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  1. They use the same BIOSes, oddly enough.
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  2. Getting things ready for the start of this....
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  3. Both 2000C7 and GTX2 were sold within an hour of posting ... looks like I'm not the only one looking for Hypers Based on my personal records of 18 sticks of 2000C7, plus 15 sticks of GTX2, it seems that the latter are generally worse on tRCD limits, yet generally better on voltage. Of course, there are exclusions in both directions. For example, the 2000C7 I just sold needed much less volts than the other sixtreen 2000C7 sticks that I had, yet also had worse tRCD limits. But, let's be honest, in the benching ranges of Hypers (1050 6-7-5 and thereabouts) tRCD limits don't play a role
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