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    Ohhhhh don't do that to me. I still gotta pick one of those up. Hopefully it compliments my 2950X well.
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    A year ago all the above mem sets would have been sold in 48 hours max. Having purchased from the seller multiple top binned sets, I can only say that every single set exceeded my expectations. Bump for a friend and a trusted seller.
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    nothing on the physical materials atleast
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    OFFICIAL SUPPORT THREAD AT THIS LINK! K maybe not a bad idea to do a small competition with only allowing submissions done/monitored by Matt's latest release of the 0.8.1 release click here (click link to download) With version 0.8.0 Scores can be submitted straight via the Benchmate Tool (Internet required ofc) or via the screenshot (RESULT FOLDER) Thus manual submission via the compo page. Take note we are using Beta Benchmarks for the Compo!!! This implies we only can run the benchmarks currently integrated in the Benchmate suite: CB R11.5 CB R15 CB R20 Geekbench 3 & 4 SuperPi GPUPI 3.2 / 3.333 Ofcourse to thoroughly test out any bugs it might be better to opt for Windows 10 only. This compo might be a solid test to see if we can finally allow newcomers to bench on the latest Microsoft OS even with older Intel or any AMD hardware out there. Limitations to participate are to use= Pre-Skylake Intel hardware in the DDR2/3 Intel Compo SKylake and Newer Platforms in the DDR4 Intel Compo AMD platform. (For AMD I hope many Ryzen and Threadripper users will chime in) in the appropriate DDR2/3 and DDR4 Compo Any pointers or heads up? This new software is the thing OC needs to stay alive and kicking... Microsoft couldn't care less about us and AMD has a special way of approaching things too 😛 OFFICIAL SUPPORT THREAD AT THIS LINK!
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    same for me on all my card . i have many matrix and classified only asus can do a little bit more than evga
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    Air or water? Remember he benches now at 30 ambient :)) I binned more than 50 9900k for gskill comp, the best ones on air can boot 5100 divider in dual-channel on regular ambient, i only had one chip like that that died randomly after 2 hours with 'safe' 1.5V vccsa max.
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    I wouldn´t bet on this, the stickers show a sm which I think is individual if Team did not change the pattern - the sticks itself have a sn in the spd as well. But we all know that nothing is unbreakable ^^
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    yeah they don't have individual serial numbers either if you want to bin them
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    In for this, AMD is coming with new platform too as well so this is definitely the right time for it (after 7/7 that is). As for the benchmark I would suggest: - Cinebench R20 & R15 (R20 is the newer, we might as well test these if BenchMate would be mandatory for future. As for R15 it is pretty common already so it is OK for checking something with global points. I'm not too keen on R11.5) - Maybe do single-core CInebench (R20) too, just for fun to check Single Core performance. - Geekbench 3 & 4 Multi-core - Pi 32M (not sure if we should do full out or limited clock to check the clock verification feature?) (GPUPI already thought as 'secure' for win10, so I'm not sure if that's needed?) For limitation, I agree to focus on the windows 10-only to check stuff. Not sure about how to make the class/category. Maybe divide the competition by socket on Non-windows 10 friendly platforms? - AM4 (all) - TR4 (all) - LGA2011 v3 Haswell & Broadwell - LGA115x Minus Skylake+ gen (not sure should be open for all or just specific generation)
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    The kit is <$200USD here in the US, potential killer deal.
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    Thanks, added some 4200 and 4266 Screens for the quad kit Trident Z 3866
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