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    LN2 is a cheat and should be banned!
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    Asrock and Team group coming through with the dank prizes Also excited for "For the entirety of the competition, we will require the use of benchmate version 0.10.5 (Beta), which was released 12-20-2019. Everything you need for the 2D portion of this competiton is obtained from benchmate. You wont need anything else and you don't need to worry about the various programs and version requirements. We will specify version requirements just for the sake of clarity, but benchmate removes any ambiguity."
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    First bench hard on LN2 and come back.... LN2 is way more frustrating at moments as usually all of your pretesting on air/water makes no sense under extreme cold... also you don't have hours of time to debug why the heck you aren't even close to the other guy's score.... Learning how new harware reacts to cold will already set you back 15-30L of LN2 before you might see a pattern. LN2 benching is not about pushing more volts and get it as cold as possible. The combination of silicon, voltages, logic adaptive debugging and accurate temp control are keypoints here. Another maybe mute point: Talk to the real sponsored guys here, getting them freebies I'll tell you it autmatically brings a lot of pressure. PR people require records otherwise you will get replaecd by one that can do it. Your score gets beaten, then they will require you to renbench to be on top again. Best example is Dancop who ruled the Bot but had to give up as it was hampering his social and family llife to bench each evening. No matter what league you are in, to get top spots or lots of points you will have to cash out. You use the word invest a lot. , OC or PC hardware is really never an investment. You buy it and from the moment you walk through the shops door your "investment " already is devaluated. Buy 2 CPUs and still get thrashed, so you sell and buy more to get a cherry sample, Break all scores for your league till another guy finds a better sample. My point of view on OC: I always prefer to bench for efficiency ,try to beat people at equal clocks is the game. If you have less MHz and still get similar scores you are on top. If you cant match or beat him with higher clocks you suck lol.... or he cheated? OC has to remain fun, The goals you set will determine if youwill "invest" tons of cash, chasing them virtual points for world wide internet fame might be your thing. If you don't get the Return of Investment, people become bitter and want changes to the system. This implies we are back at the starting line and people just should rethink the aim of their hobby....
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    Enthusiast is a broken league, it took me a long time to get it, i hope you will do it to,eventually. As for those type of people who buy some nice shining hardware and they are not pleased for the 2 points they are getting, this hobby is not for them. Look at nachtfalke,poparamiro, vadimua, infrared and others which can be good in any league you put them, and most important they enjoy what they are doing. A great overclocker is the one who enjoys what he is doing, no matter the points and through this, obtains good results in his conditions.
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    Hello all, Maybe some of you have seen the previous competitions we run on OCN, well it's time for the next round! All CPUs are allowed and the GPUs are restricted to RX 580 & GTX 1060. https://www.overclock.net/forum/410-benchmarking-competitions/1738924-freezer-burn-2019-round-3-a.html
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    no one gets good points for 3970x.....just because the scores are large figures doesn't mean they are special by any means. It's about the popularity of the core count which is low. https://hwbot.org/benchmark/wprime_-_1024m/rankings?start=0&cores=32#start=0#interval=20 100 points global for first place only
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    I only recently made the move to extreme, I still do the majority of my benching on chilled or lesser forms of cooling. I too have ran into trying to beat the guy above me with higher clocks but just coudn't get around them - And then after trying different tweaks found that one thing I was lacking and finally beat the result they had. Kinda reminds me of the comp I was in way back in Aug 2011 over at OCA when that place was kicking hard. Although at first I was a real longshot to be competitive vs the others involved, much less in having a chance at the win I didn't let that deter me and in the end wound up going head-to-head with Sofos for the top spot. He won and I came in right behind in 2nd. Sofos said I really pushed him for that win (He was just being nice - I know he could have cold-smoked my ass TBH) but the compliment was appreciated and drove me to do even more - So I did. In that single month I learned more about Super PI than I had ever known before and what was gained then still serves me well. Just shows if you really put in the effort you can come away with results worth going after, plus the knowledge of how it's done you can use later. You get from it what you put into it. That's history now but I still use what was gained, I earned it so I use it. Cooling methods don't always equal great results, I've actually beaten one or two on LN2 using watercooling before - Ridiculous yet it happened. So.... I guess those guys just sucked right? I'll let you guys decide that for yourselves but in my case I'm always tweaking and applying what I've learned regardless of cooling used. And if I happen to do a sucky run that will show too and I can certainly do those - Also regardless of cooling. Keep it fun or it's not worth doing as a hobby or just at all period.
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    @ADVenturePOFYI, there was (and still is) a community in Russia named COIE (club of independent enthusiasts) - although they were always a part of Russian oc forums and they were overclockers by all means they never benched "hwbot benchmarks". I.e. they were re-verifying performance results from different hw reviews, were checking performance impact of different settings in games etc. So why won't you just follow that way but come to hwbot that was always inspired by extreme guys and say guys with ambient cooling should get certain advantages? From my experience, my single stage gives me a maximum of +10% performance-wise to what I can get with air/water. LN2 may give me another 10% at the cost of much higher risk to kill hardware. Still, silicon lottery may kill the difference in cooling easily - recent results of suzuki with 4790k prove that easily (I was able to get quite the same results with random cpu @LN2 compared to his sweet cpu @ss). So why then not make a separate categories say "Cinebench R15 for those who binned 3 pcs and uses AIO" along with "Cinebench R15 for those who binned 2 pcs and uses Big Thaiphoon". In the end, any changes you ask for will be exploited and either you or another guy will blame hwbot again.
