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    Not quite ready for Computex. The price should be ~35 USD excluding the display which is a $5 add-on.
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    Yo Saints...Alex stated 4240 with slightly cold on ram and 4200 room temp 12-11-11 if you test lotsa ram you know what he's talkin bout ^^^^ Peeps in this section want to sell and no need any opinion. We have reputation to back it up! Thank you Dumo
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    I've had some good progress; into the 18s with full ambient. I had a few runs at 2948C9, but RTLs and IOLs were out of whack and timings wouldn't tighten.
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    Crazy to think that there may be really good ICs out there that nobody has tested because they were too busy binning d-die, psc, bbse, etc. Well done on testing, and will be interesting to see what comes of this IC once you and other have more time to test!
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    Enthusiast league, where the number one skill is who is best at hiding their ice bucket Favorite league
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    Vdimm on Asrock can be shown with hwinfo32/64, on my Z87 it is VN4, which you have double, direct vdimm showoff doesn´t work - MM is ok as well, of course best option but hard to show with each test
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    ahhh no trdrd 4 is why you are able to run 2700 so easily. My bin for 2666-2740 on air is: http://i.imgur.com/PHK39SQ.png very tight but it seems to yield quality kits on cold. Speaking of hypers, ran this last night on the air rig while testing Devils Canyon:
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