fee. All tests are done with air cooling. Under lower temperature the kits may perform better but I don't have enough time to test them(and temp here keeps above 20℃ all year long which stopped me from testing them...) Items are in China, don't know how much it will cost to ship international, but should be a little bit more expensive compared with the cost shipping from EU and US. Tell me your zipcode and I will check the shipping cost. Screenshots are as below. I tested them with different MBs (M9 Apex, M10 Apex and OCF M) and systems(XP, Windows 7, Windows 10) but the results should be similar. #1. G.Skill 3600C16 TZ #2. G.Skill 3600C16 TZ #4. G.Skill 4600C19 TZ #5. Galax OC Lab 2016 version, SN#005 #6. Galax OC Lab 2016 version, SN#046 #7. Galax OC Lab 2016 version, SN#069 #8. Galax OC Lab 2017 version, SN#010 #9. Galax OC Lab 2017 version, SN#045 #10. Galax GOC 2016 Edition #11. Galax OC Lab 4400 Edition with black heatsink
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    Monster score,you will kill this comp :D. I think i better move on anything with ddr4 where I can actually post some good scores because of bdie :)).
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    That is my workaround aswell.
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    This comp makes me happy that I sold my impact and 4770k plus mems on ebay - who knows if temptation could be resisted if they still were here
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    Turbo V is working with a little issue, you cant raise Multi higher then set in Bios but you can move down and up again. BCLK changes are working fine, also Volts
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    There are significantly worse OEM kits then the one you have
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    I'm all for picking a cheap GPU for this comp, the 1030s last year were pushing the limit a bit. $90 cards are substantially less disposable(for lack of a better word) than $25 cards. One thing I'm worried about with HD5450s though is that they might be too slow. GPUPi 1B was used in both S1 and S2 of cheapaz because it's an excellent bench for this comp, simple to run, scales perfectly, and it's almost entirely agnostic to the performance of the rest of the system. Unfortunately no one's subbed it on a 5450 yet, but it looks like it could be a 30+ min bench.(Or impossible to run altogether) That's too long IMO, especially on a comp where you're expecting lots of people to run DICE/LN2, potentially even for the first time. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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    Yeah I don't scour the database looking for errors I'm afraid, but try to keep up with reported subs
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    If you see errors, report them. Very few go and specifically look for them. Help the mods out.
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    Thanks bro, it would be more alive if Rauf would reveal that win7 "tweak" hahaha
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