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    You misunderstand. It's not everybody that cheats, but everybody suffers because of their actions. It only takes one or two cheaters to ruin it for everybody. That's already a proven fact here for almost a decade.
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    Hi guys, Up for sale a good 3950X. CPU is boxed, invoice from Caseking. Testing was done on C8I with LLC1 with good water-cooling (Mora 3) at 20C ambient. Results 1.34-1.36V load VCore with & without SMT R15 4475MHz / 4550MHz R20 4450MHz / 4525MHz FCLK Maxtrain = 1884MHz 45min Prime95 Non-AVX Custom 4.3 1.208V / 4.4GHz 1.328V - Sold privately - Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Item location: Germany.
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    Where I got mine and yes I paid way to much. Don't know if they actually still have some. https://www.memory4less.com/intel-2-40ghz-xeon-processor-l3014
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    I'm with Bones. Its only fun if your goals fit your approach. I've been playing in AM3 (cold friendly) posted more than a few 0.2 pointers just because I felt good about them and that is all that matters.
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    100% ^^^^^^ I have benched alot of different things since I started here. The most fun and most points I have gotten have been out of 3D so far. I'm just now getting into the popular 2D core count chips. Might be something to consider for you in the future. Don't worry about those that bench with LN2........just bench what you like and have fun with.
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    You're looking for ~1.25V for 5GHz in SuperPi 32M/wPrime 32m for the really good ones. But then you also need to hope that is has a good CB/CBB.
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    Yeah! The fault is all on those sorry assed, lying, cheating Extreme classed LN2 slinging bastards...... 😃
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    This looks fine for daily, i see no problems if you have a good cooling solution
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    I think Enthusiast is broken by some people, almost everyone know it. Its better to minimize LN2 vs other cooling is Made LN2/LHe/Cascade league different than other cooling. The only problem how can we prove it if we use say Dry Ice? How if it use LN2 with temp lets say -90 Celcius? This is the problem. So Elite vs Everybody else league is the only solution right now i think.
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    I dont get what the hell you are going on about did you see the challenger comps this year they were frequency limited exactly so enthusiasts can be competitive. Dont expect the TC or CC to be frequency limited there is already a balance now. If you are expecting that there will be different point systems for different leagues for all different types of hardware you are expecting a bit much. This revision slimmed some things down to save on server load I dont see complicating it a whole lot more happening. Alby said that there is going to be announcements soon I say wait and see what happens.
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    So now you're saying that everybody should only bench 24/7 stable machines? LOL. You're looking for personal utopia. You're not speaking for Enthusiasts at all.
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    That is why I do not use the oc clubs hardware even though I am technically the person who is in control of what happens with it I didn't pay for it and I don't own it I don't feel comfortable submitting results with a 9900k and have 4 kits of bdie to bin when I didn't work to get that hardware. @ADVenturePOHere is what a lot of people told me when I first started. Don't get burned out by chasing points. I didn't get how I could get burned out doing something I love but during this country cup I understand how it happens. Between finals and work I was already tired and then when I was benching for 7x spi 32m I was having nothing but problems with getting the memory to work properly and I spent 48 straight hours trying to get it to work. I pushed myself to get a score and wasn't doing it for my own enjoyment and that is the first time I wanted to just give up and not keep benching. I have overclocked every system I can get my hands on I got my first real opportunity when I was in high school and the workstation had a 3770k and a stock Intel cooler I spent a semester tweaking the memory and cpu, I had just as much fun on an Intel stock cooler as I do with my cascade. If you can afford to overclock you can afford to go subzero and get more points. I built my first chiller for free out of parts that were free off Craigslist and it got below - 30c at 800 watt power draw. A lot of platforms don't scale below that and if all you care about is points then you can do a lot with a chiller. The rankings mean nothing beyond acting as something to motivate you to keep pushing yourself to improve. OC is something you should do for your own fun not for meaningless number next to your online name to less than a few thousand people most of which you will never meet.
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    LOL C'mon Alby, people are not even honest enough to declare the cooling that they're actually using, and you expect them to move themselves to the proper league?
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    Yes, let us muddy the waters even more by dividing up leagues even further when we can't even positively prove the temp or type of cooling used as it is now. Want to see better score and stats? Up your game. There should be only 2 leagues, Pro/sponsored and everybody else. Cooling method is irrelevant until it can be proven positively that your method is actually used in your subs.
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    Even moving TC and CC two weeks earlier would be a great help - it always feel silly to bench around Christmas when there are bigger things to worry about 🙁
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    Hey guys, thought to spend some time to make the pinout of the OC Panel cable since it has been requested a couple of times already. Here is how the OC Panel cable is split so you can try to connect it to the newer motherboards. As you can see the full length cable (OC Panel side) is split in two (mobo port & usb port) parts. The USB port is ONLY needed for firmware updates etc. For OC you only need the mobo port! Hope this helps Just so you guys see this
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