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  1. Noob or advance overclocking is an individual personal experience, peeps can follow your oc settings or they can hate you because their hw can't do it afraid to jolt their hw with 'unsafe' voltages You don't have any obligation to show 24/7 'safe' settings or 1900 12-11-11@2Vram or think yourself as an influencer. It is free for all activitiy It always for fun no more and no less, you can do it with ln2 and pocketed $10K at competition or you can spend $1K to find ram sticks that can do 5100 air...in the process. Just do not make it so complicated
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  2. This the right folder, but the prerelease version of BM 0.10 does not create .hwbot files yet for wPrime and 7-Zip. Tomorrow the new version will officially launch and I have already added the "wPrime * with BenchMate" categories and the 7-Zip category as well as 3DMark03, 05 and 06 as beta benchmarks to HWBOT. This version will produce . hwbot files, which you can upload (or submit inside the client).
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  3. Glad you got it singing! No idea what my issue with it was lol, I had trouble in two different board and two different sessions
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  4. Launch imminent. This time for real, no prerelease.
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  5. Hello Splave, here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/file/loa5mpu5nqmfn2h/Splave_Z17MOCF7.51G.zip/file and these are the mods: I've taken your previously modded BIOS (that we know is perfectly working) and: - i've updated the OROMs to the latest versions, in particular the RAID OROMs are working and are tested by my-self (https://www.win-raid.com/t19f13-Intel-EFI-quot-RaidDriver-quot-BIOS-Modules-52.html#msg97820), - added the R0 CPU Micro-code, - the BIOS contains the CPU micro-codes which according to specialized forums (whose results for the 8xxx series have been personally tested and for the 9xxx series have been confirmed by friends) are the best for overclocking (on average on different motherboards and with different CPUs), in particular for the performance and the VCore applied in relation to the frequency managed, compared to the previous and subsequent CPU micro-codes. Cheers, KK P.S.: you are a legend in my book... 😜 SoniX (the U.B.U. developer) and Fernando (the chief administrator of Win-RAID) are also legends that i personally thank for the immense work they do for the HW freak community.
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