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    Not really, but welcome to the endless battle. And your application can still be hooked on every API call, starting with DeviceIoControl to feed you whatever as values you need to rely on. It's not a single feature to do things right, it's a strategy that begins with the first line of code and never ends. I helped you for the sake of the countless hours of work from this community that went into Geekbench records. I think my duty here is done.
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    Thanks for the tip 🙂 yes that seems to be the issue. its as memory hungry as Y-cruncher on the higher levels. i never got it to run on win7 with the 9960x so i guess i need even more ram but worked out on win10 and got the right tweaks to get a better score.
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    no ones lobbying for that, maybe in the near future...
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    This is better, there's a direct correlation of what percentage try to cheat when prizes are involved
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    Hopefully will fall this year, we have capable CPUs now its board binning. Good work Trex!
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    Wouldn't miss it! I'm closer than ever, right down 83 in York. Looks promising to have so many interested, so soon. Aways a good time!
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    Mats: HEVC h.265 needs a boatload of memory in absolute mode. With my 7980XE cut back to 32 threads, it takes around 14GB of available memory before the benchmark will even offer absolute mode. Fewer cores probably take less memory than that, but still a lot. If there is too little installed or too much is truncated, the absolute box can't be checked. The increase in cores from 7640X to 9960X and likely a difference in truncating between Win7 and Win10 BCDs could account for exactly what you are seeing.
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    @_mat_ I'm glad you were able to verify that Geekbench is now resilient against both BCLK skews and Win32 API hooks. It's less important how Geekbench implements these protections and more important whether these protections work. If you don't have the resources to test the edge cases we can certainly look into including them in our regular test plan for Geekbench. I would just need to know how to reproduce these edge cases so our QA team can reproduce them in our lab.
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    If my testing with my new kit doesn't go well this evening, I'll take the Royals......
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    You can try one of my tools. ZenStates: https://zenstates.protonrom.com/ SMUDebugTool: https://github.com/irusanov/SMUDebugTool/releases Due to the changes in firmware, you need to always set some values for the PBO limits. 0 was used as "auto" before, but it's now possible to set 0 as well. I'm not ready with the new version yet. You can also use SMUDebugTool if you only need to change the multiplier in OS. You can do almost everything with it, but it's all manual. First tab allows to set the multiplier easily though. It had been tested by the top US guys and it works.
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    In as always. Any weekend is fine.
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    IM in as always, it's always a great time and I would like to thank Funsoul for setting it up. Hay if need anything let me know.
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    Dear All, I need quick help, i would like to bench with ryzen 3900 and impact viii (0017 bios), stock clocks zero overclock yet cinebench R15 does not start at all... I receive this error. fresh installed w10, drivers installed, did anyone see similar error? thanks a lot! Bala
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