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    Up for sale two DDR4 Kits #1 G.Skill Trident Z Neo (F4-3600C16D-16-GTZN) sold A2 Samsung B-die from 2019. Boughht from websmile some time ago. Only used for 4800+ 14-13 on Z390 Dark. websmile tested the kit on Apex XI for 4133 12-12 and 4800 14-13 Screenshots from websmile #2 TeamGroup T-Force Xtreme 8Pack Edition A1 Samsung B-die, used for daily. Short test on Z390 Dark with 4100 12-12 with 2,05v. More is definitely in it, only at the moment no time to test it. Prices without shipping and fees for Payment: #1 sold #2 sold
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    Haven't tried. Kit nr2 should def do it as it is a very strong kit. Most kits will boot way higher than they can run geek.
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    Thank you, and yeah lucky for sure only tried 3 chips this far too bad the my other good chip died. Think it also might be time to get a better board
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    Did anyone create a 9th gen bios for Maximus IX Formula?
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