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    Wanted: Epox 8RDA6+ Pro (NForce 2 Ultra, Athlon XP) I want a backup board for my running one. I am willing to trade my only Abit NF7-S for it.
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    nothing new, comps always need some stuff ironed out. appreciate the work you guys are doing thanks
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    Ok, next time it tries to close the competition it should work properly.
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    I've tried differed ram and gpu's, reflashed the BIOS ... The i5 7600k may be dead......the board may be fine, I'll see if I can find a good i7 7700k, I even tried to flash the BIOS for my i7 8086k but a no go So I found APEX X and it Rocks.
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    Yes, sorry things are going slowly. A very limited number of samples have gone out for development testing. Also got the first pictures from the factory where I've ordered an initial batch. Unfortunately they messed some things up and will delay this another week or so while they produce a new PCB. Here it is in action: https://youtu.be/Fbw1CZp-GNE?t=381 Quick specs: - 3x I2C headers working at 3.3-5.0V - 1x UART header, TX 3.3V RX 3.3-5.0V - 1x SPI header 0.8-3.6V with on-board controllable LDO for feeding power - VMOD header which is essentially the same as ROG Hotwire (sense and modify the feedback circuit of a voltage controller) - Built-in USB bootloader for firmware upgrades (essentially unbrickable) - Micro-USB cable for connecting to the PC Bundled: - 3-pin 2.54mm to 3-pin 2.54mm 40cm cable (I2C/UART) - 2x 3-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (I2C/UART) - 2x 2-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (VMOD) - 1x 1-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (Ground) - SPI cable for Asus motherboards - SPI cable for MSI motherboards - SPI cable for Asrock motherboards (SOIC8 test clip can be bought separately for Gigabyte boards, they don't have headers for flashing) Additional info: - I2C1 supports I2C listening/sniffing to figure out what's being sent on the bus it's connected to, which is very useful for figuring out how to talk to undocumented ICs - I2C3 supports SSD1306 128x64px I2C OLED displays as seen in Roman's video for displaying various information (optional add-on) - The SPI header is targeted for external BIOS flashing. Can be very useful for flashing mod-BIOSes or recovery. Can also be used to update the EC firmware on some boards.
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    Try a middle-man service like Buyee or Celga.
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