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    I've been contacted by a member that there was a norton lifelock alert for community.hwbot.org (not hwbot.org main site) this summer. If real (and I don't see why there would be false positives?), it means there was a vulnerability of Invision PowerBoard that got exploited. It's running an up-to-date version but it's not as if I check daily for new updates to install. Community forums run on a separate server and a separate database. The server itself is only accessible using a private key, not with a username/password. I don't see any suspicious activity/traces on the community server, which is running a linux OS with 0 pending security patches. The database is not accessible from the outside world, only from within our Amazon VPC. We do take security seriously. If invisionpb got hacked before they were able to send out a patch to customers, it sucks but little we could have done about it. We must assume that everyone using a community account should change their password ASAP. I'll make a news announcement. If anyone can find more info about the community.hwbot.org data leak that'd be great. I have not found anything about this anywhere.
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    It would be the recommended way to instantly start with forensics on the server and get behind this issue. If HWBOT was indeed hacked, it's not only HWBOT's security that suffers, but also our own. Our mail addresses might be out floating around in the open, passwords might be compromised. To kill this off without any research by stating that Norton got compromised is really not the right way to respond to this.
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    maybe he will forget to rebuy the domain and someone that gives a shit can take it over
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    Just to help you out a bit, I've made 3 batch files (for my AN7 bios). You can adapt to your bios. Saves a ton of time once done for the bios you're working on. First, run cbrom bios.bin /d to see all the modules, so you can adjust the commands. Extract all (extract.bat) Extract all modules without altering the bios file itself cbrom %1 /xgroup extract awardext.rom cbrom %1 /acpi extract ACPITBL.BIN cbrom %1 /epa extract AwardBmp.bmp cbrom %1 /ygroup extract awardeyt.rom cbrom %1 /group0 extract _EN_CODE.BIN cbrom %1 /oem0 extract BSMICODE.BIN echo 1 | cbrom %1 /vga extract NV1ABIOS.ROM echo a | cbrom %1 /pci extract NVPXES.NIC echo b | cbrom %1 /pci extract 4402.bin cbrom %1 /logo extract AN7-256n.bmp Release all (release.bat) This will release all the modules and you will be left with the system bios only cbrom %1 /xgroup release cbrom %1 /acpi release cbrom %1 /epa release cbrom %1 /ygroup release cbrom %1 /group0 release cbrom %1 /oem0 release echo 1 | cbrom %1 /vga release echo a | cbrom %1 /pci release echo b | cbrom %1 /pci release cbrom %1 /logo release Compile (compile.bat) Insert back the modules cbrom %1 /xgroup awardext.rom cbrom %1 /acpi ACPITBL.BIN cbrom %1 /epa AwardBmp.bmp cbrom %1 /ygroup awardeyt.rom cbrom %1 /group0 _EN_CODE.BIN cbrom %1 /oem0 BSMICODE.BIN echo 1 | cbrom %1 /vga NV1ABIOS.ROM echo a | cbrom %1 /pci NVPXES.NIC echo b | cbrom %1 /pci 4402.bin cbrom %1 /logo AN7-256n.bmp All batch files accept just one parameter - the bios file name, e.g. extract AN7.bin
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    I believe it was because I generated the password from KeePass built-in tool and it contained too many special characters
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    Updated OP with ln2 test
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    Thank you for the clarification, Frederik. MrGenius, you should consider not posting here when drunk.
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    Mails are being sent out to inform all users. All passwords are encrypted and salted, but given enough cpu time I guess some/most can be decrypted. Please change your password here and every other place you used the same combination!
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    @Splave wants to run the new hwbot site.
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    Domains are renewed automatically each year. If the debt can not be paid, the domain provider can give it back to tld provider. Happens mostly on bankruptcy cases. Even then the domain will be flagged as deleted and enter a redemption phase of 30 days, where it can be bought back by the previous owner at any time (with extra fees). An impeachment of Trump will be more likely.
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    LOL at this. He hasn't logged on since September 11, and last post was June 28
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    I'll be able to check both files for -E Deluxe tomorrow evening and report back.
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    Can be used for online validation as well. Submitted results will be stored under your own account. Upload to 3dmark.com not supported for 3DMark01, PCMark02 and PCMark04. 3DMark99: 78TR2-8DBDU-BMXXS user: Futuremark 3DMark00: 6VZTY-SDZ75-KA9V7 user: Futuremark 3DMark01: 7QMF2-TSLJR-ESRDD-L3FJF 3DMark03: N4LWE-T6HUX-8U4JB-28YLV 3DMark05: HB4DY-VQQAB-9SVRZ-H4YKL-VTLCS 3DMark06: 3DM06-JJHN1-7JKAR-379TF-2E8MH-2RLDS PCMark02: PSZNA-KSHVF-12QZT-27KHL PCMark04: MRN2-FXMY-QBNX-CYKM-FD6N PCMark05: PCM05-K78Z-4NJ9-NECB-TR45-8MJR Thank Futuremark. Download
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    I needed a quick sale. My dogs liver is failing and becoming expensive.
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