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    No ... that was a different CPU than the one I am selling here I binned the great CPU @ end of Marh ( 03/2019 ) @ Suzuki ...nobody take LLC 8 @ 24/7 It doesn't matter if I set LLC5 or LLC8. In the end, the CPU only needs the voltage that it needs. And for me that's 1,288v CPU-Z @ 5400 Mhz @ R15 with 21 ° c water temp on my system ....with LLC5 And something else ... for example. the Asus Apex IX z270 push the tension up with LLC8. If you do that, for example. 1,30v. set with LLC 8 that was under load ~ 1.33v. on . What CPU-Z says under load is what counts....just before the bench ends Happy new year 2020 💥💣💥
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    Added a DFI UT P45 for those with lots of free time, P55-UD6 price reduced
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    searching for an 7350k, prefer europe for shipping regards 🙂
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    Fortunately this CPU is still in the hands of someone who can make proper use of it. As far as I know Boris had a long wait to use it in a Country-/Team-Cup someday. So the least I/we could do was to give it a shot in this years cup. Even it was cascade only due to the lack of ln2. Oh yeah. Was a great pleasure to touch this hardware again after so many years. Felt like coming home... Wish all of you a good start in 2020!
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    There is no sand in my bags. Fresh run with B-die mems.
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    All I can do guys. Need a better chip to break the 6 minute mark. I have no energy left now, or LN2 for a long time. 5775 cpu would do it, or one that can reliably repeat 5750, but I can't any longer. 5750 cpu, 3200C10-10-10 / 1600 FCLK https://hwbot.org/submission/4316105_ Have fun.
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    LLC 5 @ water ...24/7 LLC 7 @ LN2
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    Fucking awesome. I love UFO. Movie in first vid was Vanishing Point BTW.
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    Must see proof of the LN2 pouring, one arm okay, two arms is perma ban
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    One per user sir For the unlocking part as long as we have maximum 4 cores and CPUZ/HWBOT picks it up as Deneb I'm fine with it
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    With am3 board ganged help to raise ref clock. Cb is chip related, some chip won't work well on cold.
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    Thanks for the report, will have a look at it as soon as I can. Hope I still have X79.
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    can also turn off adaptive clocking in thermspy
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