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    I understand this, it avoids people being upset if they cant reproduce that is why cost is lowered
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    Excellent time as always! Big thanks to Stefan for all the time and $$ getting this event setup once again!
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    Yvw and thank you Moritz for making the trip over every year and all the oc help and tips! Also...thanks for playing concierge and taking us to some great places for food and beverages!
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    Huge thank you to @funsoul for organizing the event and thanks to all you guys helping me out with the gear I couldn't bring with me!
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    Allen's ALWAYS interested hehe This one will be closer for him, though so that's sure to help. I'd be interested. Not sure whether do-able but certainly want to stay posted. Reach out if/when there's anything where you think I can help!
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    Thanks Allen! Yeah...little by little keep getting a little more. Maybe one day I'll actually get it to where it's capable.
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    Great run Moritz! So glad you were able to make the party again!
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    Yes Venom should be better than F1 for sure, but T-REX will give you benefit, it was even better than my SF3D direct die.
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    That's looks like a FUN place to be :-) I see jiccman1965 in the FAR back Right and Hotrod717 up front in middle. I believe I see aerotracks on the right also. -> FUNSOUL TAKING PICTURE
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    was really great to see everyone there!
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    Last of the Philly 2019 gang is packing up. Lots of fun! Probably the most relaxed, easy event so far. We actually ALMOST finished all the ln2 for the first time! Thanks to everyone who attended and sent best wishes!
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    I would like a feature introduced on the My submissions tabs. Challenge When going through the Videocard scores in the My submission tab we see a nice list of scores and the the details for the videocard. However to then see which processor used and the speed of processor we have to go to the individual scores to find out what was used. This makes it very cumbersome to potentially find scores that otherwise could be upgraded based on new hardware or new skills. I keep learning and find new tweaks and keep most hardware so if nothing to do on a weekend i grab some hardware and get into it. Solutions. 1. On the My submission tabs add one tab that says Video card expanded. In that tab the list can look the same as current one however with addition of 2 columns.. CPU hardware and CPU Frequency. This would make it significantly easier to determine which benchmarks to rerun based on new CPUs/Cores that we keep adding in our toolboxes. 2 . On the My submission tabs add one tab that says Processor expanded. In that table the list can look the same as current one however with the addition of 3 columns. Memory hardware "G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 SDRAM"" and Memory speed and if possible Memory timings. Considering that all the CPU benchers are significantly dependant on memory speed and timing it would again be much easier to find which benchers to rerun based on new gained skill or added hardware in our toolboxes.
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    Assuming you wanted to flash BIOS under 64-bit Windows OS, 1) Extract the FPT_Z390_1123.zip, pick the 'Windows64' folder. Extract the folder somewhere, for example C: 2) enter an Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator , navigate to the previously extracted 'windows64' folder 3) enter command FPTW64 -f BIOSNAME (BIOSNAME is your bios files name with extension) wait until done, after that shutdown-clear CMOS, and its's ready.
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    Hi, just wanted to share starter DDR4-4800 CL14 2x8GB settings that i use on G.Skill OCWC, I tested only on the 1-DIMM per channel MSI Z390I Gaming EGDE AC with O18 BIOS So far only 2x8GB Samsung B-die Single Rank (1Rx8) with A2 PCB could attempt this, I do not know of other IC that could. I do this setting on 2x8GB G.Skill OC World Cup 2019 Modules (8Gbit Samsung B-die) [Notes] 1) This is a 'starter' settings, meaning some subtimings are still loose (like tRFC and tertiaries), and depending on the module you still can get it tighter. This is just to get you started/booted. (You can also use this 'profile' to either bin/test IMC and/or sticks). CPU put to 50/50 Core/Ring at 1.3v just a safe point and easy check for efficiency. 2) SA/IO will depend on your CPU IMC. Good IMC can easily boot 4600-4800 on 1.5 / 1.45 (SA/IO) or even less. Normal IMC like my 8086K need 1.6v SA / 1.45v IO. 3) Pay attention to VDimm, depend on module, some module won't boot 1.95v+, my OCWC2019 module do OK with 1.9v. 4) If you're not sure on your IMC, do the settings like this on 1.6V SA/ 1.45v IO, but lower DRAM Ratio to 4500, then try to boot higher like 4600, 4666, 4700 and so forth That's it. Under cold and very good IMC @ 1.65v SA+, with good DRAM Module that scales with cold you should be able to boot/bench 4900-5000 CL14. Those were the settings I use as 'base' to get to 5000 CL14 under cold IMC and cold sticks on OCWC 2019 final It's not much, but I hope it helped
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    So, here we go. Those IC's can be found in Ballistix Sport 3000c15/3200c16 and new Elites 3600c16 (No idea on 3466c16 bin which was common for Samsung B-Die) You can also find them in Kingston Fury/Value 2666/2933/3200/3466 (Can be read as E/H-Die 16/18/19nm). For now, they easiest for IMC and can do stable 3466-4000 on Ryzen or 3733-4600 on Intel with cheapest boards (OP in DR configurations). There's most of my findings: PS: i also saw generic Hynix JJR running 4133c19-23-23-48-2T on chiphell.
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