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    LEAGUE CHANGES ok good. now it cant be missed.
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    Geekbench 3, 4, and 5 only use CPUIDSDK to report system information. Swapping out the DLLs should have no impact on the benchmark score. I'll take a look and see if we can't do a release of Geekbench 3 that includes the latest CPUIDSDK DLLs.
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    So for those that slept the last months under a rock, it is sort off official that HWBOT ownership has passed on from the original developper Frederik to the Thermal Grizzly company. Before continuing I would like to thank Frederik and the staff ( or whats left of it ) to have kept the Bot up and running, especially for the last year. I've had several phonecalls with the new owners and they stressed the Bot will remain a free service to the OC community. The main goal is to preserve the database, fix initially some major bugs and revise the current point calculation. Now everything will take time and there will prolly not be a huge overhaul but we would like to hear your input on things. These discussions have been held before, but some of the previous decision makers are no longer amongst us and maybe time to revise some stuff. Current to do List: (there are way more things we need to address then the below, but these are the ones that should be the most visible to the users) Main Site: Removal of the current point cut-off system (75%), everybody deserves credit for their efforts Fix the competition points bug Easier to understand rule set (challenging for sure) / update "How to Videos" Front page 2020 refresh with pictures/videos/streams Merging off "with BenchMate benchmarks" into the normal ranking Revision of benchmarks (removal/adding) and their affiliated points Adding/updating achievements list ( definitely requires your input ) Update "About HWBot" Videos: New Tutorial videos offered by der8urner (editing and such) Forum: Result discussions need to be re-linked to the Hwbot submissions Continuously Securing/Updating/patching the forum Bugs: Xeon W3503 cpuz, pifast, superpi 1 & 32m top spot not shown Corsair GTX 8 no Mem OC records
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    Sold, thanks for.hosting hwbot
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    Finished the Benchmate Tutorial. Here ist the link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aYnEnZYD5I8TdkJTLW5BB0ELhBvg7S3j What do you think?
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    Atthached is archive with his achivements, thanks to Antinomy who shared it with me last year. May be of interest for you. No description what these bioses are from me. "Bios explorer" is also there. 8RDA_series.zip
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    Yup those are the ones. Saw too much of this: Some more pics from benching this monster platform:
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    maybe keeph8n's voice lipsyncd to leeghoofd's one of kind smiling face
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    Just let me know @Leeghoofd I can record and upload to youtube, record and send to whomever, or just live stream and link the vod. Just DM me either here or on Discord and I will do what I can
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    Had no idea you were partial to the midwest timbre lol
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    Yep mate, the old ones are no longer cutting it. I would love to have one how to bench at HWBot. Analysis first of what hardware are we benching, which benchmark then choosing the right OS and co... But we need some sort of script to follow to make sure everything has been mentioned Joe will do one with how to use and submit with Benchmate
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    @Leeghoofd are training/information videos needed? Could possibly do some on what needs to be in the screen cap and such
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    step one clean up the old code šŸ˜® just trolling looks great, your efforts are greatly appreciated
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    Proposed changes look great tbh. Having things easily accessible and understandable for newcomers will be great imo.
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    It was me, c2d, cpuz and ArtMoney years ago:D
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    I mean like an only time achievment. Like when a new platform releases to be a race first to 7 ghz ddr6. Only one can get it, etc.
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    Will love to see who the first to hit 9 ghz lol, just imagine that there is an fx chip somewhere rotting away in an OEM machine that's never been cleaned but if given some lhe and an expert touch could hit 9001
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    Make achievments happen. First to hit 9 ghz, first to hit 5 ghz on mems etc Like feats of strenght on the profile. Better than you made 100 subs with g.skill, buhuu.
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    The red X is due to the many threads using a lot of timer calls during Geekbench, which had the possibility to colide inside BM's kernel driver and produce a skew error, which will ultimately get blocked. This has been already fixed of course, but not in BenchMate 0.9.3. This is exactly what happens when I'm not allowed to support Geekbench with the latest BenchMate versions. People go back using old versions with bugs that have already been fixed, mixing up BenchMate versions that leave artifacts due to crashing and inevitably fuck the installation up (unless you know what you are doing and remove the BenchMate services manually). Worst case scenarios that all fall back to BenchMate, exactly as I predicted. Geekbench needs to either allow the integration or lose its points. This is not fun for anyone of us.
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    Latest version of the little ZenTimings. No plans for more updates for now, unless I find how to read FCLK, Rtt and ODT values. Should work on all Zen-based SKUs from any generations so far, including server variants. v1.0.3 adds configured DRAM frequency, total capacity and part number (read from first installed DIMM only). Download from my Google Drive -> ZenTimings
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    Soon brother, let me tell you a story. There once was a man named Muhammad, who could only dream of high fukclock. Miss you brother hmu on pm, need to catch up with you.
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    That word isn't in my lexicon But honestly it would make your job 100% easier, lets work smarter not harder. You already do way too much much for this shitshow, treat yourself a bit brochacho.
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