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    Yes it does. Benchmarking is a total package, not just whipping your hardware. Overclocking is whipping your hardware. Benchmarking is actually doing something with your overclock.....which requires a little more thought and resourcefulness to get a better score. After all, the score is what matters, not just the overclock used.
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    Wanted 9900KF or 9900K. Can run 5.5 cbr15 on ambient water. Please yours offert to PM with numbers of voltage on ambient water cbr15. Chip will be working on heavy water or easy (R12) phase change.
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    My recent binning run was 16 chips(only 2012 and 2013 chips), but before that i allso had ~20 but no luck (2010 batches tend to suck)
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    My 6,15GHz X5690 does 4,55 1,3V making it my best chip, the 3rd 6GHz R15 chip (X5660 3152A970) does 4,45Ghz air but has coldbug of -160 so you can just bruteforce it One more X5690 is comming up on LN2 one of these days, allso does 4,55 / 1,3V so i have hopes for it being a 6GHz r15 chip as well
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    Not too crazy, 4,5Ghz R15 @ 1,3V BIOS, but chip scales crazy good, might be limited by NB and/or RAM but didn't think about that while benching, there should be plenty of Vcore headroom, if it scales (run was at 1,7V BIOS)
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    Absolutely insane, what did this do on air?
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    I thought about this long and hard today. I have a vision of course. A vision that came together in the last few years while working on and supporting GPUPI, talking to overclockers, researching benchmark security and breaking every bench out there. So yes, I think that poeple want easier access to benching to get the community growing. They want to trust all posted results, screenshots and system data. I also think that everybody wants more system data, like much more! And I am pretty sure nobody wants to ever fill out a submission form again for ten results in a row. That said I made a decision today. Fulfilling my promises will take more time and I don't think we have that luxury. We need a solution right now. So I am going to take a big shortcut and release the first few versions of BenchMate as a wrapper to HWBOT. Although I disabled a couple of features again, this will be a HUGE step forward in the right direction. I am currently working on integrating HWBOT submissions by result file and online. It shouldn't take too long, so expect a beta version very soon.
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    I was under the impression that people just wanted a wrapper to stop cheating and therefore allow people to use potentially cheatable OS/chip combinations, nothing more but fair enough, time will tell. I'm just a grumpy old man who doesn't like change
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    Thank you guys. With this cpu on Cascade and NB on air I haven't tried. I will try in the coming days. Impression that I am limited by the CPU. In my opinion the lack of over 700 results due to the cost and rarity of these boards. I have 3 other non-functioning ones. Two of which have SB dead. Let's see how they will go up once they are repaired. I wanted to say thanks to Tapakah, he sold me this card because he didn't go over 600 of fsb. The problem was the lack of compound between the NB and the heat sink.
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    I understand the stock cooler idea to level out the field, but I don't see it being practical. As its proposed now I could use a stock card and chilled AC air blowing on it. Software based temp limits seems far more constrained and practical. Allowing all mainstream single-core cards up to 580's seems pretty much perfect as most people have a 580 already and they are widely available still. The other option would be to set a specific card like GTX1050 or but that limits the participants dramatically.
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