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    To put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself: I am going to release the first version of my generic wrapper on the 11th of April. Regarding donations/financing, let's talk about that when the first version is out and stable.
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    added E6850s, P45, 790FX and B-die
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    To all whom is interested. The Dark z390 is available on EVGA.eu. Just got a email notification.
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    Unfortunately I think they've been "going to launch" for about 2 years now.
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    I know that I'm a Nobody BUT I still love the Frosty Pictures that you guys can take and hopefully share.
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    You too!! That was my only backup, so I look forward to rebenching when you beat me I know I know, you always ask for more pics ha ha. I always just take one quick, too busy benching
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    So you want a wrapper that makes the benchmark more efficient... REALLY? WTF? I want a wrapper so that people don't need to mess with installs all the time and they can bench eg. Cinebench on Win8 on their AMD Ryzen CPUs, If its a bit less efficient than a run on windows XP or 7, so be it... if they want efficiency they have to make a benching OS... not get extra performance of a wrapper.... Really if I read more of them above comments I leave the bot as it is and will go fishing...
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    Long time since last post, but i found some material that i collected back when i was digging for ln2 overclock history. I think it is interesting to post some more info here, despite not being ln2 overclock it has dry ice, ancient pots and other extreme methods from the 90's era. Take your time and enjoy https://www.fnf.jp/pc.htm (from 1996, extreme overclock using carbon dioxide and custom cpu block) http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Bay/1214/omasu/omasu.html (extreme overclock session using custom pots and dry ice) https://www.fnf.jp/celeron3.htm (this one is ln2 overclock) https://www.fnf.jp/pcs.htm (from 1997, ancient custom water cooling system, chilled with peltier) https://www.fnf.jp/ln2_1.htm (from 1998, led experiment using ln2)
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    I guess we all can make mistakes, the guy took enough of a beating, maybe more than needed^^ - closed
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    The 1st known overclocking on 80x86 was made by People on 8086 in 1980, upgrading from a 4.77Mhz to above 6Mhz ... It was requiring to unsolder the Quartz on the motherboard, and replace it.(I was part of this wagon) It went from then to the 486DX33Mhz, Where the OC got it up to an incredible 40Mhz ... The 486sx was overclocking badly, as it was the 1st Microprocessor with Integrated memory controller. The 1st overclockable CPU with Frequency multiplier was the 486DX2 66Mhz, that got overclocked to 100Mhz ... wow! (since then, Frequency multiplier is very often the limiter) Internally, at Intel, people have been Overclocking the transistors since then (DX with Frequency multiplier) with LN2, because it allows us to draw very important curves for life expectancy. (Life expectancy of a transistor is a function of how many commutes it does, so, if you want increase it by 50%, you get your answer 50% earlier, then, you have a good math model) The 1st Public demonstration of overclocking with LN2 was done by one of my good Friend, Art Webb, then, working in the demo group of intel, I know he demonstrated a Pentium III, and a Pentium 4 ... I could find internal literature where he was involved into on Deschutes (Pentium II) (internally) Francois
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    Geek is all bout memspeed, I don't have them sticks that can do 4600MHz.C14
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    It may seems weird, but I post the result also on instagram and twitter, so I prepare the screens in a format that I can use everywhere, no problem to share the original full screen if you want, there's no top-secret things in it :D
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