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    Sub 7 minutes would need 6700-6710MHz. I definitely have multiple capable CPUs, but my best board stops at 655-660 5:8 even though its IMC can do 1080+ 6-7-5 32M with Hypers running same timings easily. Given how hard it is to find an X48 these days, let alone a decent one, this might never happen ... unless I somehow find a magical recycler that sits on a thousand boards
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    currently have 3 dead/damaged rex here. #1 - dead vcore fujitsu + some conductive thermal paste near NB shorting the nb vrm. Board appears to be working fine again. #2 - dead vcore fujitsu, vcore shorted to 12V. Found dead mosfet, replaced it + driver + controller, it blew straight up again. with lab psu it goes beyond memory training during post, so I assume with proper epower it should work properly. #3 - dead vcore fujitsu, vcore not turning on. lots of corrosion. With controller removed + epower it doesn’t attempt going beyond 00. other unnecessary chips have been removed. tried powering SB with lab psu to check current draw, it only draws 15mA at 1.05V which seems very little. Suspicion is dead SB but beyond that no idea. resistances appear normal on all 3 boards after faulty parts have been removed/fixed. Board #2
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    so get a 7740x? GTX590 retails at 70 euros, 690 around 95 euros here on 2nd market places I have no clue why you state DDR4 is 80% AMD... quick sum up: 3D06: Intel CPU X265: AMD CPU 3D99: Intel CPU Mem freq: most will go Intel Uni: AMD APU Superpi32: Intel CPU 3D03: AMD Vega family card GPUPI: AMD/Intel Superpo8K: Intel CPU & prolly most will go nVIDIA GPUs Wprime: AMD CPU
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    nice one; will try to get some beer when we will give this one a try just to see if it helps
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    AM3 wrapper dosn't work with anything older than geforce FX and maybe Geforce 4 Ti (didn't test those) , Confirmed not working from my side are: geforce2, geforce3 and geforce4 MX... You can easily see that there's not a single sub using the wrapper with those old cards even though the 3d mark records have been set more recently on many the AM3 haven't changed since you need wrapper.
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    Thanks guys The card runs fullpot but occasionally looses display for a few seconds. 0.95v Rail = 1.35v PLL = +50mV software Memory = +100mV software Core = 1.65v (Very little difference within 1.60-1.70v load)
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    M9A will not do 4way with 4 discrete NV GPUs, but there are boards that can: Gigabyte Z170 SOC Force, EVGA Z170 Classsified and Asus WS.
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    Latest driver release is R302 from 2012. Also no Windows 10 support. It will work with the next release, but that will take at least another two weeks or so. We are working very hard on it.
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    Sam and LGA 775 SPi efficiency - name a more iconic duo. It's obviously an outstanding result (congratulations!) and quite scary to think it's not even his strongest CPU. When I remember how impressive sub 7m 30s once was, it's kind of crazy we even consider this now. With perfect efficiency scaling 6,700 MHz would lead Sam to ~7m 0.5s. So even 6,700 MHz would likely not be enough, given efficiency tends not to scale 1:1 and it might even be necessary to ease some values on the memory side for DDR3-2144 @ 670 MHz FSB (5:8). However I don't know how much cherrypicking effort Sam has put into the RAM side by his standards compared to the CPU hunt. So maybe there is even a little bit to gain there? I would love to see this, but we really need some magic for this.
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    https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/kv2_lite/ https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/kv2_extreme/ https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/ga_8s661fxm_775/
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    So far I checked 4600 17-19 which needs 1.15V IO / 1.275V SA. After that it seemed like running into a wall which led me to asking for additional input since getting close DDR4-5000 seems to be a thing these days P.S. my interest in this is not geekbench related 🤣
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