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    K received the how by The Silver, seems things are gonna stay like the current ranking is. Lessons learned for next time for the crew: Add benchmark and systeminfo version to be used to the compo rules Monitoring tool is HWINFO only, showing also the time in the screenshot Moderation from day one and constant follow up required Time to close this chapter
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    Try this, I can't test if the modded efiflash will work on Z270 but the bios def should. Also edited autorun.bat for X8eMOD.bin Pretty sure this bios can run SKL too as it may have been missing from my Z170 modded bios Mod_Pack.zip
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    Here is all you need to run Coffee Lake ( Refresh ) cpu's on Gigabyte Z170X-SOC-Force-LN2 Just follow the Direction_HWBot.txt file after extracting Mod_Pack.zip Mod_Pack.zip
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    Don´t miss this opportuniy - get schwifty
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    nice price ! too bad we are separated by an ocean...
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    R0 stepping cpus need new bios P0 already works
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    current one works with F but not R0 I'll post r0 one in a bit
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    That's a bitter pill to swallow...
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    Thanks, I just try to learn as much as I can about this stuff since it seems to be disappearing every time another XOC'er quits due to lack of time, family, health, frustration with the platform or general lack of respect by those too naive to realize the importance of knowledge. Definitely something that any semi-advanced overclocker can do if you can find the time and dedication to do so I encourage everyone to spend at least 10% of their OC time to learn about things they feel has a lack of easy to find documentation. It's amazing just how much there is to learn when you run into a problem without a simple answer
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    so much people has and uses that board nowadays so this was a really important update,thanks.
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    I finally flashed Dsanke's 2003 Apex X bios on to my Apex IX board. Works ok with my 6700K though the cpu voltages seemed a little low and had to raise the AC Loadline to 0.8 to get normal volts. Will probably install my 9700K in there this weekend when I have more time, but for now enjoying a newer bios release. Though I installed it on the B-side of my dual bios such that I suppose by pressing a switch I am back to stock. Lovely feature.. Anyhow I got my Apex for $60 after rebate though mine was new. For an extra $20 why not. Talk about a great deal never the less. Thanks and thanks to Dsanke! Cute how cpu-z reports the bios version 2003 by Dsanke.. Lol.
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    George I think you done a good job of it seeing as it was your first comp😊
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    without be rude, just to know: Processor is not recognized = VALID? Btw @macsbeach98 is (was, and probably will be) the top, he deserves the victory
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    Congrats to macsbeach98. Great job. It's been a good learning experience for me as I know it has been for others. Looking forward to a re-run next year.
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    Some benching from the last week. Just really tested out two pieces seems like both above average samples. Antique motherboard still doing work.
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    Kingpin is complete with all rods and springs and co (also extra top plate) Der8auer is reay to use but needs one longer rod to mount a spring (included) Ryba 'Inflection (Pre EK) misses 2 rods, nuts are included though reserved for Shaggy GPU FAT , ready to use with K type probe pot is 85 euros reserved for groundhog GPU FAT POT by Ryba, hardly used 80 euros
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