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    Yeah that would be nice, bought another i7 870 from eBay last week, when it arrived it was a i5 650....message the seller he says sorry and said he resend the correct cpu “i7 870”. Well it arrived and it was a i7 860 ahah, I gave up 😩
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    I’m bringing the whole farm basically. Extension cords, dielectric, vaseline, shop towels, etc. im sure if anyone needs something, I’ll have it
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    ROG MemTweakit https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PhC6UJjPEAqJ9bVEDJhK0EVAnKcLYfH/view
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    have fun guys! remember when the torches dont light its time for a break
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    No clue why you would want the GTX8 for, unless you want to complete a collection…. almost awarded as the most useless Quad channel kit ever... doesn't do super high speeds, nor tight timings...
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    Overal Leaderboard is functional now
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    bios 0057 works easy with A2 pcb, previous bios need to set CMD RATE ==> N:1 and it will have no issues 4133+. Performance is pretty much the same as 1T in geekbench at least, found very small difference if any. For Maximus IX Apex and Maximus X Apex running A2 PCB ==> TCWL needs to be set to 14 and also twrrd_sg ==> 25 twrrd_dg==> 21, this makes 4133 easy train and run if kit is capable. 2.0V is limit for dimm voltage without LN2 mode, use ln2 mode and manually set voltages like regular mode, you should have no problem. Example of safe voltages for air/water set manually PLL Core Voltage to 1.00V, Pll Termination 1.20, Cpu standby 1.10, Pll Bandwith lvl 0 , DMI 1.00V, little bit raised pll termination of 1.20 will max out the cache as well.
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    I've hit the recalc Button last night and today many times but nothing change.
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