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    That was the problem indeed, reflowed the corroded looking VRM controller and the board appears to work fine, just have to put back the Fusitsu cap, after checking if it is good
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    Ah... U did it already! Thanks stav...
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    Hey @richba5tard Can we impliment 3 leagues now? Imagine how great it could be.
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    try this ROG-MAXIMUS-XI-APEX-ASUS-0093.CAP
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    There are ways to bug benches yes, but implying that's all it's about is wrong in my opinion. There are far more legit scores than not.
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    Yeah just read it next morning - I was really tired and just dropped it here...reading helps 😛 It's becoming obvious I missed out some years, but I'm slowly getting into it again. Just disabled system-info and everything was fine. Dropped a first result and now can start do dig deeper. Too bad there is no tweak for the RTX and 01 yet...and I choose a board with only 1x PCI-E slot...*sight* Well, I will see what a single GTX580 can do Hey at least I figured out which version to use to avoid the slow down issue 😛
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    5960X doesn't go for that price anymore, especially unbinned
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    youre supposed to be a global moderator , (cough cough) , you should know
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    I have a couple recent submissions with TEC cooling. It is strictly TEC on top of cpu, not chilling a liquid with the TEC. I choose water chilled category which is somewhat accurate, but not really at the same time. I run geothermal or a tap to drain liquid cooling. Im not decided if thats chilled or not but I submit using chilled category. Can an admin help with proper category for geothermal and or TEC?
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    only ever had the 555be and the 980 be in here as its my daily, rule of thumb ive learn is you dont overclock your daily, , actually not sure if an fx 4130 is supported with this board , only ever had it on the 990 chipset, it does about 5.2 on chilled water, that was on the crosshair v -z but actually did better on a gig 990 fxa - ud3 i bought cheap but never subbed it , think it was round $ 60 delivered on flea bay for nothing and the bloke had bad mem in it, its a cracker of a board for a cheapy and does better than the crosshair in mhz, but has no where the bios settings that the v-z has as youd know, so i gave the crosshair to pete to try crack the 8 gig mark with his fx-8350, nearly got there . think it was 7980 ish but he hit the wrong volt setting in 1 area , you can talk to him later bout that if you wish, and it killed the cpu, then as it goes trying again with something the board died later , i got the ud3 to 5365 mhz on my little setup on geekbench 3 which i thought was a fair effort, 8370 at 5570 again i thought was very fair, this was before it went into mine as a daily anyway mate nice to talk again , thx cheers ozz
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    Force triple buffering via d3d overrider and you should see your nature opening scene FPS jump up LOD should be beneficial, but can't remember what I used when I ran a 1080
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    no issue here, put a space between 780 and ti
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    Tidied up the thread, can we stay on topic and civil please.
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    I'm in 100% agreement with this, How HWBOT currently has it laid out is on point imo
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    Fantasatic result! -ozz your username and avatar does show up correctly in the forum, just not on hwbot.org - weird glitch.
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    nice bully, 890 chipset boards are good boards, mines an asrock 890 fxb deluxe 3 early yes but still perform nicely, and think theyre well over looked now for what they can produce , cheers mate ..nice
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    From my 2D perspective, nobody cares about what’s more conventional, win 7 and XP have better performance for competitive and pushing the limits of the chip. Long live XP, spi32m and waza
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    I dont really like to answer Ozzie's posts without a high level of sarcasm. Look, some ES are good, and some are bad. sometimes retail are better, sometimes not You might get a mad retail 9900K like Bullshooter did, and wipe the floor with it, or maybe you work with a board manufacturer and have them bin through 100, 200 who knows how many chips intel/amd sends them and they send you one from their top 5 or whatever. Or maybe you work with a board manufacturer that makes something top end but in limited number, Z97 SOC Force LN2 board is the good example here, far better than any other board of its generation, 99% of these boards should be considered ES, although technically they're considered retail for Hwbot because they were available for retail purchase on Newegg for a hot minute. Maybe you're talking about ES Kingston AFR DDR4, given out to a few top guys, at the time, with ln2 it was far better than DDR4 MFR and Samsung E die (Until B-die was released) I think its important that ES for current generation stuff is kept to a separate league, if you're getting it - you're probably getting it for free, and that's not fair when you're talking about binned pieces, of sometimes very expensive hardware. but once that generation is up, I think it should be fair game. Technically you're not supposed to sell ES but its been sold since forever, and sometimes even given away - I've given up ES boards with permission to local guys for comp prizes and its a great way for guys to push their hardware to limits that retail sometimes cant compete with. I think the current policy of ES hardware at HWbot is just fine and support it staying the way it is.
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    A little bit of progress, this is already quite a few revisions in...
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    don't want to play clever or something but the circled area looks oxidized to me.
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    I have 3 “dead” REX ,i am keeping them untill technology will evolve enough to be fixed :)).
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    guys im running into a strange issue, never had before... im trying to bench 3dmark01SE on Apex, install worked fine from usb, XP 64bit installed, 361.75 driver for 980Ti installed correctly also after replacing the n4dispi file. but when im starting 01SE it also takes longer than usual (-nosysteminfo not working afaik) and once i hit RUN benchmark it goes not responding on the loading screen, it never starts 3d... does not matter which test im selecting... driver and 01SE resinstall not helps... on event viewer i found this error message: any clue? *mod Ok it seems it was some vsync issue. after several driver reinstall and enabling back vsync 3d works fine.
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    hey guys, has anyone found a way to make 1080 work on xp or is it not possible. I modded the newest xp64 drivers and the driver installs but windows acts weird and blackscreens a lot. Also 03 installs but says hardware not supported. newest gpuz wont install, only old versions.
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    Missed 6300 MHZ by 10 MHZ but still got the best score for a 8700K on single stage in the ranking and made it into TOP20 for this CPU. Temperature is around -40°C - so not the best singlestage around, but definitly a great chip. Every MHZ more is directly bound to better temps - this chip loves cold! 6159 MHZ will crash on most 3D benches as soon as it goes from -40°C to -39.XX...what a picky brat... The only thing I can do for now.....is preparing the cascade!! €: awww webbi why so sad?
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    I don't think this powerboard will be available to the general public. AFAIK only Epower was available retail (for a brief time). GPower isn't retail either.
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