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  1. Parts being used lg 1/2 hp r410 compressor free from an ac on the side of the road. Condenser from the same ac 0$ Evaporator made from 5 pipe caps 10$ Bronze flexible suction line dn6 8$ SUD 111 filter dryer 6$ Copper :5$ Brazing stuff: 7$ Total cost: 36$
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  2. Its often confusing which category to choose for the IGP part of a APU, so here is a incomplete list to help find you the correct one. Beema: FT3 A4 PRO-3350B Beema 128 Radeon™ R4 Graphics Radeon R4 Graphics Mobile (Beema) FT3 A4-6210 Beema 128 Radeon™ R3 Graphics Radeon R3 Graphics Mobile (Beema) FT3 A4-6250J Beema 128 Radeon™ R3 Graphics
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  3. >replying to spam if this is how low HWBOT is then I don't even know anymore
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