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  1. Hi mate. I was surprise that the chip have no Coldslow or coldbug, so we can run Full Pot. For other side, that's easy to brake the Power Limit, and also to do voltmods to push the card (take care, because it's 2 s rails for GPU PWM and one for Vram, same PWM), so you need to change voltages separately for the two rails. The problem is that the card has only 16 phases, just 2 for the meemory and it's not an overclocking card, but a gaming card. Also we noticed a a big ripple (added capacitors to help) and limited chip (chip didn't like voltage, even under full pot). Maybe do som
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  2. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-84jL16IvRHRAoX-7Nr9bmDoJS9YPRaz?usp=sharing Included here is the 1.06 bios for the Z490 Dark Kingpin modified to have ucode removed, the tool used to get the CPU Multiplier working properly in OS, and the tool used to modify the bios. I used task scheduler to make it so that "patch cml if no-ucode" ran every time I logged in, so I wouldn't have to start it manually after every reset. https://hwbot.org/submission/4552203 https://hwbot.org/submission/4552842 Score difference is pretty significant. ELEET X1 is available on the
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  3. I changed your sub to Vega 11 Picasso, can you check your team mate with his Raven Ridge to see if it works ?
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  4. Power limit block more performance. However it's a very strong card. Keep pushing, my friend, you are the best 👍
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  6. Awesome suzuki, everything looks so well tuned in all of your runs, especially the memory! 👍👍
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  7. Some Background: Even though I have had an EPOWER V for quite a while I found myself using the older EPOWER classified instead. Having Software voltage Control is a must have feature for me since I find the buttons very awkward to use when the EPOWER is mounted on a GPU. When the EPOWER V was released voltage Control over USB-C was promised, but since that still doesn’t exist, I started poking to try and see if I could build a solution myself. To my surprise I found that there is voltage control already implemented. I have no idea why this is hidden, and it doesn’t work over US
